DIY Hair Masks – Perfect for the Change of Seasons

DIY Hair Masks – Perfect for the Change of Seasons

Join us for a pamper session at Style Beyond Age as we tackle dry, damaged, dull and greasy hair with some nourishing DIY Hair Masks – perfect for the change of seasons.


Summer has arrived here in Montana – I can feel it in the air – and although the blue skies and sunshine are welcome, the change of seasons, higher humidity levels and excessive air conditioning can leave my hair feeling dry, damaged and lack-luster.

Hair Masks to Combat the Change of Seasons


If like me, you experience changes to the condition of your hair through the year, then a hair mask can offer the perfect nourishment you need to bring it back to life. I´ve loved the BetterNotYounger Restorative Butter Masque. It´s packed with vitamin E, Avocado, Macadamia, Natural Mango, Murumuru and Cupuacu butters that give my hair the lift it needs. As with all the BetterNotYounger products, their hair mask is vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free – no nasties here.

Better Not Younger Hair Mask

I keep a tub in the bathroom, but I also have a few favorite DIY hair mask recipes that you can make at home, using the contents of your pantry. I thought I would share a few with you today…

DIY Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Egg, Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

Results: Leaves dry hair looking and feeling nourished, without weighing it down.

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey – choose raw, organic honey for the best results.

Directions: Combine all ingredients, apply to your hair, and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing. If your hair is longer, you can double the recipe to get the covered you need.

Honey DIY Hair Mask

DIY Hair Mask for Dull Hair

Coconut Oil, Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

Results: Brings back to shine to lack-luster hair or colored hair.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of Honey (raw organic honey if possible) and 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Directions: Combine ingredients in a bowl, apply to damp hair and rinse off after 30 minutes.

Coconut oil hair mask for dull hair2

DIY Hair Mask for Thin Hair

Coconut Oil and Cinnamon Hair Mask

Results: Stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Directions: Combine ingredients well and apply to the roots of the hair. Massage into your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Lemon Hair Mask for Greasy Hair

DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Avocado, Honey, Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Results: The perfect all-rounder hair mask for damaged hair, improving shine and strength.

Ingredients: Half an avocado, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Directions: Apply to damp hair, root to tip. Allow it to get to work for 30 minutes and then rinse well.

Avocado Face Mask for damaged hair

3 Hair Mask Application Tips

1 – I find hair masks work best when applied to clean, towel-dried hair that´s still damp.


2 – Apply the mask and wrap your hair – the added heat helps those active ingredients get to work.


3 – Once your hair is wrapped, turn up the heat and warm it with your hairdryer for a few minutes, to get those active ingredients started even faster.


How does your hair change with the seasons and which hair mask will you try?

I hope you enjoy this share. Until the next time, you might enjoy….

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20 Under-$100 Dresses for Summer

20 Under-$100 Dresses for Summer

She´s back! Today at Style Beyond Age our resident stylist, Serena, is sharing 20 under-$100 dresses for summer; and we´re spoiled for choice. There are maxi dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses, wrap dresses, smocks and more – before I give away too much, I´ll hand over to Serena, so you can dive straight in…

20 Under-$100 Dresses for Summer


A little late to the party, but it feels like summer has finally arrived!

In these hot summer days, when I can’t have anything touch my body, my go-to is always a dress. I’ve pulled together my favorite summer dresses under $100 to refresh your summer wardrobe.

You´re half way – Still 10 under-$100 Summer Dresses to go!

20 Summer Dresses under $100

I don´t know about you, but that´s definitely put me in the summer spirit.

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How I manage my Hormones over 50 and Beyond

How I manage my Hormones over 50 and Beyond

On the Style Beyond Age blog, I´m sharing how I manage my hormones over 50, the advice I discovered and the treatment solution that has transformed how I feel.  If you´re struggling with a hormone imbalance my experience might help you too…

Managing Hormones over 50


Our hormones are chemical messengers travelling throughout our body, so changes in our hormone levels can impact how our body functions and our mood. Hormonal fluctuations most commonly occur during our period, during pregnancy, or in my case, during menopause.

If you´re reading this blog, you´ve probably already experienced the hot flushes, the night sweats, the foggy brain, the insomnia and don´t even talk to me about sex because the desire was not there.


I experienced them all, and for me, a hormone imbalance was to blame.


If you´re are experiencing some of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance too and it’s a good idea to get tested. But before you do, let me explain a little about what I learnt about hormones on my journey to a solution…

Bio identical hormones 4 Style Beyond Age

Hormones are not all Equal


We are often led to believe that hormones are hormones, but that simply isn’t true. There are synthetic hormones and there are bio-identical hormones. So, what are they and how are they different?


