Giveaway: Would YOU like to Feature on Style Beyond Age?

Giveaway: Would YOU like to Feature on Style Beyond Age?

Finally, skincare for all three stages of the menopause is here, and it´s brought to us by Pause. Would you like to give it a try?

Pause are kind enough to have gifted me some products, and I would like to pass their kindness on to you. I´ll be selecting one lady to trial and review this fabulous range of skincare products for women in all three stages of the menopause.

These products have been created specifically to equalize and combat the imbalances our body and skin face at this stage of our lives.

The lucky lady will receive the following Pause Skincare items:

4-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment

Collagen Boosting Moisturizer

Hydrating Cleanser

Hot Flash Cooling Mist

Facia Stimulating Tool


If you´re selected as the Style Beyond Age tester, you will receive the Pause skincare products free of charge through the post. I´ll ask you to trial them for one month before filling us all in on the benefits and changes you noticed for a special blog feature.

Who am I Looking For

On this occasion, I´m looking for women in the US only, due to postage so apologies if this doesn´t include you.

You should be in one of the three stages of menopause, and just in case you aren´t sure, there´s a quick outline below.

I also hope to share photos via my Instagram feed so please ensure you are comfortable with this when applying.

At the end of the testing period, we will ask you to answer a few questions, that will appear on a blog feature.

Want to make a nomination? We accept those too. If you´d like to nominate a fabulous female in your life, then contact me by DM or leave the name under the post on my Instagram

Which stage are you at?



At this stage estrogen fluctuations and symptoms are at their most intense. On average, it begins 7 – 10 years before the menopause.



The menopause is officially 12 months after the last day of your last period. If you´ve made it, the sweats are over – welcome! But guess what, after all of that it only lasts a day.


Post Menopause

Post menopause is all the time that follows the 1 day that is the menopause. It´s the final phase and lasts the rest of our lives.

How To Apply

The application process is simple. It´s all done through Instagram. Just send me the name of your nomination, whether that´s yourself or a fellow female in your life. You can do this by commenting below the photo on my Instagram feed or if you´d prefer, you can send me a DM (direct message) with name of your nomination. The winner will be drawn, at random, live on my Instagram Stories on Saturday March 21, and I´ll reach out to let them know they have won, and request their mailing details.

Would you love to give them a try?
Enter now. They could be yours.


Enter now:

Pause Skincare Giveaway

Make your nomination through my Instagram 

Specifically designed for women going through the menopause.

Product Information


Learn more about Pause Skincare and what makes it totally different…

Body Skincare Tips: Get Your Glow Back for Spring

Body Skincare Tips: Get Your Glow Back for Spring

We all take care of our face, after all it’s the first thing people see, but how are we taking care of the skin on the rest of your body? Our skin is our largest organ, and it needs a bit of TLC to keep us looking, and feeling, our best.

If you are at all like me, you reach for lotions or creams (perhaps you don’t even know the difference between the two) and you use whatever is handy. I’ve been guilty of that for decades!

With spring quickly approaching its time to start reconsidering how we take care of those delicate areas on the rest of our bodies.

Skincare Tips

We have heard a lot lately about crepey skin and there are many products that address that condition. Crepe Erase, Emepelle are some prime examples of how science has improved in this area. However, for complete, innovative skincare there is a two-prong system that is worth looking into.

The Two-Prong Approach

Just as exfoliating your face is important to the efficacy of your products, exfoliating your body is equally important. We´ve got to put in the preparation if we want the best results!

To exfoliate, I use a variety of products in all price ranges, from the cost-effective St Ives Apricot Scrub which is a firm favorite of mine, to a lemon sugar and oil scrub that I concoct myself. I´ve included my recipe here if you want to give it a try.

Skincare From the Experts

There are also clinical products developed by experts. I have been using the RéVive Supérieur Body System for a while now. Developed by Dr Gregory Brown, a successful plastic surgeon, who realized that many of his patients simply wanted to rejuvenate lackluster skin. The RéVive formulation works to increase skin renewal, improve elasticity and reduce the signs of aging. If you´re looking to get your glow back, I highly recommend! The two-pronged system is said to firm, moisturize and smooth the skin. It delivers proven results and will help you welcome in spring in style.

