How to Rejuvenate Your Body

How to Rejuvenate Your Body

Self care has become an overused word in my opinion. To some it conjures up images of indulgence. To others it opens up a path to growth. I like to use the word rejuvenate instead.

Every evening when possible I like to enjoy a soothing, relaxing bath. I take a shower while the tub is filling up I light some candles settle into the warm water and live for a while in the silence.

My New Years goals started with the aid of this wonderful Salt bath salts

Pure Dharma Nourishing Botanicals can help heal and renew the body and rejuvenate the soul. From healing bath salts to the CBD oil I apply to my face every morning when I wake up. This Glow CBD Activated Oil Serum adds an instant glow that lasts all day. It is rich in stem cells and Vitamin C to brighten and tighten the skin.

Years ago, I wrote a blog about an “adventure” I had always wanted to take. Floatation Therapy. If you have one close by consider trying it. Floating in the dark silence for an hour might sound daunting…..

A friend of mine said she ran out of things to think about, which of course is the point!

Consider getting in a Floatation Tank Floatation Tank at least once. You just might turn it into a habit to improve your self care.

Have fun with it.

Style Beyond Age Newsletter 2022

Style Beyond Age Newsletter 2022

Style Beyond Age – Better and Bolder

Helping you stay in touch with your power

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A New Journey at 69

Style Beyond Age was designed as a space for Sonia to share all that is chic and stylish. What she discovered over the past 4 years was an unexpected enthusiasm from her followers each time she offered an inside glimpse of the woman wearing the fabulous fashions. In a world where authenticity and transparency were quickly taking center stage, Sonia embraced this moment.

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

– Coco Channel

Taking Her Next Steps Now

fashion, blogger, chic

Just like Coco Channel’s famous words there would be no Style Beyond Age without the woman behind the brand. And without skipping a stylish beat, a new Style Beyond Age evolved.

Style Beyond Age Mission

To inspire, create, question, and provoke fresh starts every day – for your best life beyond 60.

Ageless Is Staying Relevant

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Style Beyond Age still serves up all that is chic and stylish, but now in a way that fits 2022. This means sustainability first, inclusivity, and fashion for women over 60, mixing high and low, handling trends in an age appropriate manner and living your best life with a smaller footprint – less is the new more!

Sonia is opening up about things that motivate her most and about how she finds purpose in life, She is talking about making smarter choices with age, what drives her passion and what quite frankly, fuels her frustrations – always with elegance and a good laugh!

She is leaning in her 69 years of success and struggle to impart this wisdom in meaningful ways to the women who are lining up to listen. She is tackling taboo topics too, like questioning perceptions of aging and the power of saying no (and granting yourself this permission!) while staying open to endless possibilities. 

The Art of Aging Gracefully 

Style Beyond Age is redefining what it means to age gracefully. It is not about anti-aging creams and slowing down time. It is about a positive attitude, learning new skills, showing vulnerability and unlimited fresh starts – all while looking chic and sophisticated. But even chic looks a little different these days – sometimes yoga pants and bare feet simply make more sense. 

What Is Not Changing?

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Sonia’s passion for sharing her personal style, her exotic travels and packing secrets, and her skincare and wellness tips. Her fans will continue to enjoy the same energy she has always put out into the world when sharing her stories – this includes her thoughtful, authentic and open minded approach to any topic she takes on. And above all, the sense of adventure she brings along the way!

A Look Ahead 

More video content

Live streaming

 Speaking engagements 

A Note From Sonia 

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“I am looking at things differently these days. As I approach my 7th decade of life and reflect on all that I have lived and learned – I realize my best years are beginning right now! I am ready to get real with my readers and share the voice inside my head and heart that drives all that I do and have become. I have spirit, wit, and grace – qualities I would never, ever wish away. They have made me wiser, challenged me to take risks, taught me how to be more assertive while retaining my femininity and helped me to never fear failure. What a fabulous ride it has been – ridiculous twists and all. This is exactly what I want to share with the world.” 

How to build a capsule wardrobe out of 5 easy pieces.

How to build a capsule wardrobe out of 5 easy pieces.

