How to choose a lipstick for your skin tone

How to choose a lipstick for your skin tone

Back in the good old days, I would buy myself a new lipstick as an inexpensive celebratory treat! A simple change of lipstick can change your look AND your mood! But if you’re like me, you have colors in your beauty bag that just don’t work. That’s most likely because the lipstick color does’t complement your skin tone. 

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To begin with, we should get down to finding out wether you have a cool or warm skin tone. Simply look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look blue to you, you are cool skin tone and if they look green or yellow to you, you have warm skin tone. If they are blue AND green than you are a neutral.

Cool skin tones will look best with a blue undertone. A good example is the YSL color or the left which has a blue undertone while the other three have a more orange hue and better suited for warmer skin tones. I have warm skin tone. That YSL shade was a purchase gone wrong in my case!

This simple formula will work for choosing colors for your outfits as well. 

Cool skin tones look great in color with cool undertones like blues and lavenders and warm skin tones look healthy and radiant in warmer undertones.

If you can’t decided there are another ways to determine your tone. Does silver (cool) or gold (warm) look best on you? When you put a white sheet of paper next to your skin in clear daylight, does your skin look blue or yellow?

If you don’t see a difference you might be one of the fortunate one’s with a neutral tone. Lucky you! You can wear any color and look great!

Whatever you chose remember to have fun! If you are one of the adventurous ones who wants to try this seasons NEON trends report back! I’m dying to incorporate this summer beauty trend somehow!

x’s Sonia

How To Style a Slip Dress for any Season

How To Style a Slip Dress for any Season

The slip dress is a work horse in my wardrobe. From day to evening and throughout all the seasons, I can mix and match my favorite tops and turn one slip dress into many different looks. Here are a few of my favorites. This dress is by Danni Jo. It is all silk and one...

Family Friendly Travel: Dallas Rockwall Hilton

Family Friendly Travel: Dallas Rockwall Hilton

We spend a lot of time in Dallas. Between visiting the kids (and now our granddaughter) or escaping the Montana Winters, we like to find hotels that we can call home. We’ve stayed at ALL of the posh places in Dallas but the newly remodeled Hilton Dallas Rockwall Lakefront is our home away from home when we are visiting the family!
Our suite is expansive and just the ticket for us. Between a large living area, a bedroom with a comfortable king size bed, two balconies and 1 1/2 baths it gives us all the space we could possibly need for an extended stay. Here the view from our rooms . Oh.! Did I mention a little bar area with a fridge microwave and coffee set up?!
Working out is part of my routine and this area is large enough with TV and all the equipment you would need. Bonus, the door leading directly to the pool!
The menu at the pool will get you everything you want. From salads to pizza from cocktails to sparking water. There is also a lovely shallow end away from the crowd to play with your grandkids.
Relax and meet friends or work in the newly remodeled living area. Including computers and a printer. You have everything you need.
The dinning room, Heirloom Kitchen, offers a great selection. From a breakfast buffet to a la carte dining. I found everything I wanted for myself and my picky eaters!
A rainy evening and we are off to C&B Scene for a pre dinner cocktail. In my case one of their great selection of wines !
Just outside the door of the this wonderful hotel, the amenities abound. A sunset sail. @sailwithscott is a wonderful adventure. Many and varied restaurants, outdoor entertainment and music are just a short stroll away. If you want to drive. Downtown Dallas can be as close as 30 minutes or less.
Alas! It’s time to go. But stay tuned for the remodel of the hotel rooms to be finished by mid next year. I can’t wait to show you our newly improved suite, the space is fantastic and a modern look will be just the ticket. Can’t wait. See you again soon and thanks for that great Hilton Hospitality!!
Over Fifty Fashion on a Budget

Over Fifty Fashion on a Budget

Recently I took a trip to Dallas and decided to challenge myself.

In light of the fact that I have limited availability near my home in Montana and I had no time to shop on the Internet, I took myself to our local TJMaxx. I spent about 2 hours there and what I was able to put together might surprise you.

For a five day trip I was able to find everything I needed and packed it all in my carry-on.

From swimwear to an anniversary evening out, here are my finds.

The key to packing light is coordinating colors. In this case a choose navy, white and a pop of orange.

Starting with my travel outfit white jeans ( typically I avoid white when traveling for obvious reasons but it was 100 degrees in Dallas ) a colorful tank, a shawl and my sneakers. ( wear your biggest shoes if you are carry on only)

  • Joe’s Jeans from TJMaxx $69
  • Striped Scarf from  TJMaxx $18
  • Silk tank JCrew
  • Sneakers Reebok





A quick change of shoes and you are shopping at the Northpark Mall!

Here I am at Lilly Pulitzer!

It’s hot and we are headed to dinner. Sometimes you just don’t want any clothes to touch you. This dress is perfect for that time.

But first: COFFEE! Early morning coffee run!

  • Pants: TJMaxx $15
  • T-shirt: is a classic from Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • Satin Slides: Target $23

Find me by the water! Swimming is my favorite pastime. Taking selfies, not so much. (Busted with my selfie stick)

  • Swimsuit TJMaxx $30.
  • Hat: Eric Javits at Nordstrom $250

This was a well earned cocktail hour!

  • Dress: TJMaxx $25
  • Earrings: TJMax $10
  • Dior purse and strap: Major splurge

Hunting down lunch for Maggie, myself or both.

  • Dress: TJMaxx $30
  • Sweater: TJMaxx $49
  • Hat: Eric Javits $250
  • Sunglasses: RayBan $225
  • Satin slides: Target Style $23

No way around a workout. Might as well look good while doing it!

JoyLab for Target

  • Top: $23
  • Leggings: $35

Our trip to Dallas was a little bit business and little bit pleasure. This jumpsuit works for both moods. Watch me go to my business meeting in my $20 jumpsuit from, you guessed it, TJMAXX!

  • Jumpsuit: TJMaxx $20
  • Shawl: TJMaxx $15
  • Belt Vintage St.John
  • Shoes Steve Madden
  • Dior clutch There is that splurge again minus the strap

Fashion Hack: the lining was too long for me on this jumpsuit so I simply cut it up higher to make the look more balanced to my frame. Don’t let a little thing like lining stop you from this great find!

Mixing prints. The key to a print mix is color coordination and print size. One large one smaller. Same color pallet. Play around with it.

  • Top: TJMaxx $15
  • Shorts: TJMaxx $17
  • Hat: Eric Javits $250
  • Straw bag: Target style $28
  • Tote: Louis Vuitton

A happy wife leads to a happy life! I look pretty happy here on our 15th (maybe 16th) Anniversary dinner!!!

  • Jeans: Joe’s Jeans TJMaxx $60
  • Silk Cami: Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Kimono: TJMaxx $17 shopped in the ladies XXL section.
  • Shoes: Steve Madden
  • Pendant: My mother’s!
  • Clutch: I DIY’d it with the bling
  • Perfume: LeLabo musc25 which was a limited scent for Los Angeles

Well there it is! I packed an entire carry-on with some wonderful deals at TJMaxx and Target. Looking good is not so much about money as it is about thinking outside of the box and not shying away from places you might not readily frequent. Have fun with fashion. Invest in great accessories and look for hidden treasures.