The Best Sunblocks for Skin over 50

The Best Sunblocks for Skin over 50

We are in the midst of another warm summer season, so now it’s more important than ever to apply sunblock every single day. So today I’m going to share with you my choices for the best sunblocks for skin over 50. The history of sunblock dates back to Ancient Greece. In fact, the Greeks were some of the first people to use natural oils and herbs to protect their skin from the sun. And over 2,000 years later, we’re still using sunscreen to keep our skin healthy!

Woman basking in the sun in a blue dress holding a white spritzer bottle wearing best sunblock

Did you know that sunblock was invented by accident?

We all know that sunscreen is critical for protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but how exactly was it invented? Surprisingly, the answer isn’t quite clear. Some experts say that it was originally developed by Polish scientists in the 1930s, while others claim that Australian researchers came up with the idea in the 1940s. What we do know for sure is that sunblock has come a long way since those early days. There are now plenty of different brands and varieties to choose from. So what’s the best sunblock for you? Read on to find out!

Style Beyond Age standing in the forest wearing sheer white coverup

Did you know that one in five women will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? The best way to avoid this is to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But how do you know which sunblock is right for you? Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing the best sunblock.

Dallas blogger wearing white kafta posing with a friend in a black top and brown skirt

When it comes to sunblock, all skin types are not created equal. If you have mature skin, you need a sunblock that will provide both UVA and UVB protection while hydrating your skin. One of the most important things to look for on the label is “broad spectrum”. This indicates that the sunscreen protects against ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). Plus it’s also important to look for the SPF rating, which indicates how well it protects against UVB

Sunscreen vs Sunblock

You can get your sun protection as either sunscreen or sunblock. Each one works differently to do essentially the same thing.

Smiling blonde woman wearing black sunglasses climbing a ladder on a boat

Mineral sunblock sits on the skin and reflects light away. Only two types of physical sunblocks have been FDA-approved—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—and both might be good options for your skin type. A mineral sunscreen may be a good choice for you if you have sensitive skin because it tends to be more gentle and therefore less likely to cause negative skin reactions.

A chemical sunscreen limits sun damage by using various chemicals. They work by absorbing UV rays into the tissue, and when ultraviolet rays pass into the skin, they change the rays into a longer wavelength which is less harmful and not so damaging.

Style Beyond Age laying on pool lounge chair wearing white bikini

The Best Sunblocks for Your Face

When it comes to my face, I have made very specific choices. I, of course, want the product to go on smoothly and without any residue. For that I chose
Anthelios AOX by LaRoche-Posay. I found mine at Blue Mercury or you can also purchase it online at The Skin Store. When it comes to a quick touch up I use Murad Hydration Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, I prefer a matte finish, not shiny skin.

Various Susan Posnick cosmetics displayed on white towel

I’m always light on makeup but when I do use it, I ensure that it’s also a sunblock. My favorite option is color flow by Susan Posnick Cosmetics. It’s 100% vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, and cruelty-free and comes in 12 flawless colors. There are many options when it comes to protecting the sensitive skin on your face, but one area that is often forgotten about is your lips. Be sure to apply a daily lip SPF that will protect and nourish your lips, and you can even get some that are tinted.

Don’t forget to always keep sunblock in the car. It’s practical and important to keep on hand but unfortunately can also make quite a mess. So the perfect solution to that unpleasant problem is to choose a stick instead. This one by Shiseido is my favorite, it’s ocean-friendly, lightweight, and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Interestingly, I learned all about it during an eyebrow microblading appointment. For more information on microblading, check out my post here.

Clothing for Sun Protection

Dallas blogger laying on lounge chair wearing Lotta Stensson kafta, Eric Javits Hat and Ray Ban sunglasses

Let’s not forget about another effective method of skin protection, your clothing. Let style be your guide and don a great SPF hat like this one by Eric Javits. I paired mine with my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses and finished off my safe summer look with a gorgeous Lotta Stensson design kaftan. Most clothing will provide some protection from the sun, but to be safe choose items that have an SPF rating or provide the most coverage.

Protecting your skin is extremely important, but unfortunately, it’s not something that a lot of people prioritize. Be sure to keep it in mind as you go on with your day. With my tips and tricks, it will be an effortless task that you won’t think twice about. Spend the extra seconds to apply your favorite sunblock and take care of your beautiful skin.

Summer Neutrals… It’s all about Texture.

Summer Neutrals… It’s all about Texture.

