How I Am Growing Thicker Fuller Hair In My 70’s with Meaningful Beauty

How I Am Growing Thicker Fuller Hair In My 70’s with Meaningful Beauty

Has your hair texture and volume changed in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and beyond? Enter the Meaningful Beauty hair product line by Cindy Crawford!

Meaningful beauty system

As we age, natural processes such as genetics and hormone change can lead to thinning hair. Between dullness, dehydration, breakage, and brittleness it seems like a never-ending battle. But just because that might be happening to you, does not mean that you have to accept a lifetime of thinning strands – there are some great ways for us to get thicker fuller hair even at this stage in life!

In this blog post, I’ll dive into the actionable steps one can take to get thicker, fuller heads of hair despite the common challenges we all have. It’s all thanks to Meaningful Beauty.

Style Beyond Age with Meaningful Beauty

Meaningful Beauty Products

With a scalp treatment, shampoo, conditioner, and styling protector, the science of hair care has advanced tremendously and Meaningful Beauty products are on the cutting edge.

Shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment, styling protector

The Meaningful Beauty 3-step Age-Proof Hair Care System includes a shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on your hair and a restorative scalp treatment that encourages a healthy environment for healthier, shinier hair. The line is formulated with the brand’s proprietary melon leaf stem cell technology that started it all…, Meaningful Beauty system is a game changer! 

Spraying hair product onto hair in my 70's
Meaningful Beauty hair products

The hero of this set, the Meaningful Beauty Scalp Treatment, I use nightly. It includes vitamin H, castor oil, peptides, a plant-based alternative to keratin, and a natural wheat protein to keep your hair thicker-looking, stronger, and full of volume.

Style beyond age spraying Meaningful Beauty product onto hair

Above all, don’t forget the styling and protective spray! However, it’s actually much more than that. 

It’s a four-in-one primer that detangles, conditions, smooths, and protects the hair from heat. Vegetable proteins strengthen the hair and conditioning agents add shine.

My hair is what gives me the most confidence. When I have fluffy, bouncy hair I know my day is going to be just fine. I don’t have to be well-styled or even wear makeup, my hair is what sets the tone. Do you feel that way? To get that I have been using the scalp treatment to great advantage, which also nourishes hair follicles and replenishes vital amino acids to moisturize and revitalize the scalp.

To sum up, do yourself a favor and try the incredible Age-Proof Hair Care System from Meaningful Beauty. Now my hair is healthier, thicker, and shinier than ever! It makes my day. 

Also, it has encouraged me to grow my hair a bit longer, past my shoulders actually. I’m thrilled!

3 Piece Age Proof Hair Care System:



Scalp Treatment:

Styling & Protecting Spray:

For more tips on how I take care of my body and health, check out my blog post here!

My Vacation to Costa Rica | Close to Home But Oh So Far From The Usual

My Vacation to Costa Rica | Close to Home But Oh So Far From The Usual

If you’re looking for an exotic and affordable vacation destination, look no further than Costa Rica! This beautiful country is close to home but offers a world of new experiences.

Vacation to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica

I have traveled to Costa Rica on several occasions and wanted my husband to see this wonderful country as well. Flying to Costa Rica from Dallas was so easy. We flew direct to San Jose the capital of Costa Rica in 3 1/2 hours on American Airlines. The airport was beautiful and modern and customs was a breeze. The people greeted us with great smiles and that feeling of warmth from the people in Costa Rica continued throughout our 10-day trip.

Relaxing on Vacation

I always make sure to wear the most comfortable clothes while I travel. These amazing stretch pants by Lysse are a favorite of mine. Plus, when it’s paired with this Athleta Urbanite shirt, it’s perfection.

Whenever I take a flight to a foreign country I make sure I have a driver waiting to take us to our hotel. Even in the chaos of everybody landing, we met up with our local driver easily. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the area and the driver is more than willing to show off their country.

Style Beyond Age enjoying Costa Rica

I must say it was great to be speaking Spanish again even though most people there can speak English. Going through the city with its well-kept roads and homes was a treat. Also, you can use the US dollar! Everything is billed that way and there is no problem with the rate of exchange. I use my American Express card which has never failed me.

Vacation to Costa Rica

First Stop in Costa Rica

For our first night on our vacation to Costa Rica, I chose a small hotel up in the hills overlooking the city. The Alta Hotel was peaceful and beautiful and it had the feeling of a large home that had been converted into a hotel.

