Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!

With the New Year around the corner, what’s better than learning the history behind your champagne? In 2019, I had the opportunity to drive an hour and a half outside of Paris, France to tour the champagne cellars of Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, and Taittinger in Reims. The image of the beautiful hills and hundreds of thousands of wine bottles I saw beneath the ground remains fresh in my mind. The trip of a lifetime! Each cellar had a unique history, but Veuve Clicquot could inspire you to add something that seems impossible to your New Year resolution list.

While I was in Reims, I learned the Clicquot House was established in 1772, but Madame Clicquot, who was in her 20’s, decided to take over the vineyard after she lost her husband in 1805…hence, “Veuve” meaning Widow in French. Madame Clicquot became one of the first businesswomen of her time by taking creative action like sending over 10,000 bottles of her champagne to Russia after they were victorious over France in war. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a victory with a champagne from their enemy’s home country? Brilliant marketing, Madame Clicquot. This rich history of Veuve Clicquot makes the delicious champagne even more appreciable. A hard-working, young woman who challenged herself and the culture of her own community.

When I make it back to France, I will be visiting Madame Clicquot’s picture that hangs on a cellar wall where she has inspired many people, young or old, to reach for the impossible. In the meantime, I’ll be drinking Veuve on my couch in Dallas, TX, while dreaming about the day I return to Reims.

Make sure you enjoy this champagne when you’re celebrating the end of 2020 and beginning a fresh trip around the sun. Let me know what you think about Veuve Clicquot, the history behind it, and when you’re taking your trip to the cellars. Until then, cheers to the New Year!

P.S. My name is Senna, and I have the privilege of working with Style Beyond Age. I am a sister to three brothers and the youngest in my family. Life moves quickly while I am working towards my degree and plan to graduate college in May 2021. Fortunately, Sonia has welcomed me into the Style Beyond Age community as she teaches me more about social media platforms and gives me inspiration to live in the moment. The planning that goes into social media and transparency of the individuals behind the accounts and websites is something I love learning about each day. How about a toast to all these wonderful people that allow us to see a glimpse of their world!

Take Control This Valentine’s Day

Take Control This Valentine’s Day

Take control this Valentine´s Day.

This year we´re doing things a little differently. It’s less about me, more about him. I´m about to take control this Valentine´s day; and after a fantastic day and night, you might consider doing the same.

There is so much emphasis on men handling the Valentine’s Day arrangements, so I´ve decided I´m taking charge this year; it´s my chance to treat him.

Take Control this Valentine´s Day

The Action Plan


The stage is set and the treats are all lined up.

I´ve arranged hubby a massage at The Crescent Court Wellness Spa, a stunning hotel in uptown Dallas. It´s the perfect place to relax and recharge before a night of fun. As well as the treatment rooms, there’s  a hot and cold whirlpool, cryotherapy chamber, wellness center and nail bar. I may even grab myself a quick Mani Pedi while I wait.

Wine and Dine HIM this Valentine´s Day 

To follow, we´ll be enjoying a lobster dinner at The Crescent Club, Dallas, whilst soaking up the stunning views from the 17th floor. My mouth is watering already!

↑ ↑ ↑

I’m still wondering where it all went! 

For Afters 


Once we´ve wined and dined ourselves to satisfaction, we´ll probably head out for a walk around the vibrant Dallas arts district. It´s only a few blocks away, so it would be rude not too explore a little.


Take Control this Valentine´s Day


And there we have it. My Valentine’s Day treat to my husband. Thanks to The Crescent Court Hotel for helping me to make it one to remember. I´m sure I´ll be sharing lots of snippets on my Instagram Stories so stay tuned.

How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments…

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Flying First Class to a Safari Shack

Flying First Class to a Safari Shack

Join our Resident Traveler as she´s flying fist class to a safari shack. This one was a trip filled with indulgence, adventure and inspiration. It began in the lap of luxury and ended in an African safari hut. Both equally delightful in their own unique way, but a trip full of juxtaposition.

