Self care has become an overused word in my opinion. To some it conjures up images of indulgence. To others it opens up a path to growth. I like to use the word rejuvenate instead.

Every evening when possible I like to enjoy a soothing, relaxing bath. I take a shower while the tub is filling up I light some candles settle into the warm water and live for a while in the silence.

My New Years goals started with the aid of this wonderful Salt bath salts

Pure Dharma Nourishing Botanicals can help heal and renew the body and rejuvenate the soul. From healing bath salts to the CBD oil I apply to my face every morning when I wake up. This Glow CBD Activated Oil Serum adds an instant glow that lasts all day. It is rich in stem cells and Vitamin C to brighten and tighten the skin.

Years ago, I wrote a blog about an “adventure” I had always wanted to take. Floatation Therapy. If you have one close by consider trying it. Floating in the dark silence for an hour might sound daunting…..

A friend of mine said she ran out of things to think about, which of course is the point!

Consider getting in a Floatation Tank Floatation Tank at least once. You just might turn it into a habit to improve your self care.

Have fun with it.

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