Alta La Paloma is quiet with a lovely pool and a great restaurant. The room rate was very affordable and the people staying there were mostly European. Plus, it was child friendly.

The Alta Hotel in Costa Rica

The next day we were leaving on the 4-hour drive through the central part of the country to go to the Arenal Volcano area. I don’t sit in a car well so thankfully I discovered a better way.

Flying to the Arenal Volcano

We returned to the airport but this time to fly on a small National airline called Sansa. We flew up to Fortuna, the main destination for anyone looking for a jungle adventure in the volcanic range.

It’s also so much better to see the countryside via a small plane. Best of all, it was very affordable, both financially and time-wise.

Though I had been to the Arenal volcano when it was still erupting, it was very quiet and undeveloped at that time. It still is but there are several beautiful high-end properties and I chose the Nayara Resort.

To say it was luxurious might be an understatement. With three separate but contiguous properties, anyone you choose will be amazing. Nayara gardens, Nayara Springs ( adults only) and the Tented camp are all amazing.

Nayara Springs in Costa Rica

Set within the beautifully preserved jungle Nayara Springs resorts is an eco-conscious property that can teach us all how it’s done well. As a matter of fact, all of Costa Rica is that way. They revere nature, their resources, and their animals.

Our suite at Nayara Springs was absolutely stunning. I could’ve stayed for weeks in this incredible oasis.

Zipline Adventure in Costa Rica

Zip lining in Costa Rica

Our big adventure there besides the fantastic dining, my hot springs-fed private pool, and the incredible service, was the zip line. Which was not for the faint of heart, even though people of all ages were there. This amazing experience had seven platforms and a fantastic jungle to fly through. It was a great adventure, so definitely look into it before you leave.

There is so much to do in this area. There will be something for everyone! From great adventures to Spa Days and yoga retreats, you will never want for more.

Heading to The Pacific Coast

We drove across the country to the Pacific coast, a three-hour drive. With a bonus stop to see the large alligators in the river. Can you believe these were the small ones?!

VRBO homes can be found on the pacific coast. We stayed in one near the Playa Negra and they are great. This one had a swimming pool and was so close to the beach. It couldn’t be a better way to get to know the country.

One thing I love about traveling is going to the drugstores so beautifully kept and well done. Typically I buy my Retin-A while I’m abroad. This area had a fantastic supermarket with everything fresh and fantastic prices.

The big adventure here was a 4 hours ATV ride through the jungle to the waterfall complete with a lovely lunch at a local restaurant in the mountains. Gorgeous beaches quaint little bars well behaved dogs and wonderful waves were all part of the experience there.

My daughter discovered a wonderful little hotel on the beach that had a yoga class so we even managed to do yoga by the beach. This hotel was gorgeous, quaint, and so well-kept. Although a beautiful and small property, Encantada still offers everything you might want for a quiet stay on a pristine beach.

Night time overlooking the city

As Our trip comes to a close we are back at our hotel in San Jose. The Alta La Paloma has such a lovely view of the city, it’s bittersweet to be leaving.

Style Beyond Age reading up on Costa Rica

My vacation to Costa Rica was the perfect location for some much-needed relaxing. I highly recommend this location for your next adventure! Or for more travel inspiration, check out my blog about my trip to Taos, New Mexico. Plus, for more vacation reels check out my Instagram. Happy travels!

Budget Friendly Holiday Outfits

Budget Friendly Holiday Outfits

Do you have a favorite Holiday fashion staple that you want to wear on every occasion? I certainly do. But not to worry, in this post I’m going to share my tips and tricks on how to maximize your festive wardrobe by making small changes and creating budget friendly Holiday outfits.

Budget Friendly Holiday Outfits

This tuxedo dress from Adrianna Papell is one of my favorite Holiday outfits. It has so many possibilities, but at my age, it’s just a little too short for comfort. Though pantyhose and tights always work well, sometimes you need to try something a little bit different.

Thankfully, this particular dress has quite a few stylish possibilities. Mainly a chic black coat, which made it so much more versatile. With one quick adjustment, this beautiful dress became a sophisticated and polished budget friendly Holiday outfit.

Here is the trick. I took the extra button they had on the inside as a spare and attached it to the opposite side. It made for an easy transition from the flap that was part of the dress to the coat it is now. If you know me then you know I love to shop my closet. So, finding simple and versatile ways to transform an article of clothing into a whole new outfit is very exciting.