Consistent Skincare Routine

Whatever you do and whichever products you choose consistency is key. Make your largest organ a priority in your daily routine and get that glow!

Until the next time….

DIY Natural Face Mask Recipe

DIY Natural Face Mask Recipe

We´re in that limbo period between Christmas and New Year. There has been food, parties, dancing, and more food, and now it’s our chance to recoup and recharge.



There isn’t much that a face mask followed by a warm shower can´t solve and this DIY natural recipe is a great skin and body booster. I’ve tried and tested many homemade concoctions but this is a firm favorite and it´s created from simple ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, or your friends kitchen, should you be staying away for the holidays.

Natural Face Mask Recipe

1 tablespoon of natural yogurt

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of Turmeric powder

Recipe Note: Turmeric can be replaced with Cacao for similar effects


Simply add the ingredients to a small bowl, mix and apply evenly to the face or body.

Allow it to work on the skin for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

How it Works

This natural face mask puts the glow back into dull skin and each ingredient offers its own benefits.

The lactic acid contained in the yoghurt helps to remove surface cells and results in a smoother and brighter completion.

Honey is natures moisture magnet. It will rejuvenate your skin leaving it feeling soft and elastic.

Turmeric is effective a combating pigmentation and evening out the skin tone. This could also be replaced with Cacao which gives your skin a fabulous natural glow.

It really is that simple and a great substitute when you´re away from home or on the run (A.K.A. Not at the #shechateau)


I finished it off with my go to rejuvenating moisturizer by Perricone MD.

Presto. On the run perfect!



I hope you´ve enjoyed this self-care share. Give it a try and let me know how you get along.

Love Sonia x

DIY Winter Solstice Cleansing Ritual

DIY Winter Solstice Cleansing Ritual

For a long time, I didn’t think much about 21 December. It was a cold, dark day in the run up to Christmas, but I now realize this dark cold day is the perfect opportunity for growth and cleansing.


Winter Solstice Traditions

The 21 December marks the Winter Solstice, an event that is celebrated by many different cultures in a variety of ways. From welcoming in the sunrise on a mountain top, to dancing, gift-giving and celebrating the triumph of light over dark.

When you break it down, everyone is essentially seeking to center themselves, rid themselves of old energy and make room for the good fortune that is said to arrive with the rising sun.


The DIY Cleanse

This year I´m going to be ushering in the Winter Solstice by partaking in a simple, yet effective DIY Solstice Cleansing Ritual. It´s something we can all do at home, so I´m inviting you to join me. Follow these six simple steps to get ready to welcome the good vibes that 2020 will bring.



Step 1: Light a Candle

Settle yourself in a dim room, turn off all electrical equipment to avoid distractions and light a candle. This symbolic act of bringing light to the darkness will help to focus your mind and illuminate your space.




Step 2: Breathe

Controlled, intentional breathing helps to alleviate stress and relax your body. Spending just five minutes on this simple exercise can release toxins, expel bad energy and invigorate your whole nervous system. I also like to gather a few of my favorite crystals and meditate on what I want to invite into my world.

Step 3: Cleanse your Space

Now you´re relaxed and ready to receive, we can begin cleansing our space. I do this by smudging; the act of burning sage or palo santo to clear and cultivate the energy of your home.

A bundle of sage is said to boost your inner clarity and wisdom, whilst banishing negative energy. A stick of palo santo is said to encourage grounding, cleansing and good fortune for the New Year. Whichever you choose, it´s all about welcoming in good energy and dispelling negative ones.

Step 4: Exfoliate

Now that your room is cleared and cleansed, it´s time to clean and cleanse ourselves. I start by dry brushing my whole body. This removes any dry, dead skin and encourages new cell growth, leaving you feel invigorated and energized.

Step 5: Wash Away

After exfoliating, take a warm shower to remove any remaining dead cells and symbolically wash away all that doesn’t serve you.




