Chico’s Spring Time All-White Edit

Chico’s Spring Time All-White Edit

Summertime has already arrived and sometimes we just don’t want our clothes to touch. This beautiful white gauze dress (Gauze Maxi Dress) is just the ticket. Add some color with an elongated scarf (Ikat-Print Oblong Scarf). Don’t forget that turquoise jewelry I know you already have.

If you’re looking for something a little less casual, consider this dress with the ‘of the moment’ sleeve trend (Eyelet-Sleeve Dress).

This timeless summer look combination of black and white can easily be done with these Mia Becar sandals (Maggie Slide) and Rebecca Minkoff envelope. I’ve had this particular one for years but a great substitute would be this Rebecca Minkoff, Leo Clutch. If you ever see a quirky piece that you don’t know what you’re going to use for, as in the clutch above, just go for it. You won’t regret it.

Changing temperatures?

This lightweight sweater (Shine V-neck Sweater) is still in my rotation. Perfect for those cool mornings, air conditioned buildings, or long evenings. Throw it over your shoulders or in this lovely Chico’s tote (Geometric Tote). Still wearing my favorite pair of straight-leg jeans (Girlfriend Jeans), with just the right amount of stretch and a clean-cut fit. I own them in black and white and wear them all summer long. Don’t forget this SPF packable hat (Classic Fedora hat) by Eric Javits. For casual comfort on my feet, I love these leather sneakers by Pedro Garcia, a great find on The Real Real. Lightweight, chic, and easy to pack in a subtle, go with everything, color combo.

This shirt makes me smile and goes with me everywhere (Fresh Chic No-Iron Linen Shirt). Paired here with their linen blend pants (Railroad-Stripe Wide-Leg Pants), perfect for a quick lunch.

Or try this easy look with a knit, slip-on, pencil skirt.

For a day to evening look that couldn’t be simpler, a change of shoes and handbag is still the best trick. Here in my staple no-iron linen shirt and these beautiful beaded jeans (Beaded-Hem Girlfriend Jeans), proof that it doesn’t take much for a complete change of vibe. Under the everyday look is a lace Wolford bodysuit and a Judith Leiber snake-skin belt, from The Real Real, that elevates the look.

Until next time!

Sonia’s Monthly Lifestyle Edit

Sonia’s Monthly Lifestyle Edit

My husband and I had the pleasure of joining Heidi Dillon and her fashionable crew at the Dallas contemporary museum for a private showing of Paolo Roversi: Birds. The Dallas contemporary museum was founded in 1978. Annual exhibits used to be hosted to showcase artwork created by its members. Today, Dallas Contemporary hosts exhibitions of both new and well-known local and international artists. The industrial building provides a unique context for each exhibition and follows the European model of an art hall which is the “welcoming exhibition site for the art of the moment.”

When you don’t know what to wear, do what I do. My Tux Couture custom-made tuxedos come in handy every time. With so many features for you to customize the look you want, Tux Couture is reimagining formal wear.


Paolo Roversi and the Fashion of Comme de Garçon

This beautiful exhibit showcases Paolo Roversi‘s talent of capturing the movement of Kawakubo models.

Time well spent with Heidi Dillon! Heidi is on the Board of Directors for Dallas Contemporary and a well-known fashionista.

Heidi is an ambassador for Natura Bisse. She was so gracious as to gift us with a bag of wonderful products and a facial I just can’t wait to try!

Fifteen of us continued our evening at Al Biernats. It is always such a delight to catch up with friends and Heidi @heididillon makes that happen with great success. To say the food and service were fantastic is an understatement! And kudos to the staff for keeping up with us all

I felt rejuvenated after a session at the BODYBAR Pilates

I am a long-time fan of Pilates for staying fit and have found the Bodybar Pilates in my new hometown of Dallas. Pilates is a great way to stay toned and challenge all of your muscle groups. However, if you are on the road you can use one of the many apps available and change up your routine. The app that I love to use is Pilates Anytime. I use this app anytime I am on the road or my schedule doesn’t allow for me to make my regularly scheduled class.

Stopped by Vintage Martini to pick up some gorgeous pieces you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.

With a room dedicated to vintage clothing it’s a great place to step back in time. Racks of beautiful designs all specified by each decade there is to try out and reminisce. The showcase of jewelry is my favorite with a great array of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

You can also shop present designer pieces consigned by the most fashionable women in Dallas and beyond.