I usually add ostrich feathers to the bottom of my shorter skirts. It’s an effective way to add some length while also adding in some fun detail. Keep in mind that if you’re going to be using feathers, they can often be quite thin. So, if you’re going to use options from places like Amazon, then it’s best to double up to create a fuller look.

Recently, however, I stumbled upon another idea. I found the most fabulous skirt from J. Crew that works perfectly under this dress. It is latticed, sparkly, and super chic. Not only does it give me the length I need, but it completely changes the look without breaking the bank. Making this a perfect example of a budget friendly Holiday outfit!

Budget Friendly Handbag Tips

Last year I spent some time exploring all of the fashionable evening bags on the market. Then I found this one on Amazon that was very similar to the designer bags but at a fraction of the price. This stunning bag by Cariedo worked beautifully for all of my events last year. But this year I had an idea on how to transform it into a chic new look.

All it took was one simple change! I found some patterned shoe bags that I happened to have on hand and used them to cover the original burgundy insert. The first one is a gorgeous animal print that is stylish, fun and perfect for any occasion. The second one is a bright tropical print that was a great change of pace. I love the way the print stands out against the sparkling jewels.

3 different looks, with a quick and simple adjustment. You can do this with almost everything in your wardrobe. A little trial and error and you’ll find that there are many ways of transforming your favorite pieces into something new. This is the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck and to keep within your budget during this Holiday season.

Maximizing the Use of Beauty Products

These tips don’t just apply to fashion, there are also ways of maximizing the use of your beauty products as well. A simple tool like this lip brush applicator is an old-fashioned trick that will allow you to use every last bit of your lipstick. Plus, it will provide smooth coverage of your lip color or gloss and it’s reusable.

If you’re committed to sticking to your budget this season, then try to keep some of these tips in mind. There is always a way to give your favorite outfit a new spin, and usually it just takes a small change. If you’re interested in some more feather inspiration, then check out my blog post on how to wear the trend here.

Take Control of your Health with a Prenuvo Scan

Take Control of your Health with a Prenuvo Scan

What if you could know what’s going on inside your body and search for 500 different conditions with a 60-minute scan and no radiation? Enter the Prenuvo scan. Read on for more information and a discount code!

Style beyond age smiling at camera and holding palms together

Prenuvo is a new body scan that can detect your risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer.

Prenuvo body scan machine

The Prenuvo scan is a Whole-Body MRI scan that is aimed at the early detection of disease and cancer. As it is an MRI scan, it doesn’t use any radiation, nor does it use contrast. It uses anatomical and functional imaging sequences, and an approach called multiparametric imaging to scan many organs of the body in one session. Due to this technique, Prenuvo scans can capture 10 times more images at a high quality compared to traditional MRI.

Why get a Prenuvo Scan?

We all do what we can to stay healthy. But what if we don’t really know what’s happening inside our bodies? Eating healthy and exercising are important ways to keep yourself in good shape. But sometimes we don’t know if we have internal issues until it’s too late. I posted before about the fear of the unknown and it is truly something we need to be aware of.

The primary reason people get a Prenuvo body scan is for preventative health measures. When you get one, you’re able to obtain a baseline profile of your health that you can use as a monitor over time. As we age, our immune system slows down, and the risk of disease increases. Those with a family history of disease and cancer, or who experience unexplained symptoms over time, will use a Prenuvo scan to help identify potential early signs of disease. This will alleviate uncertainties about what is going on in their bodies.

How it Works

Woman lying in Prenuvo body scan MRI machine

The Prenuvo scan was actually a lot easier than I expected. It lasted approximately one hour, and I was able to watch Netflix or listen to music. The technician was very kind, she explained everything and gave me information every step of the way. I was amazed to learn that up to 2000 images are taken during the scan. Afterward they’re sent to a Prenuvo-trained Radiologist for a comprehensive assessment.

Woman smiling while sitting on couch discussing prenuvo body scans

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about what my results may be, especially where my brain was concerned. But the Prenuvo body scan can identify over 500 different conditions, both common and rare. It’s comforting to know that if there may be something wrong, there’s a good chance that Prenuvo will catch it. Check out their website here for a detailed breakdown of the conditions and commonly asked questions.

For an explanation of my experience and the results of my scan check out my YouTube video here. If you’re interested in trying this service and would like to find a location near you, click this link here.