Step 6: Moisturize

To finish off the cleansing process, treat your body to some sustenance and moisturize yourself all over. I also like to add a drop of essential oils and massage them into the bottom of my feet, so the benefits are felt as its absorbed into the bloodstream.

And Relax!

We´re finished. These six simple steps are the perfect way to relax, cleanse and welcome the rising sun with all the positive energy that it brings.

I hope you enjoy this DIY Winter Solstice Cleansing Ritual. From me to you, I wish you the best possible for the New Year.


For more on wellness and rejuvenation visit my Instagram or check out these other wellness blogs.

Why I Quit Coconut Oil As A Moisturizer

Why I Quit Coconut Oil As A Moisturizer

I first met Dr. Alina Sholar while I was in Austin this winter. It was time for a little touch up (if you know what I mean) and she was recommended to me by a beautiful Instagram friend who lives in the area. Dr. Alina is a plastic surgeon with an artistic bent and a keen eye. I was excited to hear what she had to say about the composition of my face. Everybody has a slightly different way of looking at things, and I am always awed by the artistic skill of the great aestheticians and when you get a chance to have a plastic surgeon look at your face all the better. I also spent some time on her blog and ran across an article on coconut oils as moisturizers. I have never been a fan for two reasons. One, I don’t like smelling like a fruit salad and two, it was too messy for me to use.
It turns out my instincts were correct. Here is the science on the subject graciously allowed as a repost by Dr. Alina Sholar. Visit her if you are in Austin. You will love her. I did!

For Goodness Sakes! No More Coconut Oil!

The use of coconut oil as “skincare” is an all-out raging trend. An internet search for ‘coconut oil for skin care’ returns thousands of results that declare coconut oil a miracle for cleansing, moisturizing and healing the skin.

🚫🚫🚫 This couldn’t be further from the scientific truth. 🚫🚫🚫

Skincare science says:

* Coconut oil disrupts the skin’s natural barrier function and can promote aging.

* Coconut oil does not provide hydration. Because oil and water do not mix- in fact, they repel one another – coconut oil cannot deliver water (hydration) to the skin whatsoever.


* Coconut oil is rated 4-5 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it is a high offender of the cause occlusion, clogged pores, pimples, blackheads, milia or whiteheads.

*Coconuts are considered a tree nut so if you are already sensitive to any type of nut or have an allergy, coconut oil could cause an allergic or inflammatory reaction.

*Coconut oil used on the face has been linked to an increase in contact dermatitis.

*Coconut oil has no natural vitamin or mineral content that serves the skin.  It’s fats flying solo.

👉🏼 The bottom line is this: don’t simply let current trends influence your skincare. Go with the science instead. . .

Is a Fraxel skin resurfacing treatment right for you?

Is a Fraxel skin resurfacing treatment right for you?

Is a Fraxel skin resurfacing treatment right for you?
How I finally decided to take the plunge.

I have been wanting to take the sun damage off my neck and chest for a very long time. Have you noticed how we all seem to take great care of the skin on our face but our neck and chest gets neglected?
When I see beautiful skin on a décolletage I am always in awe.

Between the cost, the lack of knowledge and the downtime I kept getting stuck. Finally, everything lined up for me and I took the plunge.

These are the steps I took.

1. I waited for a sale at the Medspa
2. I scheduled it for the fall/winter months so I could stay out of the sun
3. I did my research Well that should be #1 but you know…..

Fraxel is a non-ablative laser that targets aging and sun damage with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into your skin. Since the laser treats only a fraction of tissue at a time it leaves the surrounding tissue intact which promotes rapid healing. The skin is resurfaced and new cell growth is stimulated from the inside out.

First, there was numbing which took about 45 minutes or so.

The laser part didn’t take long. We did three passes over my neck and chest. It wasn’t bad at all pain wise and it when by quickly.

After the procedure was over and the numbing cream wore off I draped myself in cold towels. I was very hot. About an hour later I was feeling fine but my skin felt “stiff”. You are sent home with plenty of product to keep the skin pliable. This is one of the few times when I actually am glad to follow rules!

Three days later the surface skin starts to get red and peel and it’s not pretty.

Don’t pick at it!

