Boho Refreshed with our Resident Stylist

Boho Refreshed with our Resident Stylist

We’ve got company. Join us for Boho Refreshed with our resident stylist, Serena.   We’re shopping from my closet, restyling old favorites and embracing a romantic boho style. 

Romantic Boho Style

Spring is coming to the valley at a clip. I still need this jacket now, but the winds, they are a-changing!

Style Beyond Age Romantic Boho Refresh_2

Less is More 

Hasn’t it been fun looking through our closets and restyling what we already have? Just goes to show you: less is more.

I have posted this Lotta Stensson dress several times over the last three years and always feel fabulous in it.

Style Beyond Age Romantic Boho Refresh_3
Style Beyond Age Lotta Stennson Dress

Closet Rotation 

This coral embroidered Zara jacket has been in the same closet rotation, every time looking different.

Zara Coral Embroidered Jacket
Zara Coral Embroidered Jacket_Winter

Boho Restyle 

I hope that you have been creative with your beautiful things as well.

That wraps up my restyling session, boho refreshed with our resident stylist, but we´ve got a few more treats for you yet. 

Inspired by this look?

Our resident stylist, Serena, has put together three looks that you can get right now to bring this romantic boho look home with you today!

Serena’s Picks

Cris Cross Ring – White Gold 

Regular Price $106.00


Look #2

Kobi Halperin Lexy Coat

On Sale $478.80

Kobi Halperin Lexy COat

Dagget Western Boots

Regular Price $260


Dagget Western Boots Free People
Tory Burch Damian Embroidered Jacket

Flag Strap Cowboy Boot 

Regular Price $120


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My Ultimate Closet Hacks to Maximize Space

My Ultimate Closet Hacks to Maximize Space

Today, I’m sharing my ultimate closet hacks to maximize space and care for your clothes.

If you didn’t already know, I´m a big fan of shopping from your own closet and being creative with the clothes you have. The downside of shopping from your own collection, is the issue of storage. It´s meant I´ve gotten quite creative over the years, so let´s take a peak what´s inside. 


Transform your closet with these storage solutions


If you ask me, the closet is prime real estate, so when we were building our place in Montana, I took the opportunity to create a space I loved. I appreciate I´m blessed in the closet department now, but it wasn’t always that way. Whatever the size of your closet, a good storage solution, is a good storage solution, and are some of my favorites that I still use to this day. 

My Ultimate Closet Hacks to Maximize Space



Office File Boxes


You might think they´re out of place here, but these clear file boxes from Target are handy and a great way to utilize shelf space. I line them up and store scarves inside. The clear acrylic is also very browser friendly.

files boxes from target for scarfs
files boxes from target for scarfs 2

Drawer Dividers


Drawer dividers are simple, yet effective. I use them for sock, underwear, and accessory drawers. Drawer organizers allow you to make the most of your space, stay organized and easily swap items in or out as the seasons change.



Pull Out Rods


Pull out rods are easy to install and a great space saver. I like to use them for belts, as they´re easily accessible and just as easily tucked away again.

Closet Hacks Belt Storage

Stagger Hanger Clips


Stagger the clips on your trouser hangers, to maximize hanging room. You´ll be surprised at the difference this little adjustment makes.

How to Maximize Hanging Space

Corral Old Hangers


If you´ve got unused hangers, don´t just leave them hanging there taking up space. Instead, corral them into old boxes, so they´re ready for when they´re needed again.

Closet Hacks remove unused hangers
Store hangers in boxes to maximize hanging space

Closet Hacks for Shoes and Accessories


We´ve maximized your drawer, shelf and hanging space, now onto the shoes and accessories.



Use Trays for Odds and Ends


There is often wasted space below hanging items, so make the most of this with trays and boxes. It´s a great way to gather up the odds and ends to keep them organized.

