How to Care for your Winter Items before Putting them Away this Spring

How to Care for your Winter Items before Putting them Away this Spring

I have always washed, not dry cleaned, my sweaters and silks. Now with dry cleaners not readily available, a bit of old-fashioned care comes in handy. So, let´s discuss how to care for cozy winter items before putting them away for spring, and why it´s worth taking these extra steps.


Why its Worth Preparing Winter Clothes for Storage


Here in Montana, as winter draws to an end, it´s time to start getting my closet ready for spring. That means the sweaters are going into storage, but before I pack them away, they need a bit of TLC.

Of course, they already look clean, but taking this extra step ensures everything is in perfect condition when they are unwrapped again later in the year.


Our skin, our body oils, our perfume, deodorant, makeup and minute stains can build-up on our knits without us realizing. Over time, this residue fuses with the fibers and once that happens it can’t be undone. A little bit of closet care now, goes a long way and as we´re all DIY-ing it these days, I thought I´d share my process.

The Process & Products I Use


Correctly caring for wool, cashmere or angora sweaters requires some specialized products. I use Woolite, along with a great washer with a wool cycle; mine is an LG. The cycle is short and gentle, using the lowest possible spin speed and the coolest temperature.

Drying Your Delicate Winter Clothes


Once the wash is finished, it´s time to air dry. I recommend using a sweater drying rack, like this one from The Container Store. If you don´t have one, you can create one; a rack over a tub will do.  The key thing here is to keep it horizontal and avoid hanging your sweaters while they´re wet, as it can cause the fibers to stretch.

Once dry, hang them using a sturdy coat hanger and get ready for steaming.  There are lots of recommendations on how to do this best. I had some fun.

On Instagram

IRL (in real life)

Work with what you have, but the key things are to have your steamer or iron fully heated up before starting, always keep the steam source an inch or so from the garment and avoid any water dripping onto your clothes. My steamer is the Rowenta 1550W and my iron is the Rowenta Focus.

How to Store Your Winter Clothes


Now your winter clothes are ready for packing. Fold sweaters and hang dresses or coats, whenever possible.

And finally, a top tip is to store your winter clothes with a lavender pouch; it not only smells great; it also helps to repel moths.  I took the chance for some fresh air and gathered a bunch from the garden.

I hope you enjoyed this share; how to care for your winter items before putting them away this spring. If you have any other tips, I´d love to hear them. You can share them in the comments…

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay stylish.

Light in the Dark: Nominations Open for Style Beyond Age Idol

Light in the Dark: Nominations Open for Style Beyond Age Idol

Nominations are open for your Style Beyond Age Idol. A bit of light in the dark. It´s times like these when we must all be thinking each other and doing our bit to improve situations in any way we can.

The dreaded C word is working its way around the globe and although not all of us are considered “at risk”, we all share concern for our loved ones, friends and followers in different parts of the world that are.


Let´s Spread Good Vibes Only


With the intention of spreading good vibes only, and nothing else, I´ve decided to open the nominations for Your Style Beyond Age Idol a bit earlier than planned. If you´ve been following me for a while, you will know I believe that style has no age. I so love to admire and honor a fellow stylista and now it´s your chance to nominate your favorites.


So, what does the accolade of Style Beyond Age Idol entail.

  • The winner will be interviewed and feature in an upcoming blog post.
  • They´ll appear on the Style Beyond Age Instagram feed
  • They receive lots of love and appreciation from our fabulous community
  • They´ll know you think they´re a style queen!


How to Nominate your Style Beyond Age Idol


Do you have a friend with flawless fashion sense? Nominate her.

Is your sister a stylish senorita? Nominate her.

Is your co-worker the queen of causal chic? Nominate her.

Is your gran the ultimate in glam? Nominate her.


Nominations are made directly through my Instagram. Just simply tag your nomination for Style Beyond Age Idol in the comments or send me a DM.


Let´s get the nominations rolling in. I can´t wait to receive them!

Style has no age and that´s reason to celebrate.

Nominations Open


Who is your Style Beyond Age Idol? Visit my Instagram to make your nomination.

