Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!

With the New Year around the corner, what’s better than learning the history behind your champagne? In 2019, I had the opportunity to drive an hour and a half outside of Paris, France to tour the champagne cellars of Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, and Taittinger in Reims. The image of the beautiful hills and hundreds of thousands of wine bottles I saw beneath the ground remains fresh in my mind. The trip of a lifetime! Each cellar had a unique history, but Veuve Clicquot could inspire you to add something that seems impossible to your New Year resolution list.

While I was in Reims, I learned the Clicquot House was established in 1772, but Madame Clicquot, who was in her 20’s, decided to take over the vineyard after she lost her husband in 1805…hence, “Veuve” meaning Widow in French. Madame Clicquot became one of the first businesswomen of her time by taking creative action like sending over 10,000 bottles of her champagne to Russia after they were victorious over France in war. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a victory with a champagne from their enemy’s home country? Brilliant marketing, Madame Clicquot. This rich history of Veuve Clicquot makes the delicious champagne even more appreciable. A hard-working, young woman who challenged herself and the culture of her own community.

When I make it back to France, I will be visiting Madame Clicquot’s picture that hangs on a cellar wall where she has inspired many people, young or old, to reach for the impossible. In the meantime, I’ll be drinking Veuve on my couch in Dallas, TX, while dreaming about the day I return to Reims.

Make sure you enjoy this champagne when you’re celebrating the end of 2020 and beginning a fresh trip around the sun. Let me know what you think about Veuve Clicquot, the history behind it, and when you’re taking your trip to the cellars. Until then, cheers to the New Year!

P.S. My name is Senna, and I have the privilege of working with Style Beyond Age. I am a sister to three brothers and the youngest in my family. Life moves quickly while I am working towards my degree and plan to graduate college in May 2021. Fortunately, Sonia has welcomed me into the Style Beyond Age community as she teaches me more about social media platforms and gives me inspiration to live in the moment. The planning that goes into social media and transparency of the individuals behind the accounts and websites is something I love learning about each day. How about a toast to all these wonderful people that allow us to see a glimpse of their world!

My Favorite Holiday Gift Guides

My Favorite Holiday Gift Guides

The holidays are quickly approaching, but instead of flooding your social channels with yet another gift guide, I figured I would share some of my friends’ beautiful thoughts.


Crazy Blonde Life Gift Guide

Suzanne has such a beautiful home and she did a beautiful Christmas tour of it recently. The secret to why our homes smell so good, Nest Candles. Seriously, I can’t find a scent I love more than these candles and I love gifting them to everyone on my list! My pro tip… I put them on candle warmers so I don’t have to light the candles and get smoke everywhere.

Who doesn’t crave comfort food when the weather gets cold?! I immediately went for the Truffle Mac and Cheese Crazy Blonde Life recommended because it just looked so good!


Tanya Foster Blog Gift Guide

I think the perfect gift for any friend or party hostess is an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar set! Tanya Foster picked out the perfect one from Terrain. Check out her other suggestions for Hostess, Friends & Neighbors here.

Reinventing 50’s Gift Guide

I met Annette in LA year’s ago. What a vivacious woman! Besides loving vinyl records and including them on her 2020 gift guide, she has something I already own.

The Bey-Berk Shaving Set sits beautifully on my husband’s bathroom counter already, and it works great for him, it might fit under your tree as well.

This beautiful Leather Airpods Case recommended by Reinventing 50’s will make sure you keep your Airpods straight from anyone else’s!

She She Show Gift Guide

I definitely don’t consider myself a Techie by any means, but this gift guide by the She She Show really spoke to me!

With these Airpods, I am able to tune out all of the extra noise around the house! Combined with Annette’s Airpod Case, you have a good gift idea.

Herbs can be so expensive and perish quickly, so the Techie Indoor Garden is a perfect way to make sure they’re always fresh and you’re creating less waste as well.

The Middle Page Gift Guide

Cathy and I met last year and it turns out we have a lot in common! Love for good PJs being one of them…

Usually, my PJ game is not on point, but it’s so easy now to change that. Comfy fashion-forward and super smooth fabric. I could live in these! I totally agree with The Middle Page’s recommendation of these stylish PJs.




Style at a Certain Age Gift Guide

Beth always has great ideas and even better advice. Her 2020 gift guides were no exception!

My husband uses his Yeti everywhere we go and it keeps his water cold and his coffee hot all day long! Style at a Certain Age recommends it as a gift and I do too!