Use hanging space below clothes
Use trays to store accessories

Shoe Storage Solutions


A simple bookshelf is a great storage solution for shoes. Display them with the left toes facing out to your closet and the right toe facing back, and you´ll fit an extra pair of shoes on each shelf.



Storage Solutions for Purses


The perfect way to store your purse depends on the size of it. Larger purses should be stored hanging, to keep the bottoms from creasing. I have an adjustable display rack, that works perfectly.

For smaller purses I use an acrylic filing system, which you can pick up from any office store.

store small bag in filing rack
store small bag in filing rack

Bags and Hats


Maximize space by hanging bags and hats on a peg. No need to take up hanging room inside your closet, instead attach them to the outside of your cabinetry.

So, that rounds up my ultimate closet hacks to maximize space and care for your clothes. Enjoy transforming your closet.


Until the next time…

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Covid 19 Changing the Face of Fashion: The winter of our discontent

Covid 19 Changing the Face of Fashion: The winter of our discontent

It only takes a quick scroll through Instagram to see that the Covid 19 pandemic is already changing the face of fashion. Our feeds are peppered with sweat sets, lounge wear and the newest addition, face masks.

Even at this stage, a shift in the fashion industry is apparent, but what is next? I want to explore how the future of fashion might change in light of this pandemic, which in the US at least is turning out to be thankfully much less than we had planned; but much more than we expected from an economic standpoint. So, what does this mean?



What We have Learned


This has been a time for reflection, assessment and thought. A new normal will emerge, and we are all part of its creation, so what have we learned?


About who we are: Do we want to be independent or be led in our lives

About our joint Commitment: How we join together and follow rules

About our Ingenuity: How we work to solve problems

About our Independence: How we define and defy authority

About our Security: how we buy into fear and deal with stress


In the end, history will show us how we handled this challenge, but one thing we know for sure we will have more to look back on you the next time.

The New Face of Fashion


How will fashion change? None of us really know, but here are some thoughts…

Quality over quantity. We will buy less but spend more on higher quality staples.


Fashion trends will slow down and be swapped for minimalism, capsule dressing and classic styles.


Will we see a rise in digital stylists, as shoppers seek advice from a socially safe distance?


As a nod to social distancing, will designers be playing around with hats, masks and capes?


The fashionable masks and gloves industry, here to stay? It looks that way.

It was well said by Angelo Flaccavento about the fashion industry; “this crisis is an opportunity to edit down the superfluous, to regain our long-lost soul “.

Un-Masking Creativity


If there is one fashion item to come out of the Covid 19 pandemic and define the aesthetic around the world, it´s the face mask. It looks like fashionable face masks are destined to become part of everyday fashion and we´re already seeing designers releasing their creative, revamped versions.


I am not a fan of being muzzled, so if I´m wearing a mask, it´s got to be a pretty one.

I´ve seen some gorgeous creations by Denver designer, Brooks Ltd. and there´s a beautiful face mask collection from Curriedmyrrh. I showed them off on a fun-filled day with my photographer, the talented HKCamerface, exploring the lakebed, discovering an abandoned Teepee and having lots of fun whilst, of course, maintaining social distancing.

These women, and so many others, have shone bright during these times and I have loved seeing the creativity, the invention, the resilience, the support, the beauty, the passion and the love from our fellow females. Thank you.

DIY No Sew Face Mask


If you haven´t had a chance to buy a face mask yet, you can DIY solution from home. We found this mask tutorial online and gave it a go for fun. Oh, the things you do for the Gram! HKCameraface and I had such a laugh.

My Attempt – Oh how we laughed

Not a fan of the plastic wallet visor? Here is another no sew face mask option, with a video walk through; all you´ll need is a scarf.

A New Normal


Covid 19 is changing the face of fashion and the industry’s reaction to the pandemic is quite apparent, but none of us know what the long-term future holds. I for one am taking positive lessons from this, holding onto what is important and looking forward to seeing the new normal we create from here.


I hope you enjoyed this share. It´s some fashion for thought. Until the next time….

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