I was surprised at how little time it took for my skin to look and feel presentable again. About a week for me.

Five days later.

As time has gone by, now about three months, I am shocked at the improvement. Why did I wait so long!!   

My experience was great. Not as difficult as I expected and my results are more than I would have dreamt of!

Thank you to the highly skilled Kirsten Svennungsen -MSB, BA, RN at the
Laser Cosmetic Center in Kalispell Montana for such a good experience.
PS. She is a genius with a needle as well!



Methode Brigitte Kettner

Methode Brigitte Kettner

Methode Brigitte Kettner has sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

The Woman Behind Methode Brigitte Kettner

Driven by her passion for a homeopathic approach to skincare, Ms. Brigitte Kettner, a well-known German biologist and skincare specialist, developed Methode Brigitte Kettner in the 1980s. 

In 1973, the passionate skin and cosmetics expert opened her own institution in Luxembourg. Kettner’s motto: “Facts are what count in skin research, but in skincare it’s the visible results that matter.” And she’s 100% right. In no time she had over 2,000 regular customers.


POSTED December 11, 2018

Use Code STYLE40 for 40% off any Products through December 31st!

In her efforts to address every skincare problem personally, individually and effectively, Brigitte Kettner developed her own skincare line,  and Methode Brigitte Kettner (MBK) was born. In 1987, customers in Germany gained access to Brigitte Kettner’s successful product lines. Just two years later, the entrepreneur won over clients in Asia with the high quality and effectiveness of her products and applications. In exchange, Brigitte Kettner studied the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and integrated them into her own treatment concepts. Three decades later, Methode Brigitte Kettner is admired by beauty experts and skin specialists worldwide.

Methode Brigitte Kettner offers a full line of innovative, naturally derived skincare products and supporting devices—facial cleansing brushes, micro-current eye rejuvenator, and a hand-held microdermabrasion device. 

Methode Brigitte Kettner: Clarifying Brush 

My mother always said. “Take care of your skin and start while you are young.” MBK has made a super gentle clarifying brush that is perfect for all levels of skin care.

The clarifying brush with its two brushes for normal and delicate skin has two rotation speeds as well as the capacity to rotate in opposite directions. This detail seems small but helps reduce pore size (and you know that is my nemesis ). Sonic brushes can increase pore size! Who knew!

With three 30 second timers, you know that you are using your brush to its maximum effect. Combined with the cleansing products developed by MBK you are on the right track for great skin. I love their Foamy Cleansing Cream. It is creamy, gentle and suds up nicely. Used in combination with the clarifying brush you will walk away with fresh, silky smooth, hydrated skin.

On sale 40% off you can’t give a better gift to yourself are any young woman (or man for that matter) on your list.

POSTED December 11, 2018

Use Code STYLE40 for 40% off any Products through December 31st!

Methode Brigitte Kettner: Eye Rejuvenator

I have loved MBK, and I have used it “off brand” on several occasions. In this case, as I mentioned in the video, I am going after that crease above my eye. Note to self: Sleep on your back! Lately, I have also started testing it on those ever-present vertical lines above my lip. Infuriating since I don’t smoke or use a straw (or whistle for that matter!). It doesn’t take long to go over those areas. It’s a pleasant warmth, and the microcurrent promotes collagen growth! Every little bit helps!

POSTED November 8, 2018

Use Code STYLE40 for 40% off any Products through December 31st!

POSTED October 10, 2018

Methode Brigitte Kettner: Home Microdermabrasion System

Have you ever dreamt about being able to exfoliate professionally at home? I have and am thrilled to say the time is now!


I believe that without removing the dead cells off your skin, no product you use will be as effective as it could be.

I have used the Methode Brigitte Kettner Microdermabrasion Tool for one month now. It is recommended to be used once a week and I have done so with great results. The congested area around my nose has visibly improved including pore size.
Watch my videos on Instagram and IGTV here.
It has two easily interchangeable diamond tips one for normal skin and the other for more delicate skin which I used on my neck. The suction strength can also be controlled at the touch of a button.