Style Beyond Age wearing summer neutrals dress

Summer neutrals are all about textures! From crochet dresses and guipure skirts to bone and raffia details. Neutrals offer such a great change of pace in the summer. Plus, they’re the perfect foundation for your wardrobe, you can wear them multiple times without anyone noticing and they’re easy to style. Consider this palette for your next adventure.

Blogger wearing Rag and Bone dress and Chloe bag

An easy travel dress like this Rag and Bone piece can take you from the airplane to the beach in no time. The full length, crew neckline, and relaxed silhouette are the perfect comfort combination when it comes to summer neutrals. I paired it with this tote by Chloe as a prime representation of all the colors you can add in a neutral palette. Additionally, it also comes in handy as a beach bag, a carry-on handbag, and a catch-all for your “extras”.

Summer Neutral Accessories

Hats are always a welcome accessory when it comes to summer fashion. Nothing says “glamourous” like a big floppy hat, plus they fold perfectly into your carry-on bag. If a big hat is too much for you then there are infinite options of smaller hats that fit within the summer neutrals theme. This one from Goorin Brothers is a favorite of mine. It packs flat, bounces back into shape, and is the perfect travel companion. You can find a similar option here.

Accessories are not to be underestimated on a tropical vacation and they are the easiest to pack. But, sometimes they feel “too heavy” in the heat. This Chico’s pendant is themed perfectly for my trip and it is just the right size and weight. One of the best things about wearing summer neutrals is that you can easily accessorize them with any other color. Note, if you ever wonder what colors to put together, I find inspiration in a bag like this one from Chloe, or you can always take a look at your scarf collection. Designers are brilliant, you can trust that they will provide colors that will give you a wonderful jumping-off point.

Style Beyond Age laying down in a summer neutrals crochet dress and big hat

Looking for the perfect cover-up? This oversized hat from Amazon and this stunning crochet dress from Zara (here is a similar one) are the perfect pair. Is the dress see-through? Yes! But, would I sit down for lunch in it? Definitely.

Summer Neutral Matching Sets

Woman wearing skirt and silk blouse looking in bag

This beautiful crochet skirt from MISA Los Angeles comes with a matching top. Never discount a matching set. If the set is sold separately, one piece or the other might be something interesting to add to your look. I styled my skirt with this beautiful linen top from Chico’s and some stylish sandals.

Dallas blogger wearing matching skirt set and black handbag

Case in point, this set from Farm Rio. For me, there’s a little too much going on with this look. Sometimes too many intricate details make an outfit look “busy” and can distract from the overall style. For more tips and tricks on styling a matching set, take a look at my recent blog post.

Woman modelling summer neutral silk top and lace skirt

Personally, I feel more comfortable like this. I love how the lace adds such a beautiful texture to this summer neutral look. Paired with a simple silk tank, this skirt is definitely a winner.

Close up of lace skirt and fashionable slides
Style beyond age wearing poncho skirt and black bathing suit

Would you consider black to be neutral? I think so. I also love an item that was meant as one thing and repurposed as something else. This skirt is really a poncho from anthropology and the black swimsuit is a perfect foil. I paired this relaxed fit with a fedora-style hat by Eric Javits and the most stylish slides by Valentino.

Essentially, summer neutrals are a closet staple that is easy to wear and extremely fun to style. Plus, they are incredibly versatile, you can use them to create many different outfits and you’ll always end up looking chic and relaxed. Always remember that fashion is supposed to be fun and I hope these examples of how to wear neutrals offer you some inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

Dressing for Summer with Veronica Beard

Dressing for Summer with Veronica Beard

With the seasons changing from spring to summer you’ll want to keep your closet ready for warmer weather. You can do just that with this Veronica Beard matching set. This is my favorite spring outfit, but the best part is that you can easily wear this during the summer as well. It’s perfect for any occasion because you can dress it up or down easily. Plus, you can get even more enjoyment out of it by mixing prints and using each piece for different outfits.

Style Beyond Age wearing matching skirt set by Veronica Beard
This is my favorite look from the spring collection at Veronica Beard.

Why is this outfit my favorite you might ask? Because it makes me feel like a Queen. The minute I slipped it on I got a feeling of casual comfort but when I looked in the mirror all I saw was glamorous elegance. I love the feel of the floral silk and the way the tiered skirt provides an incredibly flattering silhouette.

Accessories are always an important addition to any outfit. I styled my matching skirt set with a pair of pink heels and a gorgeous Veronica Beard bag. I chose this color because it compliments the hint of pink in the floral pattern of my skirt perfectly. Also, take a look at my jewelry choices from Switch. Did you know you can borrow, wear, and repeat fashionable designer jewelry? Check out the programs they have. For only $45 per month, you can have a king’s ransom in jewelry. You can find it at this link and use the discount code SONIA50 for extra savings. This might be the best deal out there.