My Favorite Fashion Finds for Under $100

My Favorite Fashion Finds for Under $100

You probably know by now, I´m a lover of all things to do with personal style. Dresses, coats, shoes, accessories; my closet is full of my many treasures. As a fashion admirer, I have an appreciation for designer pieces and have built a collection over the years, but I´m also a firm believer it is possible to be fashionable and affordable.



Affordable Styling Tips

Styling designer pieces with ready-to-wear elements allows me to invent new looks and keep my closet feeling fresh. A designer handbag can be teamed with a $100 dress. A custom suit can work with simple pumps and clutch.  Browse, shop around, style, play! I find I create my best looks when I´m having fun! Here are my favorite fashion finds for under $100.

Just click the items to Shop my Style.

Woven Clutch Bag


This woven clutch bag has been a great addition to my closet. As a neutral, it goes with everything. The woven leather adds a touch of texture to your look and it´s big enough to carry around your essentials for the day.

Here you´ll find two ways I´ve worn it. One shows the bag teamed with a midi dress, knee-high boots and caped with a classic white coat. In the other it´s faux-leather Bermuda’s, boots and a suede trench. This is one versatile piece!

Woven Clutch Bag – Let´s Shop

Faux Leather Shaping Leggings

These faux leather shaping leggings from Saks are one of my favorite, affordable fashion finds.  I love them under a blouse or sweater teamed with heels or sneakers. The shaping waistband a winner too! For this look, I´ve teamed designer pieces with affordable fashion and I love the finished result. Can you tell I feel good?

Faux Leather Shaping Legging – Let´s Shop  

Midi Slip Dress

You know those dresses you can just throw on and feel great? Well this is one of those! I´m a big fan of the color, length, shoulder detail and most of all, I feel great when I wear it.  Here I´ve styled it with heels and a colorful coat for lunch, but if you visit my Instagram you´ll find lots more inspiration.


Midi Slip Dress – Let´s Shop

Graphic Tee

Hands up if like me, you love a graphic Tee. I also love to customize them. For this look I ripped off the band and teamed it with a leopard slip dress, comfy boots and velvet jacket. I was aiming for comfort with an edge, do you think I achieved it?


Graphic Tee – Let´s Shop

Yoga Work-Out Bra

This piece of activewear looks just as great on your yoga mat as it does for a meet up with friends. It´s edgy, eye-catching design really makes it stand out. I decided to team this suit with a silk cami, but I think the Alo Yoga Work-Out Bra would look great with this look. I´ll remember that for next time!


Yoga Work-Out Bra – Let´s Shop

Slim Ankle Pants

These Slim Ankle Pants from Chico´s look great and feel even better. They´ve got a bit of stretch, so their super comfortable and very flattering. Here I´ve teamed them with leopard ankle boots and fine knits, but with multiple color options, you´ll find a pair that works for almost every look.


Slim Ankle Pants – Let´s Shop

Ankle Strap Heel

It´s great to have a classic heel that gives you a bit of height, but that you can also walk in and this pair fit the bill perfectly. The classic design with ankle and toe strap also comes in a variety of colors. Here their styled with a maxi for an easy breezy Spring/Summer look, and they work just as well with slacks or shorts.


Ankle Strap Heel – Let´s Shop

So, there you have it. My favorite fashion finds for under $100. You can browse them all here.


Let me know over on my Instagram, which is your favorite?

Until the next time…

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My favorite fashion finds for under $100. Shop here.

Beyond the Bedroom Style for Us Women Over 50

Beyond the Bedroom Style for Us Women Over 50

On the Style Beyond Age blog we´re styling beyond the bedroom for us women over 50. Wearing underwear as outerwear is nothing new on the catwalk, but it´s officially stormed the world of ready-to-wear in style. Everything from sultry slips and cinching corsets to exposed bras are gracing our stores. Before I scare you off too much, this beyond the bedroom trend can look cool, chic and sophisticated for us over 50´s and 60´s.

The secret? Keep it cool and in line with your style.

Let´s talk about some of my favorite pieces and a few styling hacks to ensure you´re looking and feelings fabulous.

