A few months ago I a received an email from a lady called Elaine Benoit. To my shock, she was requesting and interview regarding my entry into the Instagram platform specifically because of my age and relative success.  I have never done a Podcast and technically speaking It was a challenge. I know this sounds silly. By now it is expected I would be on Skype or something which I have not. I was in the California Desert at the time, with  no tech support and sketchy internet. I delayed. Performance anxiety I think they call it; what do I say, how do I sound ?…. What if I end up sounding like a fool (not too unusual really)

Elaine Benoit has started a podcast called MaturePrenurial. As the name suggests, she interviews “mature” entrepreneures who started their current businesses after 40.  The goal is to show that it is possible to achieve success at all levels of life and shed some light on how. 

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In the end, the interview took place here in Montana at Glacier IT. I was assured of good internet and the most capable ladies who help me with my tech “issues” .  OK it was a phone call and I had earphones. So much for stressing out. Another lesson in making a big deal out of essentially nothing. Have you caught yourself doing that?

I can’t express enough my thanks to Elaine.  She is so easy to talk to. I never felt any stress, we could have been chatting on the sofa between friends.  I have not heard the podcast yet, it comes out on April 2 and we will all be hearing it at the same time.

My hope is that you find some grains of wisdom, amusement and inspiration in our conversation. And that you continue listening to Elaine’s podcast to learn, as I have, through her inspired pointed questions.

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