5 Investment Pieces Every Woman Should Have

5 Investment Pieces Every Woman Should Have

What’s better than a good deal? A good investment!

Here at Style Beyond Age, we love to keep our money where we can see it: In our closet! There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a well earned (and researched) Splurge!  Whether it’s an iconic handbag or watch that you can pass down for generations or a beautiful pair of sunglasses that make you feel like a million bucks. The quality of one of these classic investment pieces can transcend seasons and trends. Start saving your pennies and doing your research ladies! Here are my top 5 Key pieces every woman should own.

The Iconic Handbag

Even if big ticket items are not your thing, I am sure that you have lusted after one of these Iconic Handbags. When it comes to investing in a luxury bag be sure that it is something you really love and educate yourself on which ones will retain their value like the Hermes Birkin which is estimated to go up in value by double in the next ten years!

Chose Classics that can be styled and appreciated in many ways.

Often times these bags get better with age so don’t shy away from retailors like the Real Real for gently used and pre-owned luxury items.  

The Shoe

Shoes are hands down my favorite thing to shop for! I love how they can literally and physically elevate your outfit instantly. And despite what size jeans I am wearing at the time I can always fit into my favorite pair of shoes! Your shoes are one of the first thing that gets noticed when you walk into a room so step out on the right foot!  Be sure to take them for a test drive before you buy! Take your time when you’re in the shoe salon and make sure you can WALK in them! I also recomend to take your new shoes to your shoe guy immediately and get a slip resistant pad on the bottoms before you go out on the town!  

The Coat

Another fabulous investment that will withstand the test of time is a great coat.

  • Look for quality: Check the labels and fabric content. Polyester will not keep you warm in the winter!
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try try again! It may take a few tries to find the right coat fit for you. Don’t get discouraged and don’t make any rushed purcahes!
  • Have enough room under the coat for your layers. Seems obvious but you’d be supprised how many designers forget this rule!

The Sunglasses

I know, I know! You’re probably rolling your eyes at this! Quality shades get a bad wrap. Who wants to spend the money on something you’re just going to throw in your purse? YOU DO. There is nothing like teaching responsibility, how to care and value your well-earned items than owning a pair of high end shades!

The Watch

Buying yourself a beautiful quality  timepiece is anything but instant gratification! Like investing in a luxury car, the resale value of fine watches depends on the make and model.

It is said that purchasing a vintage or previously owned watch is the best bang for your buck when you are purchasing a timepiece.

These vintage pieces continuously increase in value while some newer styles may depreciate upon leaving the jeweler. Here are the names in timepieces that you should look for.


We could go on and on with this extravagant list but regardless of your budget , do your research and purchase the best quality you can afford and you will only have to buy it once.

Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends for 2018

Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends for 2018

We may be in the full swing of Summer but it’s never too early to start prepping for your Fall wardrobe! With so many trends popping up at the blink of an eye, I’ve found the 5 strongest Fall Fashion Trends that you can start playing with NOW! Weather they are already in your archives or treasures yet to be found! These looks are so hot you’ll need to crank up your A.C., get cozy and take a peek at what we think you need to put in your shopping cart for Fall.

Frame Fall 2018

DVF Fall 2018

Cynthia Rowley Fall 2018

Johanna Ortiz Fall 2018

“I’ve always loved autumn. This is a kind of Indian summer, with all the leaves. It’s a beautiful mood.” Karl Lagerfeld

Animal Print

Animal print has been a long time favorite in our household! As a matter of fact, we still have pieces from when I was in high school hanging in the archives! Just goes to show you Quality over Quantity wins every time!

This fall we will see animal prints of all kind from leopard to zebra. I’ve always felt that a combination of leopard outerwear paired with bold color and print is a winning combination! I love this layered look from Alice & Olivia (note: the hoodie underneath) but if the floor length coat is too much for you I’ve found more options that will flatter your silhouette and wallet!