Now is the time to take advantage of a 35% discount on their products.
Code STYLE35

The Microdermabrasion unit is a gentle, yet effective, hand-held, portable exfoliating device that removes dead skin cells and impurities while helping to even out skin tone and texture. It stimulates collagen production while creating a more radiant, youthful complexion. The different Exfoliating Diamond Tips for face, acne scarring, or the body are easily interchangeable and easy to clean.
Terra Vita is a mild, gentle yet very effective peeling agent for face, body, and scalp. The basic action enables free radicals to be bonded and natural ion exchange to take place, which removes toxic substances and opens clogged pores. It absorbs excess sebum while exerting a detoxifying, lightening and regenerating effect.
The aqua pure cream has a pleasant, light texture and will support the moisture balance of the skin by creating and storing water-binding reserves.


Best suited for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin.

My At-Home Spa Day Essentials From $2-$200

My At-Home Spa Day Essentials From $2-$200

I get a lot of comments on my skin. I am sure that you can agree, being preventative and consistent with a skincare regime has paved the way for my skincare success. Here’s what’s on my bathroom counter, my favorite products from $2 to $200.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

Walgreens $1.89

I rub it all over my body before I get in the shower and presto! Silky skin.

Neutrogena Moisturizing Body Oil Light Sesame Oil

Target $3.48

Rub this all over your body before you get out of the shower. Pat dry and thank me later!

(I also add this to my any salt or sugar scrubs I make at home)

Pixie Glow Peel Pads

Target  $22

  • The highest concentration of Glycolic Acid 20%
  • Reduces the appearance of pores & breakouts
  • Corrects skin’s tone & polishes skin’s texture
  • Plant extracts soothe & energize


Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream

Amazon $23

Pro Tip: This product is a dream on tough cuticles!

  • For skin accustomed to our 5% glycolic acid cream
  • High Potency 10% Glycolic
  • Paraben-free : Package may vary

Vitamin E Softgels

Target $7.79

Talk about a secret weapon! You most likely have a bottle of these softgels in your medicine cabinet. Pop one of these open for instant relief for dry lips, cuticles and winter skin.

Xoom Teeth Whitening System

The Xoom system varies per insurance policy but I was able to get it for $30 through my dentist.

Oral Health is a big part of my daily routine. Click here to find a dentist near you.



Ulta Beauty $49.99

Rapidlash works just as well as the pricy original!

Erno Laszlo Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse

Bloomingdales $55

Use this cleanser in the morning to draw out overnight impurities from your pores while smoothing away buildup on the surface.

Methods Brigitte Kettner Microdermabrasion Tool

MBK Skincare $199

If you watch my videos you know how much I love this product. I have been using it once a week along with the Terra Vitta Mask and am loving the results!

40% off with code STYLE40

Coco & Eve Hair Mask

Coco & Eve $45

Leave this yummy cream in your hair for 10 minutes for silky and long lasting results that will hold you through the day!

Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover

Target $20

This tool is just handy on a daily basis. You’d be surprised (or maybe not!)

Methods Brigitte Kettner Eye Rejuvenator

MBK Skincare $150 

Microcurrent Technology smooths wrinkles. I love this product, you have to check my IG Video under GLOW. I’m using it on my upper lip as well.

Try it and use the STYLE40 for a great discount!


I make sachets from the lavender in my garden to protect woolens and keep stored clothes fresh.

We Asked! YOU Answered!

Skinmedix $28

“I like to use this microneedle roller from skinmedix follow by this polypeptide cream when my skin needs a refresher.”

We Asked! YOU Answered!

DRUNK ELEPHANT Protini™ Polypeptide Cream $68

– Loss of firmness and elasticity
– Dryness
– Dullness and uneven texture

Sugar Scrub

As far as a sugar scrub I like to use brown sugar, honey, dried lavender, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and whatever essential oil I’m in the mood for! Scrub on before you jump into your your shower for a polished glow!

Avocado Banana Face Mask

1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

2T full-fat plain yogurt

1tsp olive oil

Mash and mix well

Leave on face and neck 20 minutes

Spinach Under Eye

We asked you answered! @tonyacarrera blends spinach with a bit of yogurt for under your eyes!