Intrigued? Let´s join our resident traveler for the journey…

Flying First Class to Dubai


A real bathroom, a real bar, a huge TV, a cute desk, comfy pajamas, private space and food that is delicious beyond words. No, this isn´t a 5* hotel, it´s an airplane, honest!

This sneak peek is thanks to Emirates and our resident traveler, my sister. I’m told it´s the best 16 hours she´s ever spent in the air, however, this was one adventure that was not going to continue the way it started!

Boarding a Bush Plane


After disembarking in Dubai and enjoying the land of luxury, the next stage of the journey began. It was time to board a bush plane destined for Zambia. The environment couldn´t have been more of a contrast; leaving the land of luxury behind and becoming immersed in the understated magic of a Zambian reserve.

It was a change of circumstances for sure, but both were equally beautiful. The luxury bathroom 35,000 feet in the sky was replaced with an open-roof shack, and visits from the first-class cabin crew replaced with wild animals wandering free outside the door. Wow! The opulence was gone, and it was replaced with something very different, but equally unique and amazing.

Flying First Class to a Safari Shack 

The lesson of the trip? There is beauty in every situation, we just need to open our eyes and appreciate it.

This was one trip that was full of contrasts, but what an adventure! I hope you enjoyed joining our resident traveler for this beautiful journey.

Until the next time…

Have you Seen? 

A look at the Balenciaga Retrospective at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid

A look at the Balenciaga Retrospective at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid

The Thyssen Museum in Madrid is presenting a private collection of one of Spains (and the worlds) most admired and influential fashion designers, Cristóbal Balenciaga. Each dress is paired along with the tradition of 16th- to 20th-century Spanish painting. My sister and her husband are currently traveling in Spain and had a unique opportunity to visit the exhibition alongside Sonsoles Diez de Rivera, a family friend and muse of Balenciaga himself. 

Sonsoles is a woman who started wearing Haute Couture at the age of seven and whose communion costume was personally made for her by Balenciaga This is a woman who knows what elegance is. Here she is on the left with her mother and sister. 

Sonsoles’ Wedding Dress by Balenciaga

Sonsoles and Balenciaga with her dress.

Can’t make it to Madrid? No problem! The Thyssen Museum offers a virtual tour on their website.

Whitefish Travel Guide | Where The Locals Go To Eat, Sleep and Shop in Whitefish, MT

Whitefish Travel Guide | Where The Locals Go To Eat, Sleep and Shop in Whitefish, MT

In my home here in Montana I have a lot of acreages a gorgeous home and a huge lake to play in. But up the road about 25 minutes there is a lovely little town called Whitefish. It has a pristine ski area quaint shopping and great restaurants; though I love the privacy and space in my neck of the woods, I feel fortunate to have this little town up the road. Just enough, not too much.


The Farmhouse Inn

& Kitchen

28 Lupfer Ave. 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-4211

Great for lunch, this quaint bed and breakfast pulls out all of the stops on cuteness! The family-run farm to table Inn & Cafe offers three rooms that you can rent nightly and a seasonal menu of locally sourced ingredients.


The Peerman Family has poured so much love into this space; you can taste it. They have left no detail out, all the way down to the hand made bath products that they sell in their gift shop.

The Cafe offers light and delicious meals while you’re touring the town of Whitefish or on your way to Glacier National Park. They are now serving breakfast and lunch.

Whitefish Lake Restaurant

1200 U.S. 93 N.
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-5285

The Whitefish Lake Golf Course is a public golf course with surprisingly delicious food. Watch the golfers tee off and cool off the summers day with a refreshing Stigler and smoked trout appetizer.


3824 Big Mountain Rd. 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-6098

Cafe Kandahar has distinguished itself as the premier dining destination in Northwest Montana. Be prepared for an unparalleled dining experience, located inside Kandahar Lodge at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Check their website for their hours and specifics as they are open in the summer and winter seasons only.


Whitefish Lodge 

1380 Wisconsin Ave. 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 863-4000

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is a Four Star Luxury Resort that offers year-round family adventures such as skiing, boating and hiking. Inspired by the grand lodges of the past, with all the conveniences of the present, The Lodge has returned a sense of leisure and grace to the Montana travel experience. Surrounded by mountains with the pristine waters of Whitefish Lake, the Lodge has all the amenities of a full-service resort hotel.