Dallas blogger wearing matching skirt set and pink handbag
If you’re ordering online and don’t have a chance to go into a store, I am wearing a size 6 skirt, I find their bottoms run a little small. My top is a size 4.
Style Beyond Age modeling clothing by Veronica Beard
If you want to go a little more casual this look will still work perfectly.
You can go from a wedding guest to a casual dinner with just a quick change.
Woman wearing floral skirt and striped top with a white blazer

The key to mixing prints is really in the size and colors you choose. Notice the small print on the skirt and the larger print in the same color on this Veronica beard tank. This formula is guaranteed to work for you every time. You can also use a neutral or solid color as a way to even out two different prints. For example, I paired these bold prints with a solid-colored jacket to tone it down. Or, you can add in a solid-colored belt to break up the two patterns and bring a more subtle look to your outfit. Feel free to experiment with what is already in your closet or just try on this look that I’ve already curated for you. You can find more information on mixing prints in this post.

Smiling Dallas Blogger wearing beautiful top and skirt with pink accessories

Fashion is meant to be fun. It’s a way of expressing yourself and making others smile. Joy is contagious, so be sure to give yourself some and pass it on.

Tips to Control Sugar Cravings

Tips to Control Sugar Cravings

Do you ever get cravings for something sweet and sugary? No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to shake them? If so, don’t worry! You’re not alone.

What you may not know is that there are some things you can do to help avoid sugar cravings altogether. So if you’re looking for a way to finally break your sugar habit, keep reading. We’ve got some tips for you!

These Tips will Help Control Sugar Cravings

drinking from a glass in a black and white dress

Drink 8 Ounces of Water Every Morning

The first and easiest tip is to drink water. When I wake up I drink 8 ounces of water before I do anything else, even before drinking my coffee. Drinking water first thing in the morning not only helps to give my body a feeling of fullness, it also helps flush out my stomach and balances the lymphatic system so I can stay healthier.

Eat protein

When I was much younger, I tried an experiment every time I wanted sugar. When the cravings started, I scrambled an egg or ate some protein. Guess what? It worked!

I guarantee you, the cravings subsided every time. That doesn’t mean you have to eat protein all day, but it could mean that a bite or two of protein is really what your body is needing when you think it wants sugar.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

It seems counterintuitive, but artificial sweeteners keep your mind tricked into wanting sugar. To avoid the sweeteners, I always order water with no ice. Occasionally I will ask for a lemon wedge, which adds a bit of flavor to the water.

I drink water constantly all day long. Water flushes out my system and keeps my belly full.

Eat Fruit

This advice has to be taken very carefully. If your sugar cravings have made you put on weight and your goal is to avoid that, my advice is eat berries. Blueberries are on the top of the list followed by raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. I avoid all high in sugar fruits – like bananas, apples and oranges.

Avoid Triggering Places

If you’re not comfortable at controlling your sugar cravings, I would avoid certain places, especially ones that have a beautiful bakery counter like this. A few days ago I was going to breakfast and had to walk through a bakery. Not fair, right?

Well fair doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t go out to places like this. What it does mean, is don’t go to your destination feeling hungry. Having a full belly or a glass of water before you go out, will help you avoid unnecessary calories from beautiful sugary items.

Don’t Starve Yourself

The biggest mistake most people make is starving themselves. Don’t do it.

Your body will need to recover the lost calories by eating more than you originally did – to maintain it’s energy! My solution is to make smoothies, but probably not the kind you are used to having – with all the sugar.

My smoothies start with a bit of ice in my Nutra bullet. Add a tablespoon or so of coconut creamer (no artificial sugars), some collagen powder and powdered fruits and veggies. Whip it all up for a delicious and nutritious drink.

Eat in Small Portions

I also eat when I’m hungry in small portions throughout the day. Even if we’re going out for dinner at six and I’m hungry at four o’clock, I will get a healthy snack before I go like a piece of protein or some almonds that I always keep handy in my car.

Take a multivitamin daily

There are many great multivitamins on the market. I also add vitamin D and Zinc to my daily regimen. Remember to always read the label on the bottle and consult with your physician with any questions about what vitamins would be the best for you and your body.

Get some exercise

Exercising whether indoors or outdoors and getting out in nature are imperative to sleeping well. Being well rested also relieves stress. Start off slowly each day and build up to an exercise routine that works for you. It may be hard to get started, but once you do you’ll be glad you did.