Casual Chic never had it this good

I fell in love with this uber comfy look and when it came in cashmere and on sale it was not be ignored

Building blocks for a capsule wardrobe should be versatile comfortable and easy to pack. I fell in love with this cranberry color Chico’s Black Label set that also comes in black. You will see the Joggers on repeat but in very different iterations. Here with the cashmere V Neck and pants I can easily go from ladies lunch to shopping. Nothing makes a look more than accessories and here, the cranberry color pairs so well with blue

A note on sustainability…………. I always carry a bag for my purchases including groceries. An item like this of the moment Dior book bag or something similar will pay dividends in the long run. If I am carrying a crossbody I have a string bag like this one from Hive It’s the perfect solution and reminds me of my childhood
The very same look from the opening shot can easily be transformed with a pair of shoes I have had these Louboutin pumps for almost twenty years and now they are back in circulation (or maybe they never left)
Pack these staple Pants easy to slip on, not as form fitting as leggings , these and others Comfy pants are perfect
Out to dinner? No problem with the essential Cashmere Tank and
Jeweled cardi
I’m not much for bling but I couldn’t resist this ever so slightly embellished Poncho Wear the tank under it or the v neck sweater if it’s cold enough to need your arms covered . Its the perfect go anywhere look. Trade out the heels for my new favorite Booties

Don’t forget the accessories in this case the Mandala ring one of the many Cocktail Rings and beautiful pieces you can travel with comfortably
One last fun look ……… I took a chance on this one when I ran into these Zara Sequin Pants that are now on super sale They fit like super comfy stretchy jeans! (I just don’t know how to link them)
Here is a quick shoe recap. The Gucci sneakers and Dior slides were purchased off
I was lucky to score the fantastic Art Deco Chanel bag from TheRealReal
It’s also good to remember you can find wonderful straw pieces at your local markets.
Jewelry is easy to pack and can really change up a look. This cranberry color is really acting like a neutral. I picked accents of blue for some looks, green for others and a more predictable black and cream for evening. Experiment with your own items. You might be surprised how many colors work for you.
3 Easy New Years Looks From Day To Night

3 Easy New Years Looks From Day To Night

Day to night dressing for when you’re on the go this New Years Eve.

Intimate Get Together

Cover your party dress with a cozy sweater and pair with some easy booties for your arrival.

Family Gathering

I love this Talbots sweater, it has worked for so many occasions.
You know that I am a brooch collector! You can add them to anything from a clutch to a belt to elevate what you already have.

Glamour Up Party

Nothing says festive quite like a pop of red. Here I’ve paired it with a Chico’s sweater from last season.
I have more inspired dressing on the blog! Check out My Favorite Fashion Finds Under $100 HERE.
FAUX VS VEGAN LEATHER: Which is the better alternative

FAUX VS VEGAN LEATHER: Which is the better alternative

Have you ever wondered …
What is the difference between faux leather and vegan leather?
Well, if so, then read on! 

As someone who is very interested in all things fashion, this topic is super interesting to me.  So let’s get into what they are exactly! 

The easiest way to tell apart faux vs vegan leather would be by touch; faux feels like smooth plastic while vegan feels like suede or soft cotton. 

Lets start with the definition of each type. 

White Jacket: Alice & Olivia  Pants: Aritzia  Body suit: Zara

Vegan Leather is a synthetic material that resembles real leather in both appearance and texture but does not use any animal products during production. 

Vegan leather comes from natural materials such as wood pulp or recycled polyester, 

Vegan leather is more sustainable as there are no harmful chemicals released into nature if disposed of improperly.

Balloon sleeve v neck bodysuit: Zara Skirt: Choosy  Body suit: Zara

Faux leather is an animal-friendly alternative to genuine leather. It is typically made from polyurethane or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). A petroleum product. 

Faux leather is a type of plastic that can be recycled with other plastics in order to save energy and reduce pollution when creating new faux leather pieces. 

However, because these types of plastics cannot be broken down into their original components by natural processes such as sunlight or bacteria they will never go away completely. It also requires an enormous amount of water to make it and releases hazardous substances when burned, making it not environmentally friendly

Knit dress: Aritzia Vegan Leather Brown Blazer: Nanushka
Reversible belt: Valentino Dior pumps: Neiman Marcus Ring Sea Urchin: Pharaonic

If you’re looking for an  alternative to real animal skin, then vegan may be the way to go! On the other hand, if you’re just looking for affordable and stylish options that don’t harm animals in any way then check out faux products.

The argument for real leather……

The bulk of the hides used in fashion are a byproduct of cattle raised for beef production.   Regardless of chemicals used in the leather tanning process, real leather may still have an edge over both of the above. Read more here

Which one is better for the environment?  You decide, after all we are what we wear. To learn more click here

As always, xoxo