Shop Now:

Photo Cred Alice & Olivia Fall 2018

Plaids & Checks

I love a play on plaids. You can mix and match all kinds if you keep the color story in the same tone and hue. Glenn Checks and Tartan Plaids always bring to mind classic menswear pairings like strong structured blazers and high waisted trousers. I personally love the strong lines of this long coat with the soft femininity of the metallic shirtdress. Have fun mixing and matching and maybe throw a little animal print in there!

Remember our 4 tips on mixing prints:

  1. Match COLORS not prints
  2. Simple prints and graphics are easiest to pair together
  3. Spread the print out throughout the outfit
  4. Don’t forget to break it up with a solid!

Shop Now:

Photo Cred Alice & Olivia Fall 2018

Tough Boots 

The 90’s called, they want you to pull out  your old combat boots! I love my dainty beautiful pumps just as much as the next girl. But what I really love is a shoe that I can run around in. I’ve been wise to this one for a bit now as the combat boot has been with us for sometime now. I love to mix the super tough with the ultra feminine.

The key to pulling off this look (and not going full on punk rock or goth) is to soften it up. Pair it with an unexpected plaid or floral and a feminine silhouette like this trumpet skirt from Alice & Olivia. Whatever you do, the look should feel effortless and not too “done”.  When in doubt it is all about proportion.

Shop Now:

Photo Cred Alice & Olivia Fall 2018


Any way you tie it, we love a good scarf. If you are anything like me, scarves are another staple that I can never part with. I have tons of vintage scarves handed down to me from my Grandmother in addition to every single scarf I’ve ever bought. Luckily for us scarf hoarders, designers are taking inspiration from these little silk squares creating playful and fabulous dresses, outerwear and entire outfits!

Tie one on as  a headpiece, neckercherif or belt or TRY one of these playful separates now. There’s no getting around it, scarves and scarf prints are back and not going anywhere. I predict you’ll see lots of billowy silk scarf kaftans come Summer 2019.

Shop Now:

Photo Cred: DVF Fall 2018

Wild West

This one is my personal favorite. I’ve always been known to turn up the Western vibes any chance I get. My fashion was heavily influenced by my younger years spent in West Texas in the 80’s. I love how this trend has evolved and softened over the years.

You can pair your Western styled shirts with unexpected textures and prints. Think more Prairie Girl instead of Cowboy when you play with this look. Mix your sunwashed florals with denim and leather and do not forget the silver hardware!

Shop Now:

Photo Cred: Dsquared Fall 2018

Over Fifty Fashion on a Budget

Over Fifty Fashion on a Budget

Recently I took a trip to Dallas and decided to challenge myself.

In light of the fact that I have limited availability near my home in Montana and I had no time to shop on the Internet, I took myself to our local TJMaxx. I spent about 2 hours there and what I was able to put together might surprise you.

For a five day trip I was able to find everything I needed and packed it all in my carry-on.

From swimwear to an anniversary evening out, here are my finds.

The key to packing light is coordinating colors. In this case a choose navy, white and a pop of orange.

Starting with my travel outfit white jeans ( typically I avoid white when traveling for obvious reasons but it was 100 degrees in Dallas ) a colorful tank, a shawl and my sneakers. ( wear your biggest shoes if you are carry on only)

  • Joe’s Jeans from TJMaxx $69
  • Striped Scarf from  TJMaxx $18
  • Silk tank JCrew
  • Sneakers Reebok





A quick change of shoes and you are shopping at the Northpark Mall!

Here I am at Lilly Pulitzer!

It’s hot and we are headed to dinner. Sometimes you just don’t want any clothes to touch you. This dress is perfect for that time.

But first: COFFEE! Early morning coffee run!

  • Pants: TJMaxx $15
  • T-shirt: is a classic from Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • Satin Slides: Target $23

Find me by the water! Swimming is my favorite pastime. Taking selfies, not so much. (Busted with my selfie stick)

  • Swimsuit TJMaxx $30.
  • Hat: Eric Javits at Nordstrom $250

This was a well earned cocktail hour!

  • Dress: TJMaxx $25
  • Earrings: TJMax $10
  • Dior purse and strap: Major splurge

Hunting down lunch for Maggie, myself or both.