What are Synthetic Hormones?


Synthetic hormones are hormones that are created in a lab using chemicals, or in some cases animal hormones, like horse estrogen.


Synthetic hormones can be found in pills, injections, creams, birth control and patches. These hormones are not an exact match for our body chemistry, and although some women experience relief in symptoms, it is most likely because our hormone-starved bodies just think “that will do”.


When I was going through my hormone imbalance, I sought the advice of Dr. Jennifer Hawes, who explained there have been several studies that prove the negative side effects of synthetic hormones. However, doctors still prescribe them and patients still take them, but perhaps this is because neither the doctor nor the patient knows of any alternative to synthetics?

Bio identical hormone therapy Style Beyond Age

What are bio-identical Hormones?


The second, lesser-known type of hormones, are bio-identical hormones. These are derived from plant sources, then tinkered with in a lab to stimulate the active hormone and combined to create an exact match for our body. Think of them as a tailor-made hormone replacer, created specifically for you. Your customized hormone regime can be applied as a cream or taken as a sublingual drop.


After conducting my research, it seemed I had the option between horse estrogen or a tailor-made hormone treatment that was an exact human match. For me it was a no brainer. I went to get the tests and have trusted bio-identical hormones ever since.

The brain fog cleared, the sweaty sleepless nights were gone and I felt like myself again.

Bio-identical hormones may be the lesser known option, but lesser known doesn´t mean less effective.  Don´t you agree, it makes more sense to follow a hormone regime designed specifically for you, rather than expecting the same formulation to work for hundreds of thousands of women?

Are bio-identical hormones safe?


There will probably never be a study in the USA on bio-identical hormones because they are customizable and non-patentable. Non-patentable, means no money, which often unfortunately means no study. However, there have been some studies conducted in Europe on each hormone component and they are anything BUT negative.

Bio identical hormones 3 Style Beyond Age

Managing Hormones over 50 and Beyond


I hope you enjoyed this insight into my journey, and how bio-identical hormones corrected my hormone imbalance and improved my way of life.


Interested to learn more about bio-identical hormones? Dr Jen Hawes wrote a special blog for us on the topic a while back, where she delves a little deeper and shares the methodology she uses to treat the women that visit her. You can also follow Dr Jen online, for further words of wisdom.

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24 Black Owned Fashion Brands To Support Today

24 Black Owned Fashion Brands To Support Today

On the Style Beyond Age blog, we´re featuring 24 Black owned Fashion Brands to support today.

In the wake of recent events, many people have asked what they can do to help. And while there is so much to be done about educating ourselves on systematic racism and police brutality, as we protest, organize, call our local government officials and vote, there is nothing like putting our money where our mouth is. It is my goal to help amplify the voices of the many talented Black designers that have graced us with their visions. Here is a list of 24 Black-owned design houses that we love to support.

24 Black Owned Fashion Brands we LOVE

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies was founded by Aurora James in 2013 with the goal of keeping traditional African design practices, and techniques alive while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs. Now handmade artisanaly across the globe, Brother Vellies creates luxury accessories that celebrate cultural histories and timeless design. 

Brother Vellies


EDAS founded by Sade Mims, was created from an innovative standpoint, initially focusing on sustainability while using unusual home-goods and refurbished elements. Through the maturity of the brand, EDAS now delivers feminine and staple accessories, accommodating the everyday, eclectic woman.  We create each piece of jewelry by hand, and we take pride in seeing the hands of the craftsman within our pieces. Our signature is making each item one of a kind, and uniquely tailored to whoever chooses to wear it.



lemlem is an artisan-driven collection of women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods made entirely in Africa. Supermodel Liya Kebede was inspired to launch the brand following a trip to her native Ethiopia where she met a group of traditional weavers who no longer had a market for their craft. Meaning to bloom and flourish in the Ethiopian language of Amharic, lemlem is committed to elevating artisanship and expanding production and jobs across Africa.


Petit Kouraj

Petit Kouraj is the creation of fashion stylist Nasrin Jean-Baptiste. Handmade in Haiti, Petit Kouraj makes fun, stand-alone pieces of wearable art that celebrates a love of knitwear, sculpture, and identity.

Petit Kouraj


Cushnie, founded by Carly Cushnie, is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear and accessories brand that empowers women and celebrates diversity. Defined by the balance of proportion, structure and fluidity, the CUSHNIE aesthetic embodies a refined sense of cosmopolitan minimalism and femininity. Cushnie launched their Target capsule collection this week!


