Chocolate for Mothers Day?

Chocolate for Mothers Day?

Do Something a little different – Create Your Very Own ‘Choccuterie’ Board

Indulge in Some Chocolate Pairing with the help of Fames Chocolates

As with everything in life – there’s an art to pairing chocolate. 
chocolateThe Key to Chocolate Pairing:
  • Chocolate & Cheese – since pungent cheeses overwhelm the flavor of chocolate, pair them with soft and creamy cheeses like Brie or Gouda. 


  • Chocolate & Nuts – hazelnuts are the most common type of nut used to enhance the flavor of chocolate but there are some other ones out there that are just as good! Macadamia nuts paired with chocolate are quite a delicacy while pistachios are very compatible with any kind of chocolate. 


  • Chocolate & Fruits – pairing dark chocolate with very sweet fruits like banana, mangoes and figs balances the flavor and the paring compliments each other. Milk chocolate works with a variety of fruits, whether the fruit is sweet or tart.


Inspiration for Chocolate Pairing 

You can pair chocolates with other food items such as coffee, wine, and cheese to enhance or compliment that chocolate’s flavor. Chocolate pairs really well with fruits and cheeses.

Try pairing your favorite dark chocolate with some soft goat cheese and some raspberries. You can also pair chocolate with figs and walnuts – go crazy!

Do you feel inspired to create a ‘Choccuterie’ board? Enjoy!

Give chocolate-eating a new twist with a chocolate charcuterie board or as I like to call it – ‘Choccuterie’ board!

Chocolate tastes amazing with anything! Don’t forget a salty twist!


A guide to what’s inside that “Box of Chocolates”

So you can’t get enough of chocolates, but want to avoid the cough-syrup tasting ones? Try looking at the delicate details on your piece of candy. Chocolate stringing is a technique used by chocolatiers to make little designs on a piece of chocolate indicating what’s inside. The strings are drawn by hand or by running chocolates through an enrober. Though this practice started for decoration, it has become convenient for those who’d like to know what flavor they’ll be tasting when picking up a piece of chocolate.

Now let’s get to decoding! 

  • Square Candy – usually contains coconut, fudge, marshmallow, peanut butter, or nougat The peanut butter one may have a P stringed on to it and a nougat one has an N.
  • Lemon will have an L on it, R is for raspberry. 
  • Cream chocolates will also have a letter from the alphabet decorated on them: V is for vanilla cream, M for maple cream, and B for buttercream.

Who knew a box of chocolates isn’t actually full of surprises?!  The little pieces of candy simply have to be decoded.

Not every box of chocolate will be easy to decode since various companies use different methods. Some may print the flavors on the box while others may use letter-molds instead of stringing by hand but there’s always a way to know what flavor you’ll be indulging in.

Chocolates by Fames incorporate some of the best techniques from the cultures of Germany, the Mediterranean, and Brooklyn into each scrumptious chocolate morsel.

These gourmet chocolates are created with elite ingredients and meticulously made in small batches. They will be a perfect choice for any occasion.


Memorable Mother’s Day Gifting

Memorable Mother’s Day Gifting

Mothers play a critical role in our lives, providing us with love, support, and guidance throughout our childhood and beyond. They often make significant sacrifices to ensure our well-being and happiness, and Mother’s Day is a chance to recognize and appreciate those efforts. This year, why not give your mom something memorable? We’ve got some memorable Mother’s Day gifting ideas that are sure to make your mom smile!

Shared Experiences

Memorable Mother's Day Gifting idea high tea
photo credit: The Spruce

Mother and I love to go on adventures and have fun together. A great way to give your mother a memorable Mother’s Day is by inviting her to a tea party or brunch in her honor. Make it a special day and get the whole family involved! The more people you have in on the fun, the better!

Be creative when planning this event because it will make things more memorable for everyone involved. If you’re planning on hosting a tea party this Mother’s Day, make sure to include a selection of finger sandwiches! Assorted sweet and savory pastries (eclairs, cookies) -Fresh fruit (strawberries and grapes are great options), and of course… TEA! My mothers love to set a table so don’t forget the tablescape and linens! I was so inspired after finding this blog article: 25 Tea Party Ideas for a Fun Grown-Up Tea Party on the Spruce. I curated an Amazon list full of Tea Party must-haves for a one-stop shop for this Mother’s Day experience!

Memorable mother's day gifting ideas

Accessorize your Mothers Day Tablescape with the ease of Amazon! I’ve linked all of my favorite accessories to add an extra element of “wow” to your Mother’s Day table on our Amazon storefront.

Fun Tea Cups ~ Tea Pot ~ Small Vases ~ Candle Holders ~ 3 Tiered Cake Stand ~ Cloth Napkins

Special Delivery

Style beyond age with a bouquet of flowers as a memorable gift

The day of honoring all mothers in the United States began with one woman, Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia in 1908, considered the first Mother’s Day celebration, and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. White carnations were handed out during the first Mother’s Day memorials because they were Anna Jarvis’ favorite flowers! Like Anna Jarvis, my favorite way to honor my mom and let her know that I am thinking of her is to surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers! She loves fresh flowers and enjoys playing around with her arrangements.