Skin Brightening Persimmon Face Mask

@ochre_tansy’ says mash up unripe persimmon for a tingly face mask

Skin Brightening Persimmon Face Mask

This persimmon mask will brighten your skin and make it feel so soft. Persimmons are packed with Vitamin A, E and carotene which assist in promoting a natural glow.

1 tablespoon persimmon pulp pureed

1 teaspoon millet flour or oat flour or coconut milk powder or white clay


1. Combine ingredients and mix to form a paste.

2. Use a mask brush to apply to face or massage onto the skin.

3. Allow to set on skin 10-15 minutes.

4. Rinse off with soft wash cloth and warm water.

Mash up unripe persimmon face mask –  it tingles!

My Experience with Hair Loss After Fifty

My Experience with Hair Loss After Fifty

Is your body in balance?

About a year ago my hair started to fall out. RAPIDLY. I noticed it at first and thought it was stress. But then I was real with myself and asked: What stress? Typically I have a very laissez faire attitude towards life. Especially as I have gotten older and realize that I need to be prepared, not worried, about what might come my way.  There must be something else creating this change in my system.

My father used to say “you have to know how to cross the bridge before you get there.” Later I came to realize by the time you get to the bridge it has already moved. Knowing there is a bridge is the key though. Anyway. I digress. Hair loss is the issue here….

I love this shot of my beautiful friend Sue

I had my thyroid looked into. Dear ol’ Thryroid gets blamed for a lot of things but in my case, I was fine.

My hair was falling out at such a rate that it was impossible I wasn’t bald yet! I kept 24 hours worth of my fallen hair in a zip-lock and made an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Hawes. You might remember Dr. Hawes from our post in July. She gave us a very down to earth and clear commentary on the difference between bioidentical and pharmaceutical hormones and the many benefits they can provide. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

A week later I was sitting in her office with my zip lock in evidence and a quite distressed look on my face. After giving her a synopsis and recanting the vitamins and medication I take (very little besides my hormones) she drew my blood and sent it to the lab.

The results came back quickly. In my case, the answer was slightly elevated testosterone levels and low iron.

She also recommended that I start using a Biotin supplement to help strengthen my hair and nails. I choose Life Sprout Bioceuticals for their natural ingredients. They also have on-call experts from diet and nutrition to fitness and exercise. I found their website is very informative! You have to check them out for $5 off of your orders CODE: STYLE5

Life Sprout Bioceuticals was created by a leading team of scientists and health experts, who source only the safest, natural and effective ingredients in their purest form, to provide their customers with natural alternatives to keep their bodies happy, healthy, and most importantly functioning optimally with vitality.  They’re products are backed by extensive research, are 100% organic, non-GMO and never tested on animals. They are committed to providing the safest, most effective health solutions without side effects. They have a passion for natural health and believe in taking a smart and educated approach to the protection of your well-being for years to come. Use CODE STYLE5 for $5 off of your orders at Life Sprout Bioceuticals

Within a week of making these changes, my hair loss was significancy reduced. I couldn’t believe how a small change could make such a big difference. It has been about two months now and I barely have a hair in my brush. Hallelujah!

If you are having problems and see no reason for your hair loss, I urge you to have your blood panel checked. One small thing can get you off balance, and who’s got time for that?

How to choose a lipstick for your skin tone

How to choose a lipstick for your skin tone

Back in the good old days, I would buy myself a new lipstick as an inexpensive celebratory treat! A simple change of lipstick can change your look AND your mood! But if you’re like me, you have colors in your beauty bag that just don’t work. That’s most likely because the lipstick color does’t complement your skin tone. 

To begin with, we should get down to finding out wether you have a cool or warm skin tone. Simply look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look blue to you, you are cool skin tone and if they look green or yellow to you, you have warm skin tone. If they are blue AND green than you are a neutral.

Cool skin tones will look best with a blue undertone. A good example is the YSL color or the left which has a blue undertone while the other three have a more orange hue and better suited for warmer skin tones. I have warm skin tone. That YSL shade was a purchase gone wrong in my case!

