How to wear Prints and Patterns at Every Age

How to wear Prints and Patterns at Every Age

I thought we would lighten the mood and have some fun with fashion on the Style Beyond Age blog. Today I´m sharing how to wear prints and patterns at every age, to keep them looking stylish and avoid overwhelming your frame.  Let’s dive into this styling session and see what we can create.

Print Head to Toe

Well, I certainly got out of my comfort zone with this look and I’m so glad I did!


As I get older, I am noticing that I am now “petite”. That means my height is shrinking, so being overwhelmed by prints would seem to be something to avoid. But, a pair of strappy heels and a confident attitude go a long way to feeling fantastic in a look like this. Bonus points for not having to think about coordinating anything, just pop it on along with your attitude and you´re ready to go.

Prints from Chico´s
This clutch has been in rotation for decades. It is actually an inexpensive one I found years ago. I embellished it with bits and pieces I couldn’t quite part with. You have things like that don’t you? They might hold a memory and might have been damaged through time.

The gold item is a button off a dress of my mother’s, the turquoise stone came from a necklace that broke and the lapis was a worry stone I rubbed for ages (have you ever used one they are very popular in places like Greece). It cracked on a fault line so I added the silver top to hang it as a necklace and it ended up on this clutch.

Clutch with Chicos Accessories
The sandals are from Zara last year. Something about the color spoke to me and I am getting a ton of use out of them. Check the acrylic and wood heel. A perfect counterpart to the Chico’s bracelet as luck would have it.


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Chico’s styling 4

Graphic Tee Cool

On the casual side. I finally found the high-rise wider leg jeans I was searching for and they are on sale at Chico’s.  They are my summer go to.

Paired with an open front lightweight cardigan (you will love the stickler feel of this fabric) with a graphic tee for an unexpected twist! This from our resident stylist @evokeserena

Graphic Tee Style Beyond Age
Again a bit of a heel for an elongated look –  check the animal print on the heel I found these by Dolce Vita at TJMax!

The straw bag is from @targetstyle embellished with pompoms for a pop of color. ( I must be into decorating my bags).

Check the ring from @lovechicos. They have the best accessories every time.


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Patterns and Prints 2

Prints and Stripes

Another fantastic Chico’s look.

Do you think of pairing prints and stripes? It is a formula that works perfectly almost every time. When you think of fashion outside the box this would be something to try.

We all have that striped T in our closets, so just pull it out, run it across your prints and see what catches your eye.


Styling Tip:

The key here is to keep it in the same color scheme – in this case navy.


How to wear prints over 50
This Chico’s palm print linen pant is just the ticket for hot summer days. It doesn’t bind like jeans do and it’s a great alternative to shorts.

Until we show thispicture I didn’t notice the bottom of this @patricianash bucket bag. So cool!

The shoes are @colehaan. They work with this look but honestly they are too clunky for my taste and hard for me to walk in, however, they seen to be all the rage. You get height without a true heel just a flat platform, so they may work for you.


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How to wear stripes and prints
Well look who is wearing eye makeup and lipstick. That’s a lot for me! But we are here for fashion so check these Chicos earrings. Light as a feather and I am wearing them on repeat. This stone ring is from them as well. It will go with everything and it’s on sale!!
Chicos Earings Styling Tips
Thank you to Chico’s for the great items at great prices.

Thank you Hope @hkcameraface for the photography.

Thank you to @evokeserena for styling tips

Thank you to Sarah @thebloggingboutique for helping me with my website.

You know it is impossible for me to do this alone ♥

Want to collaborate? Just DM me.

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Loungewear for the Non-Casual Woman, like Me

Loungewear for the Non-Casual Woman, like Me

If you´ve been following Style Beyond Age for a while, you´ll have noticed I don´t really do casual, but maybe I´m changing? I call it loungewear for the non-casual woman, like me and here are a few of the stylish, relaxed pieces that I love to wear at home or out and about.

Loungewear for the Non-Casual Women, like Me



I´ve always considered loungewear to be those comfortable clothes you wear around the house when you don’t really plan to go anywhere, but nowadays loungewear is stylish, chic, and sophisticated.

I’ve dipped my toes into the casual pool, and been totally won over by the feel, the ease and the effortlessness of the pieces I’ve collected, that I thought it was time to share them with you.

Loungewear to Lunch Wear

This two-piece loungewear set from @therealguillaume is effortlessly elegant. As suited to lounging in my closet, as a last-minute lunch date – as you can see. A few accessories and I´m ready to walk out the door.
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Underwear as Loungewear


The new @evelynbobbie bra design has become a favorite to wear on its own or underneath something else.  Combining lift and comfort with an adjustable design it hugs you in all the right places, but isn´t too tight either.

Loungewear bra set

Casual Loungewear


Who says I can´t be casual? In this Alala loungewear, I can do anything. The comfort, the style, the ease – it´s ticking all the right boxes.

casual wear

Cozy PJ´s as Loungewear


You might hear me suggesting you can wear PJ´s out to lunch and think I´ve finally lost it; but when your pajamas are as chic as these, it is a possibility. I fell in love with this pair from @Somaintimates

Loungewear PJ´s Style Beyond Age

Loungewear for the Non-Casual Woman


I´ve enjoyed embracing this effortless and elegant loungewear style with me today on the Style Beyond Age blog. Do you have a favorite?

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