Sultry Slip Dresses


If you´ve been following me for a while, you probably already know I am a fan of the slip dress. It´s become a closet staple. I dress them up, dress them down, or layer it up to create the look I´m after.

They are nothing new, but we´re seeing varying styles evolve. Nudes, soft pinks, off-whites and lace detailing have graced the runways, offering a fresh and feminine take on this trend for spring. Style it under a blazer or tailored jacket and I guarantee you´ll feel comfortable, chic and empowered.

Gaga for Garters


Garters are strutting out as a top accessory for the season. It´s had a revamp and it´s bolder, stronger and more stylish than ever before.

We´re seeing garters worn with blazers, under skirts and dresses and combined with tops to create cool and interesting style details.

Garters are no longer just for your wedding day or weekend away. I´m expecting to see them popping up everywhere this season.

Corsets to Cinch


Vampy corsets, cinched waists, sheer bodices and beautiful boning were out on the runway in force and I for one am happy about that. They really are so versatile. I like to wear them over a dress, long blouse or under a tailored jacket.

I´ve fallen head-over-heels for my Brooks Laser-Cut Corset Belt. It´s taken me from day to night, more times than I can count and now it´s official!  Corsets are moving out of the sheets and onto the streets, so let´s have some fun with them.

Bustiers and Bras


This season, we´re not burning our bras; instead we´re wearing them. Bear with me here!

Exposed bras and bustiers featured heavily on the catwalks for Spring Summer 2020, but before you start cringing, there are ways for us over 50´s to embrace the trend too.

I recommend swerving the lace bralettes, for something more structured. A bustier would be my choice. It offers support and that extra lift, exactly where we want it. I´d style it under a suit, or over a blouse if you´re looking to experiment with this trend.  Take this example, from Style Beyond Age friend, Isabella Thorpe @confessionsofasuperager – I love her style!

Beyond the Bedroom for us Women over 50

I hope I´ve helped you to embrace this sultry and sophisticated style trend. Are you brave enough to take it beyond the bedroom? Let me know in the comments.


P.S. 🧐

Trends are inspirational

Not necessarily wearable

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Colors of the Season: Spring Summer 2020

Colors of the Season: Spring Summer 2020

Join Style Beyond Age to browse our favorite colors of the season for Spring / Summer 2020.

As March arrives, I can feel spring lingering in the air and this year the change of seasons brings with it an injection of vibrancy and fun. The warm winter hues have been replaced with an array of key colors for the Spring Summer 2020 season and I can´t wait to have some fun with them.

After spending way too much time poring through the fashion glossies and watching snippets from fashion week, I’m putting that “research” to good use, so here are my key color trends to look out for in Spring Summer 2020.


Colors of the Season for Spring / Summer 2020


Color Choices

The key thing to bear in mind when wearing a color trend is to select a tone that works for you and your skin. Some will look best wearing cooler tones, whilst others are flattered by a warmer palette. Don´t just follow the trend, make it work for you.


Colorful Coral

We saw an array of stunning coral tones featured on the catwalks. It´s a classy, feminine hue that combines the warmth of coral with the delicacy of soft pink. A coral blazer or accessories inject a splash of color to a daytime look, whilst satins and sheers will amp it up for the evening.

 Faded Denim

Faded denim is back, but not in the way you might think. Instead of your well-worn denim jeans, we´re seeing the shade used with other fabrics. This soft blue epitomizes comfortable chic. Team it with white, as I did here, for an effortless spring style. This Get Choosy wide pants and blazer suit works great with sneakers too.

Biscay Green

Biscay green is a fresh, aqua shade that you will see everywhere this spring, replacing the bright limes and earthy pistachios from previous seasons. Whether it´s for day or night, Biscay green is stunning, and teamed with splash of coral pink it is a standout for the season.

Flame Red

This is a red for the bold. It´s fiery, bright and spirited, but we can handle that! It certainly adds and injection of spice to the season and I for one am glad. I find that red suits most people and this tone will leave you feeling strong and powerful.