This simple formula will work for choosing colors for your outfits as well. 

Cool skin tones look great in color with cool undertones like blues and lavenders and warm skin tones look healthy and radiant in warmer undertones.

If you can’t decided there are another ways to determine your tone. Does silver (cool) or gold (warm) look best on you? When you put a white sheet of paper next to your skin in clear daylight, does your skin look blue or yellow?

If you don’t see a difference you might be one of the fortunate one’s with a neutral tone. Lucky you! You can wear any color and look great!

Whatever you chose remember to have fun! If you are one of the adventurous ones who wants to try this seasons NEON trends report back! I’m dying to incorporate this summer beauty trend somehow!

x’s Sonia

Take Control This Valentine’s Day

Take Control This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we´re doing things a little differently. It’s less about me, more about him. There is so much emphasis on men handling the Valentine’s Day arrangements, so I´ve decided I´m taking charge this year; it´s my chance to treat him. The Action Plan The...

Microblading…yes or no?

Microblading…yes or no?

Why bother with an eyebrow pencil when you don’t have to? Originally I had thought microblading was some sort of facial service such as skin resurfacing. However, I was wrong. My morning routine is short for a reason, number one I don’t bother with too much makeup. But I had gotten to the point where my eyebrows were slowly starting to disappear. Oh no! One more step in my morning routine. Not happy.

I get bored easily so you can imagine my trepidation at having my eyebrows set for good. I did some research which is key, and then I decided to dive in. I am including an article and pictures, which I used in my research for those of you who have inquired (or may just be curious!).


An Article Published by Montana Women

What is it and is it right for you?

If you have yet to hear of this procedure, you will! It is the fastest growing beauty procedure in the world. Microblading was first introduced in Asia as far back as 25 years ago but has begun to become popular only recently in the US. It goes by many names including feather stroking, eyebrow embroidery, the Japanese method, etc. So, what exactly is Microblading? Unlike traditional  permanent makeup or makeup tattooing, microblading is considered to be semi-permanent and is most traditionally performed with a hand tool containing multiple, ultra fine needles which then manually deposit pigment under the skin. Unlike permament makeup, microblading is only expected to last anywhere from 9 months to 2 years depending on the individual skin type. Also, instead of simply filling in the brow with pigment, fine hairlike strokes are scored into the skin mimicking the effect of real hairs. The natural and realistic result is what has caused this beauty procedure’s popularity to skyrocket recently.

Now, if you’re at all like me, there’s one thing you do not leave undone before you leave the house, it’s your brows. Why? Eyebrows frame the entire face! Without them, the portrait may still be beautiful but is left incomplete. Imagine the convenience of being able to go to the gym or the beach or the pool and not having to worry about your brows washing off. This is the same reason eyelash extensions have gained such huge popularity in recent years. Believe me when I say, microblading is here to stay!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “is this for me”? The answer is quite simple. Anyone who wants to have full, natural looking, even brows make the perfect candidate. Other clients include those suffering from scarring, Trichotillomania, Alopecia and Cancer, or other diseases and disorders that have led to natural hair loss.

The next, most logical question would be “what can I expect from my microblading procedure?” Quite honestly, depending on the techniques used and experience of your technician, you can achieve any fullness or shape of brow your heart desires. As with all of my clients however, remember, your technician is a professional and other than slights tweaks, you should trust their judgement when it comes to mapping out your brows.  Hiring the right technician is of utmost importance. I cannot tell you the number of brows gone wrong I have had to fix over the last year. So, how do you do this?  Look at their portfolio, pictures do not lie! Make sure as your browsing that you see consistent, great work. Your technician should be a master with mapping out different brow shapes to properly frame the face as well as proportionate looking brows.  Also, speak with others who have had their brows done and ask about their own experience. After all, your going to have to live with that persons work on your face for quite some time. They should also be aware and up to date on all the new microblading procedures in practice as continued education in all fields shows their passion for their work.