650 E 3rd St. 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 863-1900

The Firebrand Hotel brings urban sophistication and service combined with the atmosphere and adventurous style of Northwest Montana’s rugged landscapes. The Firebrand’s premier location in downtown Whitefish positions you steps away from world-class dining and nightlife options and within easy access to golfing, Whitefish Lake, trails and skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Hop in a car, and you’ll shortly arrive at the gateway to Glacier National Park.



215 Central Ave. #2 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-6848

Explore distinctive jewelry and one-of-a-kind furnishings crafted by artisans from around the world at Saparri. This eclectic bohemian market is filled with housewares, exotic accessories gift and clothing. There is a little something for everyone here.

Dick Idol Gallery 

238 Central Ave. 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-5070

The Dick Idol Signature Gallery in downtown Whitefish blends the rustic spirit of Old World Western art with Contemporary Spirit. The gallery is run by the contemporary western artist, and son of Dick Idol, Colt and his wife, Jen. We have several pieces from this gallery, and I love Colt’s vibrant use of color and the size of his pieces.


100 Central Ave. Suite 101
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 730-1523

Harlette carries a mix of classic looks with a playful edge. Great jeans, flirty dresses, cool tee shirts, fun jewelry, is the esthetic at Harlette. You’ll find current and upcoming brands and designers like for Love of Lemons, Band of Gypsys, Zadig & Voltaire, to name a few.

Le Marche

214 E 2nd St. Suite 103 
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-3762

Explore their market of thoughtfully curated products that inspire a life well-lived. Enjoy fresh coffee and pastries from the Boudoir Bar as you shop their unique selection of women’s and children’s clothing, beauty & home products, giftables, and more.

Packing Like a Pro | Tips to Avoid Overpacking

Packing Like a Pro | Tips to Avoid Overpacking

Do you pack at the last minute, forget things or throw things in just in case?
Do you pack as soon as you can, forgetting what you’ve already packed because you did it so long ago? Overpacking is real, and even after all these years of practice, I still do it too! 

In the age of budget travel, some airlines are not even allowing a carry-on, excess baggage fees are high, and it is almost impossible to define how heavy your luggage is until you get to the airport. We all know that fitting your life into a suitcase smaller than a stool is an almost impossible task, so here are some tips to make the most of your packing, while keeping it all relevant.


Plan in Advance
I start a week or two before my trip. To me, packing is the beginning of the adventure. I get a rolling rack out to get started. If you don’t have a rolling rack available, find some space in a spare closet and start picking and choosing what you would like for the trip. Don’t judge at this point; have fun with your imagination. Take a look at what you are gathering up, and you might start seeing a color story emerging. Your color story will end up being key. Over time I reevaluate and assess my choices and make sure items can mix and match.


Accessorize Smartly
Pick three pairs of shoes at a maximum – casual/comfortable, smart/eveningwear, and beach/street. Avoid outfits where only one pair of shoes match; this will save valuable room. I get overly excited, and I always have one or two of these outfits on my rolling rack that has to be restyled or deleted! Take multipurpose handbags too. My evening purse can double as a makeup bag.

Check the Weather
Checking the weather for the duration of your stay is obvious, but most people don’t bother. If it looks like it might rain a couple of times, consider wearing a waterproof jacket on the plane to save packing it – Or if the weather is going to be better than you thought, you might want to only bring one pair of long pants with you, plus a couple of thinner sweaters and plan to layer up. The weather really does change everything!

Keep your cosmetics and skincare in mini bottles and leave your miniatures bag inside your carry-on bag. You will not need to pack them ever again (remember to replace them as they run out though). You should also store a few Ziploc bags which you can put your leakables in, and I also keep a spare nylon bag for dirty laundry to order to keep them away from fresh clothes. 


Make A List

Make a list, check it twice. Plus one more for good measure. You’ll find that by the third time you check, you’re still finding things in there that you don’t particularly need.
If you make a checklist, have an “essentials” column and include items you need to bring at all costs, such as passport, medication, specific clothing for activities or a gift for someone you are visiting.