  • Dress: TJMaxx $30
  • Sweater: TJMaxx $49
  • Hat: Eric Javits $250
  • Sunglasses: RayBan $225
  • Satin slides: Target Style $23

No way around a workout. Might as well look good while doing it!

JoyLab for Target

  • Top: $23
  • Leggings: $35

Our trip to Dallas was a little bit business and little bit pleasure. This jumpsuit works for both moods. Watch me go to my business meeting in my $20 jumpsuit from, you guessed it, TJMAXX!

  • Jumpsuit: TJMaxx $20
  • Shawl: TJMaxx $15
  • Belt Vintage St.John
  • Shoes Steve Madden
  • Dior clutch There is that splurge again minus the strap

Fashion Hack: the lining was too long for me on this jumpsuit so I simply cut it up higher to make the look more balanced to my frame. Don’t let a little thing like lining stop you from this great find!

Mixing prints. The key to a print mix is color coordination and print size. One large one smaller. Same color pallet. Play around with it.

  • Top: TJMaxx $15
  • Shorts: TJMaxx $17
  • Hat: Eric Javits $250
  • Straw bag: Target style $28
  • Tote: Louis Vuitton

A happy wife leads to a happy life! I look pretty happy here on our 15th (maybe 16th) Anniversary dinner!!!

  • Jeans: Joe’s Jeans TJMaxx $60
  • Silk Cami: Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Kimono: TJMaxx $17 shopped in the ladies XXL section.
  • Shoes: Steve Madden
  • Pendant: My mother’s!
  • Clutch: I DIY’d it with the bling
  • Perfume: LeLabo musc25 which was a limited scent for Los Angeles

Well there it is! I packed an entire carry-on with some wonderful deals at TJMaxx and Target. Looking good is not so much about money as it is about thinking outside of the box and not shying away from places you might not readily frequent. Have fun with fashion. Invest in great accessories and look for hidden treasures.

Being Comfortable at Any Age, Women 17 to 71, A Multigenerational Photo Shoot

Being Comfortable at Any Age, Women 17 to 71, A Multigenerational Photo Shoot

Fashion Photo Shoot Fun!

If you caught “My stories” during this fashion shoot, you noticed it was pouring rain. Of course, we managed to have fun anyway. Our destination was the Flathead Lake Lodge a huge dude ranch in Bigfork, Montana with tons of amenities. What could possibly go wrong! The management was wonderful and more than accommodating. We were set. Our imaginations were humming, and we had boxes and boxes of divine outfits coming every day. Jimmy from Fed Ex was a regular.

It all started out innocently enough when my friend Sue and I went off to scout for locations.

Serena and I had been planning a multigenerational photo shoot for quite a while. It was bohemian inspired, with models from 17 to 71. We were looking for a Montana hideaway with lots of different settings: teepees, cabins, lakefronts.

As the day approached the weather was getting worse. Of course, the day before we were scheduled to shoot it started raining and never stopped. Another lesson in
You can control some of the things some of the time…

We had to cancel the Lodge and move to the house. Now the games are really on! We had to find the best lighting in the house bring in tropical plants, rugs, and pillows you name it. All to provide us with the right setting to showcase our theme.

Controlled chaos!

We had a lovely time with all our local ladies the day before. We tried on outfits and set the scene. Sadly, as promised, the day of the photo shoot was raining cats and dogs.

Working With Hope.

Our photographer Hope (IG:@hkcameraface) is patient super talented and flexible. Not to mention busy. Currently in a Hong Kong working for 10 days. She has managed to make everyone look great and be comfortable with the camera.


We started at three ( lots of activity) and around four o’clock we realize we are missing one. Our new assistant Laura is not here. Unusual and completely out of character! A quick check of my email and it turns out she has been in an accident and is in the hospital with a neck brace waiting on an MRI. Another call and she is “fine” but sore. Thank goodness. One hand down!


In the coming weeks Stylebeyondage will be expressing through pictures, how different generations can take a look or a feeling and translate into a fashion statement that works for your age. Our hope is that you enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed producing it. We hope to inspire, amuse you and deliver to your imagination the truth that fashion and trends can really be applicable to Style Beyond Age.