Here is what you can expect at your appointment; first off, this is typically a two step procedure. At your first appointment you can expect to spend about 2 hours which includes a full client consultation. First, we discuss what your expectations are…what your unhappy with and what your desired end result is. Next, with the help of a special tool to determine exact measurements of the brow, they are drawn on so that you have a clear picture of the finished product. This also allows you to have the opportunity to voice any concerns so that adjustments can be made. Numbing cream is then applied to the area to make the procedure less painful, consider it slightly uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. The mircroblading itself only takes about 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

A follow up appointment is almost always necessary. The reason being, minimal scabbing, as with any tattoo, is expected during the healing process and as a result, some of the pigment is bound to come with the shedding of the skin. This will be corrected during your touch up appointment 4-8 weeks following your procedure.

The beauty industry is an ever growing and evolving machine that is always keeping it’s ear open to the current concerns that we as women have and the industry has yet to let us down! I have been a Professional in the industry for nearly 20 years and the development of new products and procedures is always exciting! This is why I have made the decision to expand my business and use my experience, knowledge and expertise in Makeup Artistry to now include Microblading! I have been mapping brows and using freehand techniques since I started in the industry with MAC Cosmetics. New techniques and procedures that help women feel even more confident is what drew me to the beauty industry and is what continues to provide me with a sense of fulfillment.

If this is something you would like more information about, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may about this exciting new procedure to determine if this would benefit you.

Easy, Fabulous Skin Over Fifty

Easy, Fabulous Skin Over Fifty

Having fabulos skin over fifty is easier than you you think.  Lately I have been getting a lot of comments about my skin. Positive ones thankfully. They have been coming from ladies I have known for ages and from women I have never met. The question is always the same, What do you do to take care of your skin?

I have found the key to good skin is two fold. Consistency and Product choice.

If you know me, (all appearances to the contrary on my Instagram account) I don’t do much on the girly froufrou front.

If it takes too much time I’m out the door. My hair is a prime example.

About twenty years ago I found the Obagi system . It was four steps, didn’t take long and the efficacy was outstanding. They have changed the formulation since then but It worked on texture and brown spots and exfoliated my skin which is key.

At my age now. 65, my routine is even more simple.

I use two products and sunscreen.

AM routine

Antioxidant. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic I put this serum on first.

Moisturizer. Perricone MD High Potency Amine Face Lift.

Sunscreen. LaRoche Anthelios AOX. SPF 50 its an antioxidant serum with sunscreen. It never looks white and blends smoothly into your skin.

Sometimes my skin looks too shiny to me. I use Murad Invisiblu Perfecting Shield.

PM Routine

Retin A 0.05 I had been using the more potent 1% . I would peel and get red and ended up using it on and off. Then I read a study that mentioned the results between 1% and 0.05% were negligible. Once I started using .0.05% I was able to do so nightly.

Glycolic Acid. I exfoliate my face from time to time. About once a week. I use the most potent product I can find. Hopefully 10% . I find this one at TJ Max or on the Internet. Never combine Retin A and Glycolics or AHA

Full disclosure. I don’t wear any “makeup”, base/concealer or whatever to cover my skin. Never have. So what you see is what you get. That is why cleansing is not a problem with me. My skin is breathing all the time.

Special Issues

Sagging skin and creepiness are an issue now. I have to take extra care of my jawline and neck and I have been using Cle de Peau Beaute @CledePeauBeauteUS in that area. A little extra time morning and night is worth the trouble to tighten up those areas and formulations specific to that skin are key.

And my upper lip. I have never smoked and don’t use a straw So Why, Oh Why? Have I developed these lines. For the last two months I have been trying a product that is working. Bionova anti aging lip treatment is medical grade and I am seeing results. You might want to try that.

Again. Consistency. This is not a one time fix so if you want it to work you have to use it.

My body… I love exfoliating my body and when I was younger I would concoct my own formulas for scrubs and rubs. I would mix salt and lemon with oils. Brown sugar orange essential oil and sesame oil. . Fun!! I also mixed my own body oils. A combination of olive, sesame, mineral….. and essential oils.

My time is more limited now and I found Malie Organics. @malieorganics With wonderful scents that more than do the trick. From scrubs to potent body oils in perfumes that energize and mesmerize there is a choice for every mood. Try those.