To roll or to fold?
I usually roll my clothes and use packing bags. Eaglecreek has several choices, but I use the super lightweight ones. It is incredible how much you can put in even a small one! My shoes are always in their shoe bags but don’t forget all the space in the toes for socks or other small items like belts and accessories.

Digital Checklist
Inflight entertainment is a must. Don’t forget to pack your earbuds! I also download a movie or a book in case I get stuck at the airport or on the plane with no entertainment. Traveling internationally? Be sure to check in with your phone provider and make sure you have an international plan or turn your roaming off.
Before setting off on vacation, go through your purse or wallet, and leave the cards that you won’t require in a safe place at home. Not only will it make your wallet smaller, but it’s less to worry about if you misplace it, or in the unfortunate event it gets stolen. Smartphones now have mobile payment, and most mobile payment apps store a wide variety of loyalty cards and payment cards – so making the switch will help you in day-to-day life, as well as when you’re away.


Leave a little room
Just because there’s a little bit of room left after you’ve finished packing, doesn’t mean you can add that extra shirt “just in case.” I am extra guilty of this. Firstly, we all know that you’ll never be able to pack your bag the same on your way home, it’s just an unwritten travel rule! And secondly, what about those souvenirs you’ve purchased along the way?

A recent study shows that 62% of Americans overpack when they’re traveling, with a third of the people surveyed admitted that they pack their cases less than 24 hours before they travel! Clothing was the most overpacked item. This does more to justify making lists and placing looks on a rolling rack to find the weakest links in your outfits before packing them than anything else I can think of.
Another interesting thing people do when packing is taking comforts like a favorite tea or condiments; travel allows you to try different things. Don’t deny yourself the chance to try something new.

So, if you’ve got a trip coming up soon, why not try out some of these packing tips and see how much room you can save in your case…for souvenirs!

Hotel Figueroa | A Boutique Hotel in the Middle of Downtown Los Angeles

Hotel Figueroa | A Boutique Hotel in the Middle of Downtown Los Angeles


We love finding unexpected hotels in unexpected places. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Los Angeles to visit Serena and to shoot summer outfits for the blog. We scouted the most fabulous Spanish style hotel in the middle of downtown Los Angeles; Hotel Figueroa.

We were blown away by the hotel’s rich history. To think that in 1926 the Hotel Figueroa was the tallest building in Los Angeles is pretty incredible considering the ever-changing skyscrapers peppering the skyline now! 

Hotel Figueroa has been a hub for social progress and creative endeavors since they opened its doors. The hotel showcases the work of L.A.’s most compelling female artists and culture-makers, ranging from emerging to internationally established talents. The cohesive art collection was curated to complement each other along with the hotel’s redesign, completed last year.

Bar Figueroa

Poolside at the Veranda is where you should pop in for an authentic (yet light) tropical Mexican lunch. We shared the ceviche de pescado and carnitas tacos. The ambiance of the outdoor patio coupled with the energy of people watching both at the restaurant and poolside was refreshing considering you are in the middle of a very bustling downtown LA.

Lunch at Veranda

I will be coming back to give the rooms a spin at the Hotel Figueroa next time Scott, and I go back to LA to visit Serena. It oozes old world charm and impeccable customer service. No detail was left behind here!

A Gem in the Hill Country: Our Staycation at Camp Lucy

A Gem in the Hill Country: Our Staycation at Camp Lucy

A lesson in staying in the moment.

A few weeks ago, we were at dinner with friends, and the conversation turned to must-see places and experiences in Austin. My friends regaled me of an outstanding restaurant outside of town called Tillie‘s. I open the website to find the most gorgeous architecture and tile work at a restaurant of an event space called Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, Texas. Beauty was all around so I thought that it would be a great place to shoot our spring fashion story.

I talked Scott into taking the 20-minute drive out of town for a Staycation at Camp Lucy. We headed to the little town of Dripping Springs. I was so excited, but Scott had slight trepidation as we got further away from Austin and into the “wild” of the Hill Country.