That’s why we love the experience of The Bouquet Box. It is the first-of-its-kind, DIY-curated floral arrangement that gives you step-by-step instructions on creating beautiful arrangements at home. If your mom loves to create beautiful arrangements this gift box is for her!

Memorable Gifts: Jewelry, Framed Memories

Sonia from Style Beyond Age modelling gold Julie Vos jewelry for Mother's day
Sonia in her favorite Julie Vos Jewelry that she wears daily.

If your mom is the type who loves to wear jewelry, a memorable Mother’s Day gifting idea might be a piece from her favorite designer. A favorite jewelry line at our house is Julie Vos. Their statement pieces are perfect for daily wear and the quality is exceptional.

Memorable mother's day jewelry gifts

Monaco Demi Cuff ~ Bee Cameo Earring ~ Flora Chandelier Earring ~ Flora Pearl Charm Bracelet ~ Flora Stacking Bangle ~ Cannes Statement Ring

A framed photo of the two of you could also be an excellent choice if you want to remember the good times together. Capturing a special moment in time and presenting it beautifully and meaningfully is so thoughtful and personal. Seeing this moment preserved in a frame can bring joy and happiness to your mother every time she looks at it. I love this beautiful mother-of-pearl frame from Neiman Marcus. So many great options are available at all price ranges and styles depending on what suits you best.

memorable Mother's day gift photo frame

Honoring Mothers who have Passed

I would be remiss to not include a thoughtful idea to honor those mothers who have passed. My Grandmother passed on over 10 years ago and I know that not a day goes by that my mother doesn’t think of her or hear her voice in her head. This Mother’s Day might I suggest honoring those mothers who have passed on by committing a random act of kindness? It’s a beautiful way to pay respect to your mother, and also make someone else’s day. Give back to the community in some way, whether it be volunteering, donating to a cause that is close to your heart, or picking up a stranger’s tab. It’s a great way to brighten your day.

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration and gratitude for all the things your mother has done for you. Acknowledging and celebrating the people who have made our lives so wonderful is important. I am blessed to be able to spend so much time with my mom right now. What a gift! After all, what mom really wants for Mother’s Day is quality time with You! I hope these memorable Mother’s Day gifting ideas will help inspire you when you are honoring your Mother on May 14th. For more Mother’s Day inspiration check out last year’s post on Creating A ‘Choccuterie’ Board! Enjoy!

The Lifestyle Edit

The Lifestyle Edit

It’s rodeo time in Texas. Well, that’s every day here actually! The history of rodeo is a blend of cultural traditions and upbringings with origins from the Spaniards who colonized the area. A mixture of Anglo and Spanish Mexican cultures led to the birth of the American cowboy era in the 1800s.

Did you know that women competed in many events in the 1930s rodeo? During this time they competed against men and won in a variety of events including bronc riding steer roping and of course trick and fancy rope riding. After the tragic death of a female contestant, everything changed. You can learn more about the history of the American Rodeo in this article.

From the Fort Worth rodeo to the Calgary Stampede to the Gauchos in Argentina, these skill contests shouldn’t be missed

From over-the-top logomania to my well-worn twice-dyed Lucchese boots, everything goes at the rodeo!

The Landings: A resort-style island community minutes from Savannah Georgia

Are you looking to make a change? I was introduced to an island community just a short drive from Savannah Georgia where you and your family can live a life full of adventure.

This is not the retirement community of old. With a premier wellness center, two deep water marinas, five distinct clubhouses , six championship golf courses and 31 tennis courts this is the perfect place to enjoy an active lifestyle. Bonus points for beautiful Savannah Georgia being a short drive away. Read more about The Landings on my Instagram post

Enjoy the life you have always dreamed of! In my case sailing!

Tarte Cosmetics

Don’t forget the Tart cosmetics! This one is my go-to palette and have you tried the eyeliner? Liquid on one side for a great cat eye (I need help with that) but on the other side, a soft pencil to save the day. Shop makeup palettes at Tarte Cosmetics

Jewelry Ideas for Valentines

Valentines is fast approaching and what could make a better gift than some Lagos jewelry. With everyday pieces, you can mix and match it’s a gift you will wear daily! Shop Lagos Jewelry Here

For customizable travel-friendly jewelry, MyTalia is my favorite

Not All Healthy Choices are Obvious

Choosing what we eat is so critical to our wellbeing and there is so much information out there. For me I keep it simple. If its fruit I stick to berries they are the lowest in sugar. I can’t tell you when the last time was I ate a banana.

For nuts, it’s almonds over walnuts. It’s not that they’re not good for you they are just lower in fat
Carrots are typically off my list but I used to love the ones I dug out of my mothers garden!
Nothing is ”off the table” but when I can, those are my choices.

A Cautionary Tale About Skin Care

For the last few years, I have been using oils on my face. In Montana, it was very dry especially in the winter. When I got to Dallas I kept that up and then I started seeing on my forehead this weird little growth. It turns out it was a sebaceous gland gone awry probably from too many rich products on my oily skin. I showed you on one of my stories I had to have it cut out. Just beware of the richness of the products you are putting on your face especially if you have oily skin like mine. You can read more about face oils in this Self Article. I also wrote a blog a while back where I talked about why I stopped using coconut oil as a moisturizer, which you can read here