As you might know, I started my social media journey at 65. Now almost 69 I am meeting more people and doing more things than ever before. The evolution for me has been very edifying and exhilarating. My effort has always been to help women keep their power, stay relevant, and follow their dreams. Tracy and I had a wonderful chat on The Tracy Gold Show with a lot of bonding a lot of laughing just like I like it. In the end, we are all more alike than we might think.

Wondering Where To Travel This Post-COVID Summer? Glacier National Park is just the ticket!

Wondering Where To Travel This Post-COVID Summer? Glacier National Park is just the ticket!

Thankfully this summer we won’t be under a lockdown, so consider Glacier National Park for your post-covid summer travel plans – it is just the ticket!

Summer Glacier National Park

We are fortunate enough to live in Flathead County, Montana home of Glacier National Park. Or what we refer to as “the Crown of the Continent.” Sitting on top of “The Backbone of the World” the park encompasses 1million acres including two mountain ranges, over 130 lakes, and wildlife around every corner. Here you can see at least 25 glaciers and hike over 745 miles of trails. 

July and August are the warmest and sunniest months in the park, perfect for summer travel plans! The weather is usually around 70 degrees but can drop to 40 at night.

Lake McDonald is the largest lake in the park – running ten miles long and almost 500 feet deep.

At Lake McDonald Lodge, you can curl up in front of their lifesize fireplace, sip on a hot chocolate and enjoy the view of majestic Lake McDonald.  

The Lodge’s lighting is beautiful and I’m a sucker for unique lighting. Don’t forget to look up!

The Little Red Bus is Iconic in the park.

Summer Glacier National Park

The fleet of 33 buses is widely considered to be the oldest touring fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world! The buses take you to all of the main attractions in the Park. Since the views in Glacier are vertically oriented (with its very high mountain peaks) the roll-back tops are perfect to get the full majestic views of the Big Sky.

Fishing is a fun activity in Glacier National Park

summer in glacier national park

You’ll find many areas in Glacier National Park to fulfill all of your fishing needs! Many visitors come to the park just to fish since banks are not too crowded and there is plenty of native trout. You also don’t need a fishing license if you’re just fishing inside the park.

Tour the Park in a Boat!

The Glacier National Park is colossal so if you want to take a break from hiking, a number of boating activities are offered!

You can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and rafting in the Flathead River.

Spending the summer in Glacier National Park will be well worth your time!




summer in glacier national parkWhen hiking in Glacier:

Don’t forget your bear spray and stay in your car if you see one on the road.

If you have the time, don’t miss Many Lakes. You leave the park on the east side and re-enter into Many Lakes. The road is a little rough but worth it. The Many Glacier Compound is surrounded by mountain attractions, hiking trails, and wildlife. I’ve had the most grizzly bear sightings at Many Lakes when I’ve visited.

With over 300 Grizzly Bears known to live in the park, this is about as close as you should get one!

Wonderful Wildlife


If you’d like to encounter wildlife in the park, you can research where most of the animals are usually lurking around. It’s common to see deer and moose in the Fishercap Lake, while bears can be found on the Highline and Hidden Lake Trail. Bears are very dangerous so only view them from a distance.

Hike to Grinnell Glacier – the trails radiate in all directions!

Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Point have always been my view from the Many Glacier Hotel. Built in 1914 by The Great Northern Railway, this beautiful lodge was commissioned to open the park to visitors and establish the area as the “American Alps.”



Shopping is always fun in the area so don’t forget to check out the shops and galleries there! Go home with a Pendleton blanket or a lovely native Montana sapphire if it’s only a carry-on for you!😉Summer Glacier National Park

Check out the Glacier National Park Travel Guide by Brian Smith for more activities and ideas!

Safe travels to all. 


Chocolate for Mothers Day?

Chocolate for Mothers Day?

Do Something a little different – Create Your Very Own ‘Choccuterie’ Board

Indulge in Some Chocolate Pairing with the help of Fames Chocolates

As with everything in life – there’s an art to pairing chocolate. 
chocolateThe Key to Chocolate Pairing:
  • Chocolate & Cheese – since pungent cheeses overwhelm the flavor of chocolate, pair them with soft and creamy cheeses like Brie or Gouda. 


  • Chocolate & Nuts – hazelnuts are the most common type of nut used to enhance the flavor of chocolate but there are some other ones out there that are just as good! Macadamia nuts paired with chocolate are quite a delicacy while pistachios are very compatible with any kind of chocolate. 


  • Chocolate & Fruits – pairing dark chocolate with very sweet fruits like banana, mangoes and figs balances the flavor and the paring compliments each other. Milk chocolate works with a variety of fruits, whether the fruit is sweet or tart.


