Puerta Vallarta and all it it’s hidden treasures!
For us, taking an all girls family trip does not take much planning since it’s just the three of us. My sister, daughter and I. This time we chose a close destination for all of us, Puerto Vallarta and two of our favorite off the beaten path side trips; Yelapa and Sayulita.

Garza Blanca Preserve, Puerto Vallarta

As a citizen of the world, I’ve never been a tourist. As a matter of fact, I try to avoid them at all costs! So when we go to Puerto Vallarta we avoid the north part of the coastline and stay on the southern coast where there are no cruise ships or “trendy” bars. We liked that Garza Blanca was a family friendly luxury beach resort. The property offers all inclusive hotel packages as well as room only hotel rates (which is the route we went). The waters were warm and protected and the sand was bright white! We learned to paddle board in the calm bay, participated in a Strawberry Full Moon ritual on the beach and practiced Kundalini Yoga in the trees! Garza Blanca has all of the amenities that you family and friends would need without leaving the comfort of the Resort.

Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta

Affiliated with the Garza Blanca Preserve (and just up the hill) is the super hip and visually stunning Hotel Mousai. We did not stay here this time (but will next time for sure!) but did take them up on their amenities including a 5-Star sushi dinner and roof top infinity pool that overlooks the bay. The hotel screams exclusive and high end. A must see, a must eat, a must stay (and swim) for sure!

Hotel Lagunitas, Playa Yelapa

Years ago I found a beautiful, at that time almost uninhabited, cove called Yelapa. I almost hesitate to mention it since it was such a quite place far from the tourists. Alas, now the day boats come and go regularly. To my surprise though, it still remains very much untouched. Especially if you stay past the daily “prime time”. It was in Yelepa that I parasailed for the first time the good old fashioned way; right off the beach with just a harness! I love an adventure, it keeps you young!

Ride the local water taxi if you want the “real” experience. We go to the bus stop by our hotel and ride it past Jolla de Mismaloya to the last stop Boca de Tomaltan. Then walk down to the bay to catch the local water taxi. Follow these images to know that you are there!

In a past life, I have stayed at the Hotel Lagunitas which is right on the Playa. It was neat to show Serena around the hotel, We even got to peak into the room that I once stayed in (pictured below). There is nothing better than sleeping in the open air of these huts listening to the ocean breathe. A truly meditative and expansive experience.

Villa Amor Boutique Hotel, Sayulita

We rented a Jeep through Eneterprise to take the hour drive up the coast to the little town of Sayulita. Known as a surfing paradise with 10 incredible surf breaks, the village is friendly, colorful and down to earth; a true representation of Mexican heritage and culture.

Tucked way from the hustle and bustle is Villa Amor Boutique Hotel. The property offers a one of a kind experience with 25 unique and beautifully-designed oceanfront luxury villas it is just a short walk to Playa Sayulita. It is a truly magical and very romantic experience.


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