Twists and turns down narrow roads we go! It’s not far from Austin, but you feel like you’re in another country entirely. Driving past a river and crossing over narrow bridges it feels like we have gone for miles. Where are we?! We stop to speak with a gentleman by the side of the road. I immediately knew there was more to him then meets the eye. “0h just go up the road until you see the green tile roof” and on we go. We’re on the right track.

As we pull up, our eyes get bigger and bigger, we enter the most beautiful setting made entirely from repurposed buildings from Asia. The tile work is magnificent, and the people are lovely. Camp Lucy is a wedding destination that houses five different venues. There’s a swimming pool, private dining areas, and landscaping that goes on and on. Everything is beautifully planned out, from the church to the steeple. But there is so much more to this Hill country ranch than that.

Camp Lucy is the kind of place where you can escape the pace of the city and relax in a calming environment. We call this a “staycation destination” and the middle of the week is a perfect time to escape!

On the property is Tillie’s restaurant, a true fine dining experience in the heart of the Texas Hill Counrty. It is worth the 20-minute drive from Austin for dinner alone (or breakfast, lunch, AND brunch). With a seasonally (if not daily) changing menu, Chef Brandon Martin combines flavors and textures in a way that is so satisfying for your palette. Think Southern Comfort meets Asian flavor.

You’ll find this theme throughout the rest of Camp Lucy as well. All of the structures on the property have been imported from Vietnam, rebuilt and revamped on-sight. The most impressive structure on the site is the gorgeous 19th Century chapel, built from intricately carved ironwood.

Scott and I had the privilege of staying in the luxury suite which had a fireplace, a stone zero horizon bathtub and honestly the most comfortable bed we have slept in in ages. All of the rooms at Camp Lucy are individual little cabins (it feels like you’re at summer camp!) and are thoughtfully and elegantly decorated, you’ll feel right at home.

Ideally located near wineries, breweries, and a host of Hill Country activities, the beautifully crafted Camp Lucy guest rooms in Dripping Springs also offer a unique escape from the ordinary.

The whole experience was terrific for us, but as always, it is the people that make a place memorable.

Between the management and staff, nothing is left to chance right down to Smore’s in one of the outdoor fireplaces. Whether you are in the large suite or one of the cabins overlooking the ravine ( which reminded me of a trip to Africa), there is not a wrong spot in the house.

Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Remember what life is all about. Connections: To People, Places, and Nature.

Hotel Crescent Court: My luxury stay in Dallas’ premier hotel.

Hotel Crescent Court: My luxury stay in Dallas’ premier hotel.

Old world luxury in a present-day hotel.


Have you ever been to a place where you felt that the entire world was all around you? From fantastic 19th century art to modern day amenities. Old world hospitality and international cuisine are waiting for you as you pull up to the iconic Hotel Crescent Court.


Walking through the beautiful action packed lobby and hearing different languages dance on the marble floors makes me wonder. Am I really in Dallas? Or am I experiencing Texas luxury at it’s finest?

Whether you are coming to Dallas for the first time or you’re a local looking for a luxury StayCation, the amenities offered by the Hotel Crescent Court are unparalleled. If you are looking to unwind this is the place for you! Scott and I both enjoyed treatments from the spa and relaxed in the whirlpool. I can’t wait to go back this summer to enjoy the pool and beautifully landscaped courtyards. (Hotel Cresent Court offers Spa Day Passes that you can use even if you’re not a hotel guest) From the presidential suite for your wedding or next girls retreat to the fitness center and the private dining club. This hotel just oozes elegance and old world charm.


Back in the Great Hall, Beau Nash is the place to meet old and new friends over cocktails and a great casual menu.

Lunch is served at the Conservatory which is excellent if you are craving your Tex-Mex fix (which my husband always is). If you have a taste for sushi Nobu is there to  satiate your craving. Still hungry after that Yellowtail? It’s time to join the Crescent Club…




Did you know that private memberships of The Crescent Club and The Spa at The Crescent are available including access to the most prestigious private dining club in Dallas along with a fitness center, complimentary classes and swimming pool?


With its beautiful courtyards, expansive views, fine dining, and relaxation, you don’t have to go far to get everything you need at the Hotel Cresent Court.