Sunny Saffron

This sunny shade is one that fits the change of seasons perfectly. Saffron is a shade of orangey-yellow that is as welcoming as the warmer weather. It can be worn head-to-toe or introduced through accessories to add a splash of spring to your look.

Chive Green

This season we´re seeing a deeper, darker and richer chive green.  It’s sumptuous, luxurious and versatile. The chive green faux leather top from Zara is one of my new favorites. It works well teamed with saffron too.

Crisp White

White is a spring / summer classic that will never go out of style. When it comes to wearing white, I love to play with texture and fabrics; layering it up and varying the lengths and shades for a crisp, summery style.

Colors of the Season for Spring / Summer 2020


I´ll be playing around more with the key color trends for Spring Summer 2020 season, so let me know in the comments, which is your favorite?

Like what you see?

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Closet Gem: Brooks Corset Belt styled by Style Beyond Age

Closet Gem: Brooks Corset Belt styled by Style Beyond Age

Join us for some fun in the closet as we play around with this closet gem, the Brooks corset belt styled by Style Beyond Age. This piece has taken me from day to night more times than I can count, so I´ve decided the Brooks Corset Belt deserves its very own feature.

First things first, here’s a little about the designer.


Behind Brooks Ltd.

Brooks Ltd was founded by Brooks Luby, a Colorado native, in 1974. Since then, the sole designer and visionary has fused her skills and passion to create a brand that is built for contemporary women, just like us.

The fabrics, the details, the functionality; they intertwine perfectly to create modern trends and timeless styles, which for me, is a combination of dreams.

The Brooks Corset Belt

This is one of those pieces, that I receive a compliment on every time I wear it.

The black pleather belt has been laser-cut to create it´s intricate design. The zipper closure can be worn at the front or back and the wider corset design cinches the waist perfectly.  It´s compact enough to slip into your bag, ready for a styling transformation on the move, and if you´re looking for one piece to update your closet, this is it.


How to Wear It

This stunning Corset belt can be worn with jeans, an over-sized blouse, a simple dress or an elegant gown. Any which way, it´s a stunner!

I´ve had so much fun playing around with it. You’ll see some of my favorite styling creations for inspiration and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Day to Night

I wore this look with a simple belt for daytime, then kicked it up a notch for dinner with my @brooksltd corset belt.

Layer It

When in doubt, layer it out. This belt added structure and sass to an otherwise cool and casual look.

Transform It

I love this dress, but I love it even more when it´s teamed with the Brooks Corset belt. I’ve included the before and after.  It´s a dream duo, don´t you think?

Closet Gem: Brooks Ltd. Corset Belt styled by Style Beyond Age



It’s a gem, right? And that´s me just getting started! If you love the Brooks Corset Belt as much as I do, you can find yours here – Brooks Ltd. Laser-Cut Corset belt.

Until the next time…

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How to Wear the Colorful Faux Leather Trend

How to Wear the Colorful Faux Leather Trend

Join to Style Beyond Age blog for today’s stylish session, we´re playing around with how to wear the faux leather trend. When it comes to rocking a leather, or faux leather look, black and brown are the traditional colors that spring to mind; but not for this season! Tuck the tired black jacket away, as we´re being treated to an explosion of deep colors, earthy richness and buttery soft tones. It´s not limited to outerwear either; this trend has faux leather dresses, shorts, shirts, skirts and jumpsuits all making an appearance.

You might consider a leather look tricky to pull off for us over 50´s, but I´m here to show you how we can rock this trend in the real world.

To be honest, I simply can´t get enough, so let´s jump straight in and look through how to wear faux leather this season.



How to Wear the Faux Leather Trend 

The Leather Look for Spring


The leather look featured heavily on the catwalks for spring summer 2020 and it shows no signs of slowing. Designers are bringing us faux leather dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, shirts and pants in a delicious array of seasonal colors.  Luxe nudes, deep greens, rich blues and plush purples are brightening up stores for the season.  And the best news – with more and more designers opting for animal-free versions, the faux leather trend is kinder, more affordable and pretty much a no brainer.

So, how do I wear it?

