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A New Journey at 69

Style Beyond Age was designed as a space for Sonia to share all that is chic and stylish. What she discovered over the past 4 years was an unexpected enthusiasm from her followers each time she offered an inside glimpse of the woman wearing the fabulous fashions. In a world where authenticity and transparency were quickly taking center stage, Sonia embraced this moment.

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

– Coco Channel

Taking Her Next Steps Now

fashion, blogger, chic

Just like Coco Channel’s famous words there would be no Style Beyond Age without the woman behind the brand. And without skipping a stylish beat, a new Style Beyond Age evolved.

Style Beyond Age Mission

To inspire, create, question, and provoke fresh starts every day – for your best life beyond 60.

Ageless Is Staying Relevant

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Style Beyond Age still serves up all that is chic and stylish, but now in a way that fits 2022. This means sustainability first, inclusivity, and fashion for women over 60, mixing high and low, handling trends in an age appropriate manner and living your best life with a smaller footprint – less is the new more!

Sonia is opening up about things that motivate her most and about how she finds purpose in life, She is talking about making smarter choices with age, what drives her passion and what quite frankly, fuels her frustrations – always with elegance and a good laugh!

She is leaning in her 69 years of success and struggle to impart this wisdom in meaningful ways to the women who are lining up to listen. She is tackling taboo topics too, like questioning perceptions of aging and the power of saying no (and granting yourself this permission!) while staying open to endless possibilities. 

The Art of Aging Gracefully 

Style Beyond Age is redefining what it means to age gracefully. It is not about anti-aging creams and slowing down time. It is about a positive attitude, learning new skills, showing vulnerability and unlimited fresh starts – all while looking chic and sophisticated. But even chic looks a little different these days – sometimes yoga pants and bare feet simply make more sense. 

What Is Not Changing?

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Sonia’s passion for sharing her personal style, her exotic travels and packing secrets, and her skincare and wellness tips. Her fans will continue to enjoy the same energy she has always put out into the world when sharing her stories – this includes her thoughtful, authentic and open minded approach to any topic she takes on. And above all, the sense of adventure she brings along the way!

A Look Ahead 

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A Note From Sonia 

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“I am looking at things differently these days. As I approach my 7th decade of life and reflect on all that I have lived and learned – I realize my best years are beginning right now! I am ready to get real with my readers and share the voice inside my head and heart that drives all that I do and have become. I have spirit, wit, and grace – qualities I would never, ever wish away. They have made me wiser, challenged me to take risks, taught me how to be more assertive while retaining my femininity and helped me to never fear failure. What a fabulous ride it has been – ridiculous twists and all. This is exactly what I want to share with the world.” 

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