Being Comfortable at Any Age, Women 17 to 71, A Multigenerational Photo Shoot

Being Comfortable at Any Age, Women 17 to 71, A Multigenerational Photo Shoot

Fashion Photo Shoot Fun!

If you caught “My stories” during this fashion shoot, you noticed it was pouring rain. Of course, we managed to have fun anyway. Our destination was the Flathead Lake Lodge a huge dude ranch in Bigfork, Montana with tons of amenities. What could possibly go wrong! The management was wonderful and more than accommodating. We were set. Our imaginations were humming, and we had boxes and boxes of divine outfits coming every day. Jimmy from Fed Ex was a regular.

It all started out innocently enough when my friend Sue and I went off to scout for locations.

Serena and I had been planning a multigenerational photo shoot for quite a while. It was bohemian inspired, with models from 17 to 71. We were looking for a Montana hideaway with lots of different settings: teepees, cabins, lakefronts.

As the day approached the weather was getting worse. Of course, the day before we were scheduled to shoot it started raining and never stopped. Another lesson in
You can control some of the things some of the time…

We had to cancel the Lodge and move to the house. Now the games are really on! We had to find the best lighting in the house bring in tropical plants, rugs, and pillows you name it. All to provide us with the right setting to showcase our theme.

Controlled chaos!

We had a lovely time with all our local ladies the day before. We tried on outfits and set the scene. Sadly, as promised, the day of the photo shoot was raining cats and dogs.

Working With Hope.

Our photographer Hope (IG:@hkcameraface) is patient super talented and flexible. Not to mention busy. Currently in a Hong Kong working for 10 days. She has managed to make everyone look great and be comfortable with the camera.


We started at three ( lots of activity) and around four o’clock we realize we are missing one. Our new assistant Laura is not here. Unusual and completely out of character! A quick check of my email and it turns out she has been in an accident and is in the hospital with a neck brace waiting on an MRI. Another call and she is “fine” but sore. Thank goodness. One hand down!


In the coming weeks Stylebeyondage will be expressing through pictures, how different generations can take a look or a feeling and translate into a fashion statement that works for your age. Our hope is that you enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed producing it. We hope to inspire, amuse you and deliver to your imagination the truth that fashion and trends can really be applicable to Style Beyond Age.


Microblading…yes or no?

Microblading…yes or no?

Why bother with an eyebrow pencil when you don’t have to? Originally I had thought microblading was some sort of facial service such as skin resurfacing. However, I was wrong. My morning routine is short for a reason, number one I don’t bother with too much makeup. But I had gotten to the point where my eyebrows were slowly starting to disappear. Oh no! One more step in my morning routine. Not happy.

I get bored easily so you can imagine my trepidation at having my eyebrows set for good. I did some research which is key, and then I decided to dive in. I am including an article and pictures, which I used in my research for those of you who have inquired (or may just be curious!).


An Article Published by Montana Women

What is it and is it right for you?

If you have yet to hear of this procedure, you will! It is the fastest growing beauty procedure in the world. Microblading was first introduced in Asia as far back as 25 years ago but has begun to become popular only recently in the US. It goes by many names including feather stroking, eyebrow embroidery, the Japanese method, etc. So, what exactly is Microblading? Unlike traditional  permanent makeup or makeup tattooing, microblading is considered to be semi-permanent and is most traditionally performed with a hand tool containing multiple, ultra fine needles which then manually deposit pigment under the skin. Unlike permament makeup, microblading is only expected to last anywhere from 9 months to 2 years depending on the individual skin type. Also, instead of simply filling in the brow with pigment, fine hairlike strokes are scored into the skin mimicking the effect of real hairs. The natural and realistic result is what has caused this beauty procedure’s popularity to skyrocket recently.

