Sonia was featured on!

Sonia was featured on!

Sonia was asked to contribute her favorite beauty hacks to the Huffington Post!

“SPF is so important. I like Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster cream SPF 30. It glides on beautifully, disappears into the skin and doesn’t change my skin tone. You can seek out all facelifts in the world, but if you don’t take care of those three areas, you will not have accomplished what a facelift is meant for.” ― Sonia Lovett, a 71-year-old who runs the fashion blog Style Beyond Age

Exploring the Enchanting Wonders of Costa Rica: A Memorable Three-Week Christmas Journey

Exploring the Enchanting Wonders of Costa Rica: A Memorable Three-Week Christmas Journey

Spending Christmas in Costa Rica was an adventure we will never forget. Over three weeks, we explored three distinct regions of this beautiful country, each offering its own unique charm and experiences. From the captivating volcanic landscapes of La Fortuna to the vibrant nature of Quepos and the tranquil beaches of Playa Hermosa, our Christmas journey through the wonders of Costa Rica was nothing short of enchanting.

La Fortuna – A Volcanic Retreat

Our first destination was the La Fortuna region, home to the impressive Arenal Volcano. The sight of this majestic volcano looming in the distance was awe-inspiring. Nestled in this picturesque natural setting was our accommodation for the first leg of our trip – the renowned Nayara Resort and Spa.

The Nayara Resort and Spa once again did not disappoint. Scott and I stayed here last year for the first time and it was nothing short of incredible. Nayara offers an experience of pure luxury and relaxation. From the moment we arrived, we were treated to exceptional hospitality and unmatched amenities. The resort’s culinary offerings were a treat for our taste buds, with every meal surpassing our expectations.

Quepos – Adventures in Nature

Our journey south led us to the charming town of Quepos, nestled near the breathtaking Manuel Antonio Park. Here, we immersed ourselves in nature and embarked on various outdoor activities. We explored the lush green forests and took a memorable wildlife-rich private park tour.

Our hotel was wild-life rich as well! Upon arrival at Arenas Del Mar, we were greeted with a very large family of monkeys the hotel staff referred to as the “Monkey Mafia” which couldn’t be more accurate! We learned that these little monkeys were indeed, very mischievous. Arenas was a playground nestled on the shores of Quepos and is the only beachfront resort in the town.

We took an hour drive south one afternoon with the kids to explore the Whales Tale in Uvita. Uvita, a hidden gem in Costa Rica’s Puntarenas Zone, captivates visitors with its stunning beaches and a truly unique natural wonder – the iconic Whales Tail formation. This geological formation, shaped like a whale’s tail, emerges during low tide and creates a mesmerizing spectacle. As the ocean recedes, a sandbar emerges, extending out into the water and forming a distinct silhouette resembling the tail of a whale. This incredible sight offers visitors the chance to walk along the sandbar and soak in the surrounding beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Uvita’s Whales Tail is a must-visit destination for nature lovers seeking to experience the wonders of Costa Rica’s abundant natural beauty.

Playa Hermosa – Beachside Bliss

The final leg of our Christmas journey took us to the idyllic Playa Hermosa. This beachside paradise, known for its pristine black sand beaches and tranquil ambiance, was the perfect place to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones. We were fortunate enough to share this part of our journey with our daughter and her beau, making it even more special.

We stayed at Encantada south of Playa Hermosa This charming boutique hotel was the perfect place to relax and unwind. The staff were friendly, attentive, and always ready to help with any request. The rooms were spacious and well-appointed and the hotel offered daily yoga practice on their yoga deck. Even though I can’t touch my toes I still attempted to enjoy the class one morning.

Sound baths at Oje de Horus

Not to be missed was our incredible sound bath experience at Ojo de Horus. The proprietors of this beautiful space, Leyla & Ramine were honestly the most lovely people we have met. They treated us to a very special New Year’s Day sound bath (and you know we love a good sound bath) invoking the spirit of LOVE into our New Year. Afterward, Ramine prepared the best Costa Rican coffee with homemade coconut milk. Perhaps it is the best coffee in the world….? You’ll have to go and find out for yourself! Luckily for us, they have a jungle cottage available on Airbnb, and you can experience the healing properties of not only the property but the hosts themselves. What a gift to have met them!

Reflecting on our three-week journey through the wonders of Costa Rica, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of this country and the genuine warmth of its people. The pristine nature surrounds every corner. Couple that with the country’s dedication to sustainable practices and it definitely left a lasting impression on us.

Spending Christmas exploring the wonders of Costa Rica allowed us to create priceless memories. It also allowed us to connect with our loved ones in a way that felt truly special. As we reminisce about our adventures, we know that Costa Rica will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are already dreaming of returning to explore even more of this enchanting country!

Family photo on the beach exploring wonders of Costa Rica