One of the great pieces she recommends is this gorgeous Crossbody Croc Purse from Madewell. This is definitely on my wish list as the perfect around town bag.

Sonia’s Holiday Picks

Alright, so I couldn’t resist giving you just a few of my own tips and ideas!

For both of you…

A Texas Staycation! Why not take a weekend and treat yourself to a staycation at the Crescent Court Hotel in Dallas?! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the Presidential Suite and love dining in the Crescent Club after a day of pampering at the Spa. Whether it’s for yourself or a special someone, this is the perfect gift to escape from reality and live the high life for a while!

Another beautiful spot to visit in the great state of Texas is Camp Lucy! This gorgeous little resort sits right in the heart of Texas Hill Country and I had a wonderful time enjoying all of its luxuries.





For her…

Le Labo Perfume — Men, if you don’t already have a nice perfume wrapped up for your special lady under the tree, you better be adding to cart now! This is the perfect elegant gift for someone you love. Order my favorite scent from Le Labo here.

Style Beyond Age Not-So-Subtle Hint

Do him a favor with this helpful hint… Throughout the year I take anything I’m interested in and tear it out of the magazine I’m reading and put it in a folder in his desk. Then when it comes time for the holidays, hopefully, he looks there for ideas. This can be anything from cute stationery to a great stay!

For him…

Toledo Knives — These gorgeous knives are light as a feather and are beautiful to display on your kitchen counter. These knives would go perfectly with…

Traeger Grill — What man doesn’t want to fire up some steaks on the grill? Order yours here!


For the wine connoisseur…

Coravin — Sometimes I want to open a bottle of wine at dinner, but I’m not always going to finish the whole bottle in one evening! This preservation kit is perfect to keep your favorite or nicest bottle of wine fresh!

Wine Wand — Do you get headaches like I do when drinking red wine? These wands are my greatest find of 2020! They take all of the toxins out of your wine and let you have a fun night without the terrible morning after.

P.S. These wine glasses make for a great ($300+) stocking stuffer!




Happy gift giving!

Playing Around in #MyArmoireStyle

Playing Around in #MyArmoireStyle

Looking for a good way to update your style without breaking the bank? Here are a few examples from #myarmoirestyle! For a weekly refresh of your wardrobe, do yourself a favor and sign up through this link:

From Summer to Fall this dress can stay in your closet on rotation. Here I reinvented it with an @dior handbag strap as a belt (they are so pricey we need to get creative with them) 🤪 and a @zadigetvoltaire army jacket. Booties and presto! What do you think?

Boss Lady Look! Well, I’m not much of a boss judging by how my business is going, and exposing some midriff won’t get me any points either. But the look was on the LV runways. All black straight lines and some skin. All the better to show off the bright colored almost neon crossbody bags they came out with which of course I don’t own. Of course, this skirt is from the lovely! #BSSLDYPWR

Here I was caught by @sarahblazephotog lounging around in my comfy and cute dress! It is perfect for dreaming of warmer weather or lounging by the fireplace during the holidays.


Business Chic thanks to 😘 This @veronicabeard jacket is pretty much perfect for whatever you are up to. Business or monkey business it’s all good! #ShopLocal! with #MyArmoireStyle


Everything is different in these times. Why not try something that you want to be different?! This week I’m experimenting with a new fashion shape compliments of and a more blunt hair shape compliments of Josh @tangerinesalons For me, the benefits of renting from are many. You get to play with new styles, have greater variety, and don’t have to invest in those special occasions pieces you might only wear once. Their service is exemplary and the choices are great. Think of the money you can save and the fun you can have💃PS I’m even reworking a chain belt into a necklace. Time to think outside the box with #MyArmoireStyle.

Of all of my picks from, this @dereklam boho number is one of my favorites. Now that the #shechateau has shrunk a bit with the move to Dallas it is wonderful to have access to outfits you might not always need in rotation. (Not to mention designers that might be out of reach). I styled it with a @lovechicos leather belt and a burgundy bag.


I wore this dress as my Halloween outfit with cashmere fingerless gloves. A great way to cover our arms BTW. Here I am getting double duty by adding a gold belt and taking it out to dinner. Can I call this #casualchic? It’s cotton and has pockets after all and why not, all rules seem to be flying out the window

Thank you for allowing me to experiment with different styles. We all get stuck in our same looks and it is great to see the possibilities and allow our look to grow. Here a @31philliplim dress. I raised the hem on this very firm fitting number and wore it with sneakers. The original version is on the right. Which one looks better to you?

What look are you wanting to try out for yourself? For more fashion tips, check out my other blogs at