Easy Ageless Summer Fashion

Easy Ageless Summer Fashion

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a styling rut? You know, like wearing the same thing over and over again because it’s comfortable and known. Everyone has a fashion comfort zone, but sometimes we need to switch things up. If you’re looking to experiment with some new looks, take a look at some of my favorite summer fashion choices.

Style Beyond Age sitting on bench wearing blue sundress by Chicos

Linen Sundresses

Moving to a hotter climate has made me rethink my summer style. Being Petite always made me lean toward more body-con styles in neutral colors. But, I can learn new tricks. This Belladonna Blue Tiered Linen Sundress by Chicos was a happy change for me. I love that the relaxed silhouette still offers a subtle feminine touch.

Smiling woman standing in courtyard  holding skirt of blue dress

Pretty sleeve details and eyelet trim gives this dress special appeal and the collared V neckline helps to create an elongated appearance. It features an A-line maxi skirt and has front pockets and three-quarter length ruffle sleeves. Plus, it’s made of washable 100% linen and comes in petite sizes. This is a dress that will make you feel beautifully feminine and comfortable at the same time.

Woman in blue dress wearing jewelry sitting on chair next to straw hat and  seashell slides

Accessories are an important factor when it comes to summer fashion, and Chicos has some of the best options. These beachy seashell slides and brimmed summer hat compliment the look perfectly. Feel free to play around with long and short necklaces, this neckline is perfect for both.

Neutral Summer Fashion

Style beyond age wearing white summer fashion dress holding a potted plant

Back to neutral ground but still trying something new, this Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress from Chicos checks all the boxes. With details like this beautiful eyelet trim and fringed hemline that is just the right length. The elbow sleeves are perfect for arms of a certain age and it features the popular addition of pockets. Plus, check out these stunning black seashell slides, they just might be my favorites.

Regarding arms at a certain age. I am shocked that even with all my working out, the texture of my skin is deteriorating. When I was younger (in my early 60s) I thought all we had to do was work out to solve the problem. This is something that we all should do on a regular basis, but it’s really about the skin texture. There are many options that I have tried and they’re all worth a shot. I have even had “Needling” done to wake the collagen up, it’s certainly an ongoing battle.

Functional Dresses

Blonde woman wearing pink dress and holding a cup and saucer

I love functional dressing, one dress with several looks gives me so much joy! A great deal of that is because I like having a small footprint. As you know from previous blogs, I am a carry-on only kind of gal (for tips on packing light, check out my blog post here).

This Modern Peasant Maxi Dress by Chicos is made of soft, lightweight material that flows as you walk. It features a beautiful tassel tie neck detail that adds a classic touch to this otherwise contemporary design.

Smiling woman wearing pink dress with beige belt on her waist standing in a doorway holding a plant

For a more form-fitting look, I cinched it with an organic belt and complimented the look with raffia hoop earrings and black seashell slides. Have you noticed these slides go with everything? Presto afternoon out on the town!

Modern Prints

Style Beyond Age wearing modern green printed dress. bib necklace and beaded handbag

Green is the color of the season and this Ikat print is so modern. Notice how the print placement gives the impression of more height. I styled this elegant outfit with a shell bib necklace, neutral seashell slides, and raffia earrings.

STYLE NOTE: When wearing a bib necklace like this one, make sure that it’s up high enough to cover the neckline of the dress. You want it to look as if it was part of the dress design. This picture does not depict what I’m getting at, but it’s something to keep in mind when styling an outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear your jewelry in different ways. For example, here I have a necklace around my wrist as a bracelet. One thing that I love is finding multiple uses for a piece of jewelry.

I am definitely serving up some attitude in these photos but truthfully I am always happy when I’m in my favorite linen no-iron shirt. I have purchased it in multiples from Chicos and it is the perfect over-anything summer cover-up. You’ve probably seen me post this quite often on my Instagram account, as it’s a perennial favorite. I styled it with the necklace I previously wore as a bracelet, the same cute earrings, and my white sunglasses that I never leave home without.

Woman standing in courtyard holding white sunglasses, a tote bag and wearing a green printed dress

There that’s better, maybe my attitude was hiding in this great tote. It holds everything and is the perfect summer fashion accessory. This outfit is an ideal choice whether it’s for a fancy dinner out or a pool party the next morning!

One of the best ways to develop your summer fashion style is to look for inspiration. Whether it’s in a store like Chico’s, from a friend or fashion icon, on social media, or even from a blog like this one, you can find a style that speaks to you. I hope you found some inspiration in this post and that it encourages you to experiment and have some fun with fashion. You’ll never know if you like something until you give it a try.