Inspiration for Chocolate Pairing 

You can pair chocolates with other food items such as coffee, wine, and cheese to enhance or compliment that chocolate’s flavor. Chocolate pairs really well with fruits and cheeses.

Try pairing your favorite dark chocolate with some soft goat cheese and some raspberries. You can also pair chocolate with figs and walnuts – go crazy!

Do you feel inspired to create a ‘Choccuterie’ board? Enjoy!

Give chocolate-eating a new twist with a chocolate charcuterie board or as I like to call it – ‘Choccuterie’ board!

Chocolate tastes amazing with anything! Don’t forget a salty twist!


A guide to what’s inside that “Box of Chocolates”

So you can’t get enough of chocolates, but want to avoid the cough-syrup tasting ones? Try looking at the delicate details on your piece of candy. Chocolate stringing is a technique used by chocolatiers to make little designs on a piece of chocolate indicating what’s inside. The strings are drawn by hand or by running chocolates through an enrober. Though this practice started for decoration, it has become convenient for those who’d like to know what flavor they’ll be tasting when picking up a piece of chocolate.

Now let’s get to decoding! 

  • Square Candy – usually contains coconut, fudge, marshmallow, peanut butter, or nougat The peanut butter one may have a P stringed on to it and a nougat one has an N.
  • Lemon will have an L on it, R is for raspberry. 
  • Cream chocolates will also have a letter from the alphabet decorated on them: V is for vanilla cream, M for maple cream, and B for buttercream.

Who knew a box of chocolates isn’t actually full of surprises?!  The little pieces of candy simply have to be decoded.

Not every box of chocolate will be easy to decode since various companies use different methods. Some may print the flavors on the box while others may use letter-molds instead of stringing by hand but there’s always a way to know what flavor you’ll be indulging in.

Chocolates by Fames incorporate some of the best techniques from the cultures of Germany, the Mediterranean, and Brooklyn into each scrumptious chocolate morsel.

These gourmet chocolates are created with elite ingredients and meticulously made in small batches. They will be a perfect choice for any occasion.


Losing Hair, Muscle Mass, and Skin Elasticity? Try Collagen Loading!

Losing Hair, Muscle Mass, and Skin Elasticity? Try Collagen Loading!

Are you losing hair, muscle mass and skin elasticity?? If so, collagen loading could help you!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is a main building block of your skin, hair, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments. I have been mixing it into my coffee for years. Just one scoop and you get frothy coffee with extra benefits. 

Are You Losing Hair, Muscle Mass and Elasticity?? Collagen Loading Could Help You!

As we age, we naturally start losing skin elasticity, bone density, muscle mass and of course, hair loss becomes a problem. Collagen, being a naturally-produced nutrient in our body starts to decline after the age of 25. As collagen production declines, fine lines become apparent, our hair starts to fall, and our bones weaken. 

To look and feel more youthful we can take collagen supplements and practice what’s called ‘collagen loading.’

Are You Losing Hair, Muscle Mass and Elasticity?? Collagen Loading Could Help You!

What is Collagen Loading?

Collagen loading is when you increase your collagen levels over a short period of time. All you need to do is multiply your daily collagen intake through supplements. So, the goal is getting 2-3 times the serving of collagen supplements into your daily routine for 2 – 3 weeks. 

You can go the natural route and include more collagen-boosting foods into your diet such as chicken, fish, bone broth, citrus fruits, and leafy greens. However, you won’t be able to get the amount your body needs through food alone. 

Are You Losing Hair, Muscle Mass and Elasticity?? Collagen Loading Could Help You!

You can find all sorts of collagen supplements in your health food store but as with everything else,  quality is key. When I first started putting a scoop in my coffee, I used Dr. Axe. It was one of the first reels I posted on my Instagram account. Now, Dr. Axe has a line called Ancient Nutrition so for three weeks of collagen loading I am using his supplements. 

How can I get more Collagen into my Diet?

For joint support, gut support and beauty support, Ancient Nutrition offers a variety of high quality collagen supplements. You can pour 2-3 scoops of it in tea or coffee and even a sparkling drink. You can even make a superfood smoothie with the Multi Collagen Protein Ancient Nutrition offers. 

An easy way to practice collagen loading to retain muscle mass, grow healthy hair, and reduce wrinkles is by adding it to the drinks you consume throughout the day.

When you feel good everything else falls into balance. Try collagen loading out. It might be just what you need.