A Dress of Dreams


This leather dress from Dillards, looks (almost) good enough to eat, and I hope you´ll agree, it´s a far cry from the spray-on black pants and biker jackets of the past. I´ll take soft, sumptuous and sophisticated any day. Accessorize with earrings, heels and toss a coat over your shoulder. It´s a winner for brunch, lunch or date night.

Bermuda’s are Back


Bermuda´s are back and this tan faux leather pair from Zara are one of my top picks. They look great dressed up or down. Here I´ve styled it with boots and a graphic tee for a daytime look. Then amped it up with a bustier and corset belt for some extra va-va-voom. Which is your favorite?

Faux Leather Pants


A great pair of pants makes you feel good and this black, faux leather pair from Zara totally hold their own. The soft fabric and relaxed fit mean they’re cool and comfortable. My preferred way to style them? Keep it casual. Team them with sneakers and soft knits for a cool and comfy combo.  I love them with a turn-up too.

Glamorous in Green


This faux leather top from Zara instantly won me over. I loved it so much, I wore it for our recent Valentine’s Day celebrations. The feel, the flattering neckline, the rich green and the voluminous shoulder had me handing over my credit card quicker than you can say, well, faux leather. It´s a top that speaks for itself, so I teamed it with a waist belt and simple skirt to complete the look.

My Favorite Skirt


You´ll be happy to know, I´ve saved the best until last. I love all the pieces I´ve listed here, but if you made me pick just one, this Get Choosy Aurora skirt would be it. It´s incredibly flattering, comfortable and so versatile. Here I´ve styled it with a black knit and tan cape, whilst @kerifay wears it with a crisp white shirt. Both look fabulous if you ask me!

So, will you be embracing the faux leather trend, and which look was your favorite?


I hope I´ve offered some ideas and inspiration. If you want to grab one for yourself, you can Shop my Style here. 

Otherwise, until the next time… Stay stylish.

Upgrading Your Spring Trench Coat

Upgrading Your Spring Trench Coat

Are you upgrading your spring trench coat? If you´re anything like me, a trench coat is a must-have item for the spring season. I love how light, versatile and timeless they are, but I also love adding a twist to a classic look.


That´s why I´ve been busy hunting down five of my favorite trench coat upgrades for the 2020 Spring season. They each offer a unique twist on this classic springtime piece and would be a great addition to any closet. Let me know which one’s your favorite!

Upgrading your Spring Trench Coat

ASOS Hybrid Check Trench Coat


This trench boasts the classic tie waist, notch collar, and double-breasted design, but with an added twist. It features a splash of interest and fun with a checked lining and a relaxed fit.

The result? A stylish and casual look.

They call it the Hybrid Check Trench Coat and you can pick this up from ASOS for $151.

Pixie Marker Neck Scarf Trench Coat


This chic and versatile tan trench coat is a classic I can´t wait to get my hands on. You might expect the belted waist, side pockets, and double-breasted design, but there is more. This trench comes with a detachable neck scarf, which transforms and softens the look.

The result? A classic and quirky combination.

They call if the Neck Scarf Trench Coat and you can grab yours from Pixie Marker for $245

Eloquii Puff Sleeve Trench


This is a classic trench with some extra puff; in the sleeves I mean. This puff sleeve trench amps up the style factor, whilst still retaining the versatility of the trench that we love so much.

The result? A modernized classic with high impact.

It´s called the Puff Sleeve Trench and you can pick one up from Eloquii for $170.

Sandro Pleated Trench Coat


This stunning trench is all business in the front and party in the back. It boats the typical features you would expect from a classic trench, with a surprise pleated section in the back.

The result? A modern twist on a classic.

It’s called the Pleated Trench Coat and you can pick up yours from Sandro for $745

Get Choosy Blackjack Vest


I didn´t think a trench coat could get more versatile, but I think it just has! This can be worn tied as a dress, or open as a vest. The combination of camel and black provides a striking contrast, and the red accents around the pockets had me squealing with delight.

The result? Bold and beautiful versatility.

It´s called the Blackjack Vest and it´s currently reduced. You can pick yours up from Get Choosy for just $45.

Treat yourself before they´re gone!

