On the Style Beyond Age blog we´re styling beyond the bedroom for us women over 50. Wearing underwear as outerwear is nothing new on the catwalk, but it´s officially stormed the world of ready-to-wear in style. Everything from sultry slips and cinching corsets to exposed bras are gracing our stores. Before I scare you off too much, this beyond the bedroom trend can look cool, chic and sophisticated for us over 50´s and 60´s.

The secret? Keep it cool and in line with your style.

Let´s talk about some of my favorite pieces and a few styling hacks to ensure you´re looking and feelings fabulous.

Sultry Slip Dresses


If you´ve been following me for a while, you probably already know I am a fan of the slip dress. It´s become a closet staple. I dress them up, dress them down, or layer it up to create the look I´m after.

They are nothing new, but we´re seeing varying styles evolve. Nudes, soft pinks, off-whites and lace detailing have graced the runways, offering a fresh and feminine take on this trend for spring. Style it under a blazer or tailored jacket and I guarantee you´ll feel comfortable, chic and empowered.

Gaga for Garters


Garters are strutting out as a top accessory for the season. It´s had a revamp and it´s bolder, stronger and more stylish than ever before.

We´re seeing garters worn with blazers, under skirts and dresses and combined with tops to create cool and interesting style details.

Garters are no longer just for your wedding day or weekend away. I´m expecting to see them popping up everywhere this season.

Corsets to Cinch


Vampy corsets, cinched waists, sheer bodices and beautiful boning were out on the runway in force and I for one am happy about that. They really are so versatile. I like to wear them over a dress, long blouse or under a tailored jacket.

I´ve fallen head-over-heels for my Brooks Laser-Cut Corset Belt. It´s taken me from day to night, more times than I can count and now it´s official!  Corsets are moving out of the sheets and onto the streets, so let´s have some fun with them.

Bustiers and Bras


This season, we´re not burning our bras; instead we´re wearing them. Bear with me here!

Exposed bras and bustiers featured heavily on the catwalks for Spring Summer 2020, but before you start cringing, there are ways for us over 50´s to embrace the trend too.

I recommend swerving the lace bralettes, for something more structured. A bustier would be my choice. It offers support and that extra lift, exactly where we want it. I´d style it under a suit, or over a blouse if you´re looking to experiment with this trend.  Take this example, from Style Beyond Age friend, Isabella Thorpe @confessionsofasuperager – I love her style!

Beyond the Bedroom for us Women over 50

I hope I´ve helped you to embrace this sultry and sophisticated style trend. Are you brave enough to take it beyond the bedroom? Let me know in the comments.


P.S. 🧐

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