Summer Neutrals… It’s all about Texture.

Summer Neutrals… It’s all about Texture.

Style Beyond Age wearing summer neutrals dress

Summer neutrals are all about textures! From crochet dresses and guipure skirts to bone and raffia details. Neutrals offer such a great change of pace in the summer. Plus, they’re the perfect foundation for your wardrobe, you can wear them multiple times without anyone noticing and they’re easy to style. Consider this palette for your next adventure.

Blogger wearing Rag and Bone dress and Chloe bag

An easy travel dress like this Rag and Bone piece can take you from the airplane to the beach in no time. The full length, crew neckline, and relaxed silhouette are the perfect comfort combination when it comes to summer neutrals. I paired it with this tote by Chloe as a prime representation of all the colors you can add in a neutral palette. Additionally, it also comes in handy as a beach bag, a carry-on handbag, and a catch-all for your “extras”.

Summer Neutral Accessories

Hats are always a welcome accessory when it comes to summer fashion. Nothing says “glamourous” like a big floppy hat, plus they fold perfectly into your carry-on bag. If a big hat is too much for you then there are infinite options of smaller hats that fit within the summer neutrals theme. This one from Goorin Brothers is a favorite of mine. It packs flat, bounces back into shape, and is the perfect travel companion. You can find a similar option here.

Accessories are not to be underestimated on a tropical vacation and they are the easiest to pack. But, sometimes they feel “too heavy” in the heat. This Chico’s pendant is themed perfectly for my trip and it is just the right size and weight. One of the best things about wearing summer neutrals is that you can easily accessorize them with any other color. Note, if you ever wonder what colors to put together, I find inspiration in a bag like this one from Chloe, or you can always take a look at your scarf collection. Designers are brilliant, you can trust that they will provide colors that will give you a wonderful jumping-off point.

Style Beyond Age laying down in a summer neutrals crochet dress and big hat

Looking for the perfect cover-up? This oversized hat from Amazon and this stunning crochet dress from Zara (here is a similar one) are the perfect pair. Is the dress see-through? Yes! But, would I sit down for lunch in it? Definitely.

Summer Neutral Matching Sets

Woman wearing skirt and silk blouse looking in bag

This beautiful crochet skirt from MISA Los Angeles comes with a matching top. Never discount a matching set. If the set is sold separately, one piece or the other might be something interesting to add to your look. I styled my skirt with this beautiful linen top from Chico’s and some stylish sandals.

Dallas blogger wearing matching skirt set and black handbag

Case in point, this set from Farm Rio. For me, there’s a little too much going on with this look. Sometimes too many intricate details make an outfit look “busy” and can distract from the overall style. For more tips and tricks on styling a matching set, take a look at my recent blog post.

Woman modelling summer neutral silk top and lace skirt

Personally, I feel more comfortable like this. I love how the lace adds such a beautiful texture to this summer neutral look. Paired with a simple silk tank, this skirt is definitely a winner.

Close up of lace skirt and fashionable slides
Style beyond age wearing poncho skirt and black bathing suit

Would you consider black to be neutral? I think so. I also love an item that was meant as one thing and repurposed as something else. This skirt is really a poncho from anthropology and the black swimsuit is a perfect foil. I paired this relaxed fit with a fedora-style hat by Eric Javits and the most stylish slides by Valentino.

Essentially, summer neutrals are a closet staple that is easy to wear and extremely fun to style. Plus, they are incredibly versatile, you can use them to create many different outfits and you’ll always end up looking chic and relaxed. Always remember that fashion is supposed to be fun and I hope these examples of how to wear neutrals offer you some inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

Dressing for Summer with Veronica Beard

Dressing for Summer with Veronica Beard

With the seasons changing from spring to summer you’ll want to keep your closet ready for warmer weather. You can do just that with this Veronica Beard matching set. This is my favorite spring outfit, but the best part is that you can easily wear this during the summer as well. It’s perfect for any occasion because you can dress it up or down easily. Plus, you can get even more enjoyment out of it by mixing prints and using each piece for different outfits.

Style Beyond Age wearing matching skirt set by Veronica Beard
This is my favorite look from the spring collection at Veronica Beard.

Why is this outfit my favorite you might ask? Because it makes me feel like a Queen. The minute I slipped it on I got a feeling of casual comfort but when I looked in the mirror all I saw was glamorous elegance. I love the feel of the floral silk and the way the tiered skirt provides an incredibly flattering silhouette.

Accessories are always an important addition to any outfit. I styled my matching skirt set with a pair of pink heels and a gorgeous Veronica Beard bag. I chose this color because it compliments the hint of pink in the floral pattern of my skirt perfectly. Also, take a look at my jewelry choices from Switch. Did you know you can borrow, wear, and repeat fashionable designer jewelry? Check out the programs they have. For only $45 per month, you can have a king’s ransom in jewelry. You can find it at this link and use the discount code SONIA50 for extra savings. This might be the best deal out there.

Dallas blogger wearing matching skirt set and pink handbag
If you’re ordering online and don’t have a chance to go into a store, I am wearing a size 6 skirt, I find their bottoms run a little small. My top is a size 4.
Style Beyond Age modeling clothing by Veronica Beard
If you want to go a little more casual this look will still work perfectly.
You can go from a wedding guest to a casual dinner with just a quick change.
Woman wearing floral skirt and striped top with a white blazer

The key to mixing prints is really in the size and colors you choose. Notice the small print on the skirt and the larger print in the same color on this Veronica beard tank. This formula is guaranteed to work for you every time. You can also use a neutral or solid color as a way to even out two different prints. For example, I paired these bold prints with a solid-colored jacket to tone it down. Or, you can add in a solid-colored belt to break up the two patterns and bring a more subtle look to your outfit. Feel free to experiment with what is already in your closet or just try on this look that I’ve already curated for you. You can find more information on mixing prints in this post.

Smiling Dallas Blogger wearing beautiful top and skirt with pink accessories

Fashion is meant to be fun. It’s a way of expressing yourself and making others smile. Joy is contagious, so be sure to give yourself some and pass it on.