Now, if you’re at all like me, there’s one thing you do not leave undone before you leave the house, it’s your brows. Why? Eyebrows frame the entire face! Without them, the portrait may still be beautiful but is left incomplete. Imagine the convenience of being able to go to the gym or the beach or the pool and not having to worry about your brows washing off. This is the same reason eyelash extensions have gained such huge popularity in recent years. Believe me when I say, microblading is here to stay!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “is this for me”? The answer is quite simple. Anyone who wants to have full, natural looking, even brows make the perfect candidate. Other clients include those suffering from scarring, Trichotillomania, Alopecia and Cancer, or other diseases and disorders that have led to natural hair loss.

The next, most logical question would be “what can I expect from my microblading procedure?” Quite honestly, depending on the techniques used and experience of your technician, you can achieve any fullness or shape of brow your heart desires. As with all of my clients however, remember, your technician is a professional and other than slights tweaks, you should trust their judgement when it comes to mapping out your brows.  Hiring the right technician is of utmost importance. I cannot tell you the number of brows gone wrong I have had to fix over the last year. So, how do you do this?  Look at their portfolio, pictures do not lie! Make sure as your browsing that you see consistent, great work. Your technician should be a master with mapping out different brow shapes to properly frame the face as well as proportionate looking brows.  Also, speak with others who have had their brows done and ask about their own experience. After all, your going to have to live with that persons work on your face for quite some time. They should also be aware and up to date on all the new microblading procedures in practice as continued education in all fields shows their passion for their work.

Here is what you can expect at your appointment; first off, this is typically a two step procedure. At your first appointment you can expect to spend about 2 hours which includes a full client consultation. First, we discuss what your expectations are…what your unhappy with and what your desired end result is. Next, with the help of a special tool to determine exact measurements of the brow, they are drawn on so that you have a clear picture of the finished product. This also allows you to have the opportunity to voice any concerns so that adjustments can be made. Numbing cream is then applied to the area to make the procedure less painful, consider it slightly uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. The mircroblading itself only takes about 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

A follow up appointment is almost always necessary. The reason being, minimal scabbing, as with any tattoo, is expected during the healing process and as a result, some of the pigment is bound to come with the shedding of the skin. This will be corrected during your touch up appointment 4-8 weeks following your procedure.

The beauty industry is an ever growing and evolving machine that is always keeping it’s ear open to the current concerns that we as women have and the industry has yet to let us down! I have been a Professional in the industry for nearly 20 years and the development of new products and procedures is always exciting! This is why I have made the decision to expand my business and use my experience, knowledge and expertise in Makeup Artistry to now include Microblading! I have been mapping brows and using freehand techniques since I started in the industry with MAC Cosmetics. New techniques and procedures that help women feel even more confident is what drew me to the beauty industry and is what continues to provide me with a sense of fulfillment.

If this is something you would like more information about, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may about this exciting new procedure to determine if this would benefit you.

A Podcast! Who me?

A Podcast! Who me?

 A few months ago I a received an email from a lady called Elaine Benoit. To my shock, she was requesting and interview regarding my entry into the Instagram platform specifically because of my age and relative success.  I have never done a Podcast and technically speaking It was a challenge. I know this sounds silly. By now it is expected I would be on Skype or something which I have not. I was in the California Desert at the time, with  no tech support and sketchy internet. I delayed. Performance anxiety I think they call it; what do I say, how do I sound ?…. What if I end up sounding like a fool (not too unusual really)

Elaine Benoit has started a podcast called MaturePrenurial. As the name suggests, she interviews “mature” entrepreneures who started their current businesses after 40.  The goal is to show that it is possible to achieve success at all levels of life and shed some light on how. 

Listen Here!



In the end, the interview took place here in Montana at Glacier IT. I was assured of good internet and the most capable ladies who help me with my tech “issues” .  OK it was a phone call and I had earphones. So much for stressing out. Another lesson in making a big deal out of essentially nothing. Have you caught yourself doing that?

I can’t express enough my thanks to Elaine.  She is so easy to talk to. I never felt any stress, we could have been chatting on the sofa between friends.  I have not heard the podcast yet, it comes out on April 2 and we will all be hearing it at the same time.

My hope is that you find some grains of wisdom, amusement and inspiration in our conversation. And that you continue listening to Elaine’s podcast to learn, as I have, through her inspired pointed questions.