Victor Glemaud

Haitian-born designer Victor Glemaud launched his eponymous leisurewear collection in 2006 and is known for his brilliant use of knitwear and color for all people, genders, races, and sizes. Victor Glemaud was a finalist in the 2017 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and honored for his achievements by the Ambassador of Haiti to the United States.

Victor Glemaud


Founded by self taught designer/artisan Valerie Blaise, in Brooklyn New York. VAVVOUNE (pronounced vav•une) is a leather accessories brand recognized by way of cultured design. Introducing passionate wearable leather accessories , while hinting spunk in effortless ways of impression. Moods, moments of nostalgia, and functionality introduces inspiration.


Undra Celeste New York

Undra Celeste New York, founded by Undra Duncan, is known for its elevated basics; like our ultra-soft sheer turtlenecks to the eye-catching faux collar statement coat. Elements that you will find prevalent in the brand’s aesthetics are BOLDNESS (color and prints), MODERN (clean lines and silhouettes) and FUN (embellishments and metallics).

Undra Celeste New York

Island Tribe

Island Tribe is a womenswear lifestyle brand, founded by Angeline Hayling and OD Odero, with a strong commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices. “The Tribe” embraces femininity, environmental consciousness and holistic living. Inspired by the Ocean and the Elements of life; their intimate designs are created with peace, love and blessings for all the free spirited around the world. In 2020, they were selected as one of the top 25 emerging brands by the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Island Tribe

Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah, owned by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah, is a clothing line strongly inspired by color, ethnic cultures, nature and design elements that stay true to creating authentic clothing and resort wear with hints of a retro yet contemporary edge in design.

Andrea Iyamah

Fe Noel

Fe Noel, founded by Grenada-born designer Felisha Noel, is a conceptual lifestyle brand created for the multifaceted woman who embodies a love for travel and style.

Fe Noel

Thebe Magugu

Founded in 2015 by Thebe Magugu, the eponymous label is a contemporary South African fashion brand producing women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, celebrating its African cultural roots with a modern approach.

Thebe Magugu

Mateo New York

Mateo New York, founded in 2009 by Jamaican jewelry designer Mattew Harris, is a fine-jewelry collection that takes inspiration from modern art. The fine jewelry collections bare Mateo’s true aesthetic of simplicity and minimalism, drawing inspiration from modern art for the modern woman. Each piece is made from 14KT gold with a consistent use of diamonds and precious gemstones.

Mateo New York

House of Aama

House of Aama is the spiritual expression of mother and daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka—materials range from orange faux fur to light, delicate lace.  

House of Aama


Founder Anifa Mvuemba launched Hanifa Clothing in 2012. Its latest collection, Pink Label Congo, was inspired by the “hope of the Congolese spirit.”



Khiry, founded in 2016 by Jameel Mohammed, is a luxury and modern jewelry brand that is inspired by cultural practices, history, art and design throughout the diaspora.


Kimberly Goldson

Kimberly Goldson, founded in 2011 by sisters Kimberly Goldson and Shelly Powell, is all about brightly colored, statement pieces. The Kimberly Goldson lifestyle brand is inspired by the flavor of Kimberly and Shelly’s hometown, Brooklyn, and draws from the dynamic cultures encountered during their international travels. It was created as a mix of those worlds for women who love luxury and dare to be bold and vivacious, fearless and distinctive.

Kimberly Goldson

Laquan Smith

Laquan Smith, founded his eponymous brand in 2013. His distinctive garments and eye for detail, instilled by his grandmother, created a passion, and he’s become known for his sewing and pattern making.

Laquan Smith

Stella Jean

Stella Jean is a black Italian designer recognized for her multiculturalism and ethical clothing designs.

Stella Jean

Bernard James

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Bernard James is known for his craftsmanship and intricate attention to detail. Bernard aims to reinvent the standard of luxury by creating timeless unisex pieces.

Bernard James

Brandon Blackwood New York

Brandon Blackwood ’s label is known for its high quality detailing and timeless silhouettes. The brand has grown into a contemporary leather goods line with a solid range of handbags, trunks, backpacks, and small accessories.

Brandon Blackwood New York

Octave Jewelry

Focused on bold forms, saturated colors, and subtle movement, Brooklyn fine-jewelry brand Octave Jewelry is inspired by the balance between sharp geometry and the soft organic form.

Octave Jewelry

Coco and Breezy

Corianna and Brianna Dotson (better known as Coco and Breezy) are the twin sister duo behind their eponymous sunglass line, Coco and Breezy. The brand is known for its signature cutouts and bold frames.