Upgrading your Spring Trench Coat 

Which one will you be snapping up this season?

Let me know in the comments.

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Happy Holiday Wishes

Happy Holiday Wishes

As Christmas arrives, I want to wish you, your friends and loved ones a very happy holiday season.


It´s such a fabulous time of year; the party cupboard treasures are out to be enjoyed and when it comes to festive fashion, your creativity is the only limit.


I also use this opportunity as a time for reflection. A chance to consider the successes and failures of the past year, admire the spiritual growth you have experienced and excitedly envisage what is to come.


I´m wishing you growth, love and happiness for the year ahead.




Sonia x

My Closet Treasures and How I Style Them

My Closet Treasures and How I Style Them

From the day I found my mountain home in Montana, I knew I wanted to create a closet that was deserving of my treasures.

I did just that and tucked away inside are these three trunks, which are filled to the brim with treasure; literally.


What´s Inside? 

 It´s a collection I´ve amassed over the decades and as you can tell from Maddie´s face, we´re going to be here for a while.

Let´s explore.

Accessorising with Costume Jewelry 

I´m a lifelong fan of costume jewelry. The creativity, the color, the vibrancy and the variety all totally hypnotize me. It´s taken me years to collect what´s inside these trunks and I also have a few of my favorites out on display.


How to Style 

I´m wearing a beautiful autumnal color palette today and I´m hunting for the perfect accessories to lift my look.  Costume jewelry is most definitely for the over fifty. Experiment play around and don´t be scared to layer, as long as the tones are in keeping with you color story.

This time I´ve opted for a subtle earring, gilded belt to synch me in, doubled-up long chain necklaces and some chunky gold bangles. Do you like how it´s pulled everything together?


For more styling tips or to see more of my closet follow me on Instagram

Create 4 Unique Looks with this Single Silk Scarf

Create 4 Unique Looks with this Single Silk Scarf

When I find a piece as versatile and beautiful as this, I just have to share it with you. This Ala Von Auersperg Travel Wrap in Horn is truly divine and definitely earns its place in my closet.

The silk is decorated with a delicate deer pattern, inspired by the designer’s childhood adventures in Austria and Africa. It´s floaty, feminine, flattering and fabulously versatile. Here are just a few of my favourite ways to wear it.



Wrap it!

First it was a shawl, now it´s a dress. I´ve picked up the golden tones in the pattern with my accessories to create this elevated evening look.

Skirt it!

Wrapped and secured at the waist with a belt, I´ve stuck with earthy colour story and selected a shirt and jacket for a great daytime look.

Drape it!

Still the same scarf, but this time a different dress. Draped at the neck and synched at the waist, I´ve teamed it with a trench and leopard heels for a modern twist on a classic combination.

Scarf It!

Of course, it works great as a stylish neck scarf too and really lifts this casual coffee ensemble.

This isn´t a sponsored post, it´s just a truly great piece.

For even more styling ideas, visit my Instagram 

Love, Sonia 



Thanksgiving Table Treasures & Inspiration

Thanksgiving Table Treasures & Inspiration

The Hunt Begins!

I thoroughly enjoy this time of year. I have what I refer to as a party cupboard. It’s a treasure trove of table settings, gilded glasses and serving platters that I’ve collected over the years and it’s the perfect season to select my favourites and bring them out to play.

There is not much that beats a winters evening spent around an elegantly laid table with family, friends and lots of laughter. The perfect table décor boosts the mood, warms the atmosphere and welcomes guests.



As I begin my Thanksgiving preparations, my thoughts turn to said party cupboard and I wonder what festive table decorations I will opt for this year. 

There is no set formula, but I want to create something interesting, welcoming and extraordinary. I utilise table runners for impact, decorative glasses to inject glamour, and autumnal produce to bring it all together.

Table Styling! 

If you´ve been following me on Instagram, the process is similar to how I style myself. I create layers, add texture and work with my key colour tones.



Festive Spirit! 

I particularly love the juxtaposition of the glistening glasses, polished platters, warm candles and natural shrubbery; it’s enough to put anyone in festive mood.