After all Stanley Korshak is right outside the doors!

My spa experience was unrivaled.

I am somewhat suspicious of getting a facial at a hotel. I love and take advantage of all of the spa amenities usually but you know by now how careful I am about my skin! In this case, I was over the moon with Orit, my wonderful esthetician. I immediately felt comfortable with her level of expertise, and I learned a lot from her.
The Spa and workout facilities are exceptional. No wonder people in the area get a membership to work out there.



The hotel exceeded our expectations. All of the rooms are a fantastic representation of the great design and world-class service that comes from Hotel Crescent Court. The last night I was fortunate enough to stay in The Presidential Suite, what a treat. There is undoubtedly history here… I felt like a queen.


There is so much more to show you, I’ll post the videos of my stay on my IGTV and more photos can be found on my Instagram.


What a great experience I had in the heart of Dallas at one of the most iconic landmarks in the area.




Thank you Hotel Crescent Court. Your hospitality has no rival. Don’t miss this fantastic experience when you are in Dallas.


Where to Sleep, Shop and Eat in Downtown Dallas

Where to Sleep, Shop and Eat in Downtown Dallas

Stay: The Joule

On a recent trip to Dallas, we stayed at The Joule Hotel in the downtown Arts District.  I can’t express our gratitude to all the people we came in contact with while we were there. From bellmen to housekeeping from restaurant staff to front desk everyone there has customer service as their priority.

The hotel in itself is a work of art. Housed in a Revitalized 1920s neo-gothic style bank building. Works of art are to be found everywhere including Andy Warhol, Richard Phillips, Tony Cragg, and many others.  A bonus in the Lobby, the installation of beautifully detailed motorcycles by Robert Haas.

Shop: Taschen Bookstore 

A Taschen library is housed in the complex. What a treat!  And you can even schedule tea time there.  Stroll around and shop the unique retail boutiques in the lobby as well.

You don’t have to go far for excellent food. It’s right inside the hotel. Try the pork chop at CBD. Awesome! And the bar scene is hopping at The Midnight Rambler downstairs.

Step outside for the best in fashion. Forty-Five Ten and the Neiman Marcus flagship store are right next door. Look around and be surprised but don’t poke the eye!  The hotel staff will tell you stories about how that came about.


Shop: Forty Five Ten 

We were reacquainted with an amazing lifestyle store and women’s boutique Forty Five Ten. Conveniently located across the street from our fabulous hotel. Forty Five Ten is a 4 story boutique that offers fine dining on the terrace, men’s and women’s high fashion, a beautiful beauty counter with all the fixings, and curated pieces for your home. 

Bathroom Selfies with mi familia

Lunch at Forty Five Ten was a TEN 

Eat: Circo 

If after a day at the state of the art spa you do feel like leaving the premises, the hotel car will take you anywhere within a five-mile radius. Our choice was dinner at Circo, where the most fabulous Italian food is handcrafted. We were greeted by the manager Casey Bunch and the beautiful Lauren Santagati from the White Rock Hospitality Group. Again, the service was impeccable.  My Bolognese was so fantastic I didn’t even need a sprinkle of Parmesan on it!  There is a first time for everything.

At The Joule Hotel Dallas, we were fortunate enough to stay in two different suites. 

The two-story loft suite is 789 square feet and contains a downstairs living area with a full bath and a soaking tub and a superb bedroom bathroom combination overlooking the living area.

The Deluxe Suite was incredible with great views and a large living area. The incredible deluxe bathroom and beautiful bedroom. Were beautifully appointed with every detail thought out.  They range from 750 to 1,000 square feet. Enough space for girls to have fun! 

View from the top! Of the loft suite that is! 

I  can’t adequately express how wonderful our experience was.  A Boutique Hotel (with everything that symbolizes) does not come close to describing our experience.  In the end, it’s people who make the difference, and we are thankful for the joy, service, and attention the staff show to everyone daily.

Thank Mr. Headington for your vision.  The Joule Hotel Dallas is just that.

A Jewel.