The lovely people at Prenuvo have also created a promo code for my friends and followers that will give them $300 off the price of the full body scan. You can either click the link (with capital letters) when booking online or mention the code SONIAL for over-the-phone bookings.

Style beyond age standing at table with smoothie and cookbook

With the news and social media, we are constantly exposed to an abundance of health scares. Plus, we all have our own reasons for worrying about our health. Whether it be genetic dispositions, unexplained pain, aging, or general curiosity, taking preventative measures is the best way to give yourself and your loved ones some peace of mind. I’ve recently entered my 7th decade so I’m especially grateful to have had this scan and can now be confident in the knowledge of my health. If you’re interested in learning more about your well-being, ask your doctor about getting a Prenuvo body scan! Or for more information about how I maintain my vitality at my age, check out my blog post here.

How to Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

How to Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Fall is finally here which means it’s time to transition our wardrobes. Tuck away those shorts and sandals and bring out the jeans and jackets. Fall is arguably one of the best seasons for fashion due to the extensive amount of versatile and trendy outfit options. However, it can also be a tricky time to navigate fashion-wise. People tend to jump right into scarves and sweaters when the weather doesn’t really deem them necessary yet. So, in today’s post, I’m going to share my tips on how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Woman walking in blazer and jeans how to Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

I transition my closet in a very simple way. When it comes to learning the seasonal trends one of the first things I look at are shapes. Are blazers still boxy and long or are they now cropped and fitted? Are skinny jeans still “of the moment” or has the shape changed? Is everyone wearing blouses or bodysuits?

Skinny Jeans vs Wide-legged Jeans

The high-waisted tight skinny jean look has been around for quite a while, and still going strong as a trend. Skinny jeans are so flattering and easy to style so it’s easy to see why they’ve been so popular for so long. However, this year I am thankful that the loose-fitting boyfriend style look is trending. With a few adjustments, this lightweight denim pair from banana republic is the one I chose. It’s a barrel leg, which is comfortable but a little too wide for my liking. So, I had my lovely seamstress slim down the legs for me a little bit.

Oversized vs Fitted Blazers

Oversized jackets are another fun Fall trend. I love how this oversized white blazer compliments the structured trousers and black top. When you’re planning how to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall a blazer is a perfect choice. Warm enough to throw on over your shoulders if it’s chilly but light enough to be that perfect chic accessory on warmer autumn days. However, if you’re going to wear loose-fitting jeans then I would suggest opting for more form-fitting pieces to balance them out. This blazer from Dillards is an ideal fall wardrobe piece. The hazelnut plaid pattern is a timeless option for the season and it’s incredibly versatile. But best of all, I love how this blazer fits me. The sleeves are the perfect length, and the single button closure creates a lovely silhouette for a more fitted look.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are in. This pair from Aritzia is one of my favorite options. They’re high-waisted and the shape fits me very well. Plus, they’re made of cotton twill. This means they’re especially soft, comfortable, and gentle on my skin but also have the perfect amount of stretch. For another option, check out these green cargo pants from years ago. Two years later and they are back in the rotation. I love how fashion can change so much throughout the years but there are still tried and true favorites that always come back. The forest green color is perfect for fall and the cute button details at the hem take them to another level.

Close up of cargo pants and wedge heels

One of the best features of these pants is that they have a button at the bottom that allows you to tighten the hem. This comes in handy when you’re wanting to pair them with heels instead of shoes. Just close the adjustable tabs and you’ll have a perfectly slim ankle hem so your heels with be on display for everyone to see.

White Tanks and Bodysuits

Style beyond age wearing cream-colored pants and cardigan with white bodysuit

White tanks are in, and bodysuits are replacing blouses to a big extent. This is an especially good thing for me since I’m short-waisted and reasonably petite. All the volume of a blouse is just too much for me when it’s tucked in. There are many choices for bodysuits on the market. Mine is from Zara but Skims also makes some very popular ones. I loved pairing this outfit with this gorgeous lightweight cardigan, another fall fashion favorite. Here is a similar one from Naadam.

The most important thing to remember when transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall is to have fun with it! Also, just because a new season is here doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Remember to use favorites from your closet and layer them with fashion staples that you love. This way you’ll really be able to stretch your closet and make it work all the way until winter! If you’re looking for a fun new trend to try out, then check out my post about the feather trend here. Happy Fall everyone!