If you’re a fan of the outdoors but not too keen about sacrificing your comfort, then join me as I revisit my Glamping Adventure with Heritage Inspirations. An incredible experience where I was able to tour the wild, beautiful scenes of New Mexico while camping with all the comfort and luxuries of home.

Sun streaming in through glamping tent flaps with a dream catcher hanging down

You may be asking “What is glamping?” Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping and refers to a style of camping that provides lavish amenities and accommodations. Heritage Inspirations provided me with both. It was the perfect 70th birthday present for myself and I love that it inspired and challenged me.

Day One

Small bed in large luxury tent with bags leaning up against the bottom

Glamping was taken to a new level in these spacious, full-height, completely carpeted tents. My travel buddy and roommate Andrea (@loubiesandlulu) flew in directly from Dallas via Taos Air. A wonderfully quick and convenient flight.

Placed on a high ridge overlooking the Rio Grande, our camping site had all the amenities you can imagine in a location second to none.

Close up of coffee mug saying heritage inspirations glamping

We loved the yoga meditation tent with the wonderful Nadine from Movement Lab as our guide. We started or finished each day grounding ourselves and connecting to our surroundings.

Woman in long black and white dress standing next to picnic table with lantern and canned foods underneath tent

Our first evening started with a glorious set of hors d’œuvres curated by our fantastic chef. Plus a delicious dinner that set the tone for the rest of our stay.

This meal was absolutely divine! It was so delicious and provided all the fuel that we needed for the adventurous days ahead of us.

Fire pit made of rocks with fire inside in front of picnic tables and tents

Our fireside chat included a talk about the Taos Pueblo and the incredibly fascinating history of the area. The Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States and it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you want to learn more about the remarkable multicultural history of the Puebloan people, then you’ll want to look up Ilona Spruce, the Director of Taos Pueblo Tourism.

Day Two

In the morning, we woke up in our beautiful tent, rested, and ready for a great day. But first coffee.

Our first ride in the van took us out on an incredible adventure; a tour of the Gorge Bridge and a kayak or paddle board down the Rio Grande.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is situated about 650 feet above the river, making it the second highest bridge on the U.S. Highway System and the fifth highest bridge in the U.S. While it was being constructed in the 1960’s, there wasn’t enough funding to complete it, which resulted in the famous nickname “Bridge to Nowhere.” Nowadays, it’s become a popular tourist destination where people can peek over the railings at the immense cliffs and tumbling river underneath.

Group of women standing near a cliff, posing in front of the Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico

The perfect place for a photo op, overlooking the stunning Rio Grande with this incredible group of ladies. What a breathtaking view!

Style beyond age sitting on paddle board in front of Rio Grande River
Group of women sitting on raft in front of a river

Another photo op with the ladies before we enjoyed the next adventure on the river. The perfect place to cool off while being surrounded by the vibrant natural landscape.

Luxurious Amenities

Wondering about the personal accommodations? Here is a view of our shower, complete with hot water, and our vanity area with running water toilets, and sinks. Heritage Inspirations truly provided all of the comforts of home while being surrounded by nature.

Woman wearing an orange skirt and white top standing amongst rows of vines in a vineyard
Group of women sitting at a table in a vineyard eating lunch

The day isn’t complete without a winery tour at Vivac Winery. This beautiful winery is stationed at 6,000 ft, making it one of the highest altitude wineries in the world. A delightful tasting of their award-winning wines hit the spot and was the perfect way to conclude our action-packed day.

Glamping tents light up at night time with a full moon in the sky

While we were getting ready to tuck in for the night, the night sky cleared, revealing a stunning full moon. This was the perfect way to fall asleep. Knowing the vastness of the wilderness was surrounding us, and a sky full of stars loomed above us.

Style Beyond Age wearing white dress with colored feathers walking towards camera with tent in the background

And of course, I’m dressing for dinner in this gorgeous feather print by Lotta Stensson Design. It’s easy to pack and fits the theme of this glamping experience perfectly.

Day Three

Group of women posing in front of a ski lift during summer time with a large mountain in the background

The third day presented the biggest challenge for me, a hike to Williams Lake, 11,000 ft up. This is one of the most popular trails in Taos and it’s absolutely beautiful. The trail itself is 2 miles long, but the elevation climbs to more than 700 feet per mile.

Two women looking at foliage while on a hiking trail

Stopping to smell the roses…or taking a rest and inhaling a shot of oxygen. I’m not much of a hiker. Climbing from such a low altitude to the top of this trail was indeed a big challenge for me. But the views at the top make it worth the trek.

Williams Lake – 11,040 feet! A proud moment for me surrounded by the most incredible landscape.

Group of women posing in front of Williams Lake

I want to thank these wonderful women for their patience as I took on this daunting challenge on my 70th birthday. It was an incredible experience that I was happy to achieve alongside some lovely people.

Our final night and another beautiful sky above us. With the night sky darkening and the stars peeking out, we were treated to an amazing introspective experience with a coach to guide us through the skies. A not-so-subtle reminder of how small we are in the vastness of the universe.

I want to thank my friend Andrea for suggesting this trip, and Angelisa and her staff from Heritage Inspirations for making it so memorable. This was an incredible experience that is not to be missed and I cannot recommend it enough. From the attention to detail, the knowledgeable and passionate tour guides, and the phenomenal accommodations, this glamping adventure was the full package. For more information on Taos and the surrounding area, check out my latest blog post here. Happy travels!

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