Fall in Glacier National Park: The Crown of the Continent

Fall in Glacier National Park: The Crown of the Continent

We are fortunate enough to live in Flathead County, Montana home of Glacier National Park. Or what we refer to as “the Crown of the Continent”. Sitting on top of “The Backbone of the World” the park encompasses 1million acres including two mountain ranges, over 130 lakes and wildlife around every corner. Here you can see at least 25 glaciers and hike over 745 miles of trails. Fall has arrived in Glacier and we couldn’t resist a drive down the beautiful and colorful “Going to the Sun Road” which runs 52-miles along the Continental Divide.


Experiencing the incredible vistas and massive landscape, you can truly feel and appreciate why Glacier National Park is known as an International Peace Park. Enjoy the view…



The Little Red Bus is Iconic in the park. 

The fleet of 33 buses is widely considered to be the oldest touring fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world! The buses take you to all of the main attractions in the Park. Since the views in Glacier are vertically oriented (with its very high mountain peaks) the roll-back tops are perfect to get the full majestic views of the Big Sky.

Lake McDonald

I’m a sucker for unique lighting. Here at McDonald Lodge you can curl up in front of their lifesize fireplace, sip on a hot chocolate and enjoy the view of majestic Lake McDonald.

With over 300 Grizzly Bears known to live in the park, this is about as close as you should get one!

When hiking in Glacier, don’t forget your bear spray and stay in your car if you see one on the road.

Flathead River

You’ll drive by 10 miles of Lake McDonald before you start the climb to Logan Pass.

It’s fall so we already have snow on the mountains!

Saint Mary’s Lake, East Glacier. Wild Goose Island Viewpoint

If you have the time, don’t miss Many Lakes. You leave the park on the East side and re-enter into Many Lakes.  The road is a little rough but worth it.  I’ve had the most grizzly bear sightings at Many Lakes when I’ve visited.


Hike to Grinnell Glacier the trails radiate in all directions!

Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Point have always been my view from the Many Glacier Hotel. Built in 1914 by The Great Northern Railway this beautiful lodge was commissioned to open the park to visitors and establish the area as the “American Alps”

Incredibly what took a year to build in 1914 took but a few hours to demolish in the Sprague Fire of 2017.  The loss of the 104-year-old Sperry Chalet is a shock to all of us who loved it.  We are heartbroken.

A lesson in appreciating what you have when you have it.

Safe travels to all. 

24 Hours in Madrid: A Visual Tour Through the Eyes of an Almost Local

24 Hours in Madrid: A Visual Tour Through the Eyes of an Almost Local

I am fortunate to be able to come to a Madrid several times a year. The hotel we usually stay in is closed for a year-long remodel but we found this little one nearby.


During my extended stays in Madrid, I have made great friends, found wonderful restaurants and shopped beautiful boutiques. There is something about the culture here that brings back the comfort of traditions and manners that make me feel at home.

Home Away From Home: Hotel Palacio del Retiro

Hoping one of these fats will replace a hotel one day…

Street scenes: Madrid graffiti style

Blinded by style. Dior Sunglasses
It looks like the Fanny Pack AKA belt bag is back everywhere

Fashion in the stores

Create your own fashion. No not the shoes. The bespoke dress.

Or you can create your own fashion. ( no not those white shoes of course). The bespoke dress I’m having made with these fabrics. 

Eating well is a tradition and extended meals with friends is expected. Here are two of my favorites.

Horcher a few blocks from our hotel established in 1904 and still going strong. One of my favorites.

El Lago de Sanabria Restaurant in the Salamanca district.  There is great shopping as well as dining in this neighborhood!

Lunch at Restaurante Viridiana   No dinner needed

Churros and chocolate at the hotel or just….

Stay in your room and plan your next day

Leave your hotel for a morning walk  you can easily visit the parks and  Puerta de Alcala  Walking the streets makes all that fine dining worth it

Iconic Puerta de Alcala

Parque del Retiro

Beautiful buildings are everywhere!

Room with a view

Take time for yourself and don’t forget to send postcards. They are quite unexpected nowadays. I hope you have enjoyed this mini tour. I loved sharing it with you! Ciao, June