The Best Sunblocks for Skin over 50

The Best Sunblocks for Skin over 50

We are in the midst of another warm summer season, so now it’s more important than ever to apply sunblock every single day. So today I’m going to share with you my choices for the best sunblocks for skin over 50. The history of sunblock dates back to Ancient Greece. In fact, the Greeks were some of the first people to use natural oils and herbs to protect their skin from the sun. And over 2,000 years later, we’re still using sunscreen to keep our skin healthy!

Woman basking in the sun in a blue dress holding a white spritzer bottle wearing best sunblock

Did you know that sunblock was invented by accident?

We all know that sunscreen is critical for protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but how exactly was it invented? Surprisingly, the answer isn’t quite clear. Some experts say that it was originally developed by Polish scientists in the 1930s, while others claim that Australian researchers came up with the idea in the 1940s. What we do know for sure is that sunblock has come a long way since those early days. There are now plenty of different brands and varieties to choose from. So what’s the best sunblock for you? Read on to find out!

Style Beyond Age standing in the forest wearing sheer white coverup

Did you know that one in five women will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? The best way to avoid this is to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But how do you know which sunblock is right for you? Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing the best sunblock.

Dallas blogger wearing white kafta posing with a friend in a black top and brown skirt

When it comes to sunblock, all skin types are not created equal. If you have mature skin, you need a sunblock that will provide both UVA and UVB protection while hydrating your skin. One of the most important things to look for on the label is “broad spectrum”. This indicates that the sunscreen protects against ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). Plus it’s also important to look for the SPF rating, which indicates how well it protects against UVB

Sunscreen vs Sunblock

You can get your sun protection as either sunscreen or sunblock. Each one works differently to do essentially the same thing.

Smiling blonde woman wearing black sunglasses climbing a ladder on a boat

Mineral sunblock sits on the skin and reflects light away. Only two types of physical sunblocks have been FDA-approved—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—and both might be good options for your skin type. A mineral sunscreen may be a good choice for you if you have sensitive skin because it tends to be more gentle and therefore less likely to cause negative skin reactions.

A chemical sunscreen limits sun damage by using various chemicals. They work by absorbing UV rays into the tissue, and when ultraviolet rays pass into the skin, they change the rays into a longer wavelength which is less harmful and not so damaging.

Style Beyond Age laying on pool lounge chair wearing white bikini

The Best Sunblocks for Your Face

When it comes to my face, I have made very specific choices. I, of course, want the product to go on smoothly and without any residue. For that I chose
Anthelios AOX by LaRoche-Posay. I found mine at Blue Mercury or you can also purchase it online at The Skin Store. When it comes to a quick touch up I use Murad Hydration Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, I prefer a matte finish, not shiny skin.

Various Susan Posnick cosmetics displayed on white towel

I’m always light on makeup but when I do use it, I ensure that it’s also a sunblock. My favorite option is color flow by Susan Posnick Cosmetics. It’s 100% vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, and cruelty-free and comes in 12 flawless colors. There are many options when it comes to protecting the sensitive skin on your face, but one area that is often forgotten about is your lips. Be sure to apply a daily lip SPF that will protect and nourish your lips, and you can even get some that are tinted.

Don’t forget to always keep sunblock in the car. It’s practical and important to keep on hand but unfortunately can also make quite a mess. So the perfect solution to that unpleasant problem is to choose a stick instead. This one by Shiseido is my favorite, it’s ocean-friendly, lightweight, and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Interestingly, I learned all about it during an eyebrow microblading appointment. For more information on microblading, check out my post here.

Clothing for Sun Protection

Dallas blogger laying on lounge chair wearing Lotta Stensson kafta, Eric Javits Hat and Ray Ban sunglasses

Let’s not forget about another effective method of skin protection, your clothing. Let style be your guide and don a great SPF hat like this one by Eric Javits. I paired mine with my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses and finished off my safe summer look with a gorgeous Lotta Stensson design kaftan. Most clothing will provide some protection from the sun, but to be safe choose items that have an SPF rating or provide the most coverage.

Protecting your skin is extremely important, but unfortunately, it’s not something that a lot of people prioritize. Be sure to keep it in mind as you go on with your day. With my tips and tricks, it will be an effortless task that you won’t think twice about. Spend the extra seconds to apply your favorite sunblock and take care of your beautiful skin.