Limit alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption can prompt your cravings for fat and sugar. Try drinking fewer cocktails throughout the week so that it does not interfere with your health goals. Everyone deserves a treat and if you love to indulge in a cocktail, plan it out in advance and add it to your food plans. Remember food plans do not have to be perfect every day. We all deserve a yummy treat or cocktail every now and then.

Indulge Discriminately

It’s inevitable. Sugar is not going away any time soon. And it’s delicious! If you are going to go for something sweet, make sure it’s for a special occasion or that you balance your sugar intake with other healthy food options throughout the day.

Always remember that sugar is not nourishing to our bodies, it’s just a delicious treat that we all deserve every once in a while.

Awareness and moderation go a long way on our journey for a healthier lifestyle and diet.

How to Wear the Feather Trend

How to Wear the Feather Trend

This post contains affiliate links for products mentioned by Style Beyond Age

Look all around. It’s not hard to see that the feather trend is all over the stores this spring. Feathers are a fun fashion trend this season, and I’m all in. I have found that when I try on these feather looks, a little indeed goes along way.

From feather designs in dresses, blazers and tops, the feather trend is all the rage this Spring and I am assuming we will continue to see it throughout the year. I want to show you how I style a few of my favorite feather pieces.

This iteration of the feather trend is the Cult Gaia halter top. It is easy to wear and fits everyone. It laces up in the back which gives it a cool look . I cover up the back of the halter but this is a great piece to share with the younger generation, if they are into this look. I love all the bright colors this season. For me, the best way to pull off this look is with some pants like these bubble gum colored high waisted ones from Zara. If you are of a certain age, the oversized blazer is definitely a great piece for your wardrobe, it covers your arms and helps pull your look together.

walking into room wearing pink pants and pale pink feather bustier

This LaMarca bustier comes in several subtle colors. The feather bustier is a fun spring staple to have in your closet that can mix and match with a lot of pieces. The best part, is that the LaMarca bustier won’t break the bank.

The feather bustier is the simplest way to incorporate the look in your spring fashion. The bustier is easy to find in stores you can look for LaMarca and Cult Gaia. I paired it with my Trina Turk flared pants, my white leather vegan blazer and some Gianvitto Rossi sandals.

You can see from these pictures that I am rotating many of the same items. You don’t need much to have multiple stylish looks. By sticking with a few favorite trends that you really like, you can be on trend without following every fashion whim.

standing with a food tray wearing vneck feather top and pink pants
Pants/ Valentino Top

For me, my favorite look for the feather trend is an elongated top. I have mentioned that I am short waisted and my body type is a consideration in everything I choose. I find that a feather V-neck top is comfortable and gives me the length I want in my torso. This particular top might be a little harder to find but definitely worth the hunt. Try looking in places like vintage stores and clothing resale shops for one of a kind clothing pieces. I always find some of my most treasured items this way.

Can you see the difference in this picture? The width of the Cult Gaia halter gives me more than I need on top and see how I paired it with my Óscar de la renta skirt?

Even with a jacket, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the fullness of my feather halter top! For you long torso ladies, this one is perfect.

white sheath dress with white ostrich feathers on the bottom

If feathers on top don’t work for your body type, you may want to try this look . I love this iteration by Oscar de la Renta. Its not too overwhelming and the trim on the bottom of the dress provides the playful look I was after. For years, before the feather trend came along, I elongated skirts I love (but were too short) with an ostrich feather trim. Doing this gave me the length I needed and I didn’t have to miss out on wearing a piece I love. Unfortunately, some items such as mini skirts are no longer for me.

Another idea, if you have a sheath dress that you are no longer wearing, is adding ostrich trim to the bottom. Take it to your tailor or do it yourself if you know how to sew. Adding trim to the bottom of a dress is an inexpensive way to rework an outdated piece with this spring trend. How fun is that!

I invest in accessories and these Chanel heels are my summer splurge. The handbag on the other hand, is reasonably priced from Amazon. The bag pouch comes in different colors, I had the claret color so I just changed it out to change the look. It’s a great copy of an very expensive purse. Why not, you’ll only use it every once in a while and it will look like a new bag every time you do.

Although everything here looks expensive, if you choose wisely you can look like a million bucks without spending a ton of money. Take a simple pair of pants and trim them out with feathers at the bottom. Look for that beautiful feather top from a great resale shop. Shop the internet and take advantage of all the many price points out there, that are within your budget.

I hope some of these fashion ideas help you with how to wear the feather trend this Spring.

If fashion is supposed to be fun, then let’s have fun with fashion! Remember, you can always kick your look up a notch with a little imagination….and some feathers.

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