Coco and Breezy

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Montana Lake House Home Tour and Interior Styling Tips

Montana Lake House Home Tour and Interior Styling Tips

Today at Style Beyond Age I´m welcoming you into my home with open arms for an exclusive Montana lake house home tour and to share a few of my interior styling tips along the way.

I hope you’ll join me…

Montana Lake House Home Tour


Living in such a beautiful location is a blessing, but when we originally brought the cabin in Montana, I felt such an obligation to do the surroundings justice. I hope I now have. The first order of business was to extend, adding several decks and floor-to-ceiling windows to the back of the property to make the most of that view.

Style Beyond Age Lakeside Chic House Tour
lake view

Lake House Living

I learnt quickly that what you gain in picturesque privacy, you lose in convenience, and I wasn´t initially prepared for the challenges to come my way.  From being totally cut-off with no power (which also means no water from the well), to being blocked inside our home; there were many obstacles we did not anticipate. However, as the saying goes you live, you learn and as you well know, we made it through those early days to see the other side.

Style Beyond Age Montana House Tour

Livable Luxury

I knew I wanted to stay true to the area, so we developed our own cabin chic style, incorporating local stone and wood with more modern, glossy materials like glass and metals. In our living area, you will see a combination of glass, stone, wood and various textiles tied together with burnt orange accents. The cozy snug just around the corner, incorporates the same hues, but swaps the clean modern walls, for cozier wrap-around wood paneling; perfect for movie night. 

Style Beyond Age Lakeside Chic Living Room
Style Beyond Age Lakeside Chic Living Room 2
Style Beyond Age Lakeside Chic the snug
Style Beyond Age Lakeside Chic the snug 2

Combining Minimalism and Maximalism

When I´m styling a home, especially a home I am living in, I want it to feel organic yet artistic, modern yet diverse and fashion-forward yet established. I find combining minimalist design, with maximalist styling is a great way to inject soul and depth.  I’m obsessed with old tapestries and textiles, especially when mixed in with more modern elements. It all feels so collected over time and has a sense of story, which is something I look for and hope to achieve with my interior styling. You will notice this influence, woven throughout the house, but I really went to town in the guest house.

Style Beyond Age Guest House 1
Style Beyond Age Guest House 2

Bathroom Design


When it came to designing the bathrooms, I was thinking mountain chic combined with spa sensuality. As with most rooms in this house, the lake offered inspiration. I pulled colors and textures from outside and chose beautiful statement pieces that exude calm but are far from boring.

This is one tub with a view that I´m sure to miss when we move on…

Style Beyond Age Lakeside Bathroom Inspo
Style Beyond Age Beautiful Bathroom 2
Style Beyond Age Beautiful Bathroom 3

Couples Walk-In Closets


And of course, I´ve left the best until last. Follow me through to the closets. You´ll be glad to see we created his and hers areas, so there´s no bickering over closet room in this house. His closet is no fun to look at, so here is a bit of mine. It´s a space I spend a lot of time in and I often come here to think and feel inspired; it´s my #SheChateau if you will.

I have several tips for styling your closet, which I covered in a previous blog, so head over there for some of my ultimate closet hacksDo you have a favorite place to hang out in your home?

Style Beyond Age Closet Tour 1
My Closet the She Chateau
My Closet the She Chateau 2
My Closet the She Chateau 3

Interior Styling Tips

If you´re undergoing a renovation or just feel like refreshing your home, here are some of my favorite home styling tips.

Interior Styling Tip #1

Identify the focal point for your room and develop your style around it – we don´t want too many heroes fighting for attention.


Interior Styling Tip #2

We want to create interest, encourage the eye to wander and discover something new. We can achieve this by introducing texture and building up the layers to create depth in each space.


Interior Styling Tip #3

As you style a room, notice where the voids are, where you need height and verticality, where you need something to grab attention and where you might want to retain negative space.

Home Styling Tips with Style Beyond Age

Home Styling Tip #4

Consider scale and the variety of shapes you are using, taking note to offset something soft with more angular, weighted pieces.


Home Styling Tip #5

Furniture is an art form and a few key pieces will really inject life and creativity into your home. Focus on quality over quantity.


Home Styling Tip #6

Aim for livable luxury, rather than show home perfection; it´s much more, well livable, and you´ll quickly feel at home in the space.

Montana Lake House Home Tour

Thanks for joining me today at home in Montana. It´s been great to show you around and I´ve really enjoyed having you here with me. Let´s do it again soon.


Until the next catch up, we can stay connected on Instagram and you might want to check out…

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