Modernism Week

Modernism Week

I am an architecture junkie! For ages I have wanted to explore Palm Springs and soak up the remnants of old Hollywood glamour. The excitement more than lingers in this Valley and is part of the romance and lore of the area.
With that in mind, Serena and I went on an adventure in the Indian Canyons neighborhood looking for the most iconic and the not so well known homes.
This year, Modernism Week runs from February 15 thru 25. Festivities range from Grand Openings to Private Parties and Home Tours. One of the highlights this year is the unveiling of Albert Frey’s tennis estate Hidden Frey. The Moroccan House is a highlight for me as was the Elvis’s Honeymoon House.
We took pictures in the hidden neighborhoods and ended up at the Parker Hotel. A true gem in the desert! You walk into a wonderland of exotic decor and you know in that instance that you can become anyone you want to be.

Trend Report

Trend Report

We’ve all seen trends come and go. Platform shoes. Bellbottoms.  Hip Hugging Jeans. Disco Suits. Sometimes they have lasting power (leopard print) and sometimes they are gone before they are ever a thing (multiple popped collars; good riddance!).

I’ve always been adventurous with trying new trends and sometimes they go off with flying colors and some (like my big west Texas hair in the 80’s) should remain in the past! How do we go about getting a handle of what will stay and what will go?

Let’s take a peek at a few Trends that you might want to add a pinch of this Fall.

The corset belt… We have seen them in exaggerated shapes and sizes. Over a T-shirt almost covering it. Over a slip dress. The one I  have is from TopShop. The size worked for my frame and the price was perfect. I wore it over  a cotton army jacket to give it a new look and used it with a blouse over a slip dress.  The key for me was the weight of the fabric you are cinching and the size of the corset belt itself. Remember proportion. Never overwhelm your frame.

The oversized blazer…  I waited a while before I tried this one. My first problem was that if I bought one off the rack I might see it on someone else around the corner. A simple solution: look in your mans closet.  Or alternately take a walk through a gentleman’s consignment shop. While you are there check out their scarves. You might just stumble across something fabulous. This is a cost effective way to fool around with a trend and do something different.

The sock and heel trend. This one was a tough one for me. Too contrived, but it could be of use this fall if you can’t part with a strappy heels just yet. I tried a see through sock in white with a pair of booties. True, I cheated the look a bit but it’s all I could pull off and its a great alternative!

In the end, in order to keep your wardrobe relevant, fluid and modern it is important to have just a bit of edge.  Remember stay true to your style. Honor your body type and take a risk!

Juwelo Gemstones

Juwelo Gemstones

I am so thrilled  to be sharing this find with all of you! I have discovered Juwelo, a lovely gemstone jewelry company that is just arriving to the US market.  They are able to provide high quality gold and silver gemstone jewelry at an unprecedented price point.  A great alternative to costume jewelry!  They have a huge selection of earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets.  Perfect for any gift giving occasion.  Including yourself!!

Look at the Pink Sapphires hoops I just got. They are perfection!

The Island of Madagascar off the East Coast of Africa has one of the largest deposits of Pink Sapphires in the world. Discovered in the 1990’s, it has made the acquisition of Sapphires more available to the public.

It is believed that Pink Sapphires nourish the emotional well being of the person wearing it.  The theory behind the belief is centered on clearing emotional blockages from the past which allows energy that promotes love, healing and awakened inner intelligence.

Sapphires might create balance between water and fire , making people stronger, freer, and capable of making healthier decisions. They are sometimes referred to as the gems of truth. How lovely!

Juwelo Pink Sapphires Inside-Out Hoop earrings made from 925 Sterling  Silver.  There are 36 (2.09 carat) Rose cut Pink Sapphires from Madagascar in prong settings . The earring circumference is 1.08″.  Available at Juwelo USA

High End Halston

High End Halston

My husband and I went to a wonderful wedding in California this late summer. You might have seen a few pictures on my Instagram account stylebeyondage.

My style and manners are still what some might call old fashioned. I still won’t wear black or white or red to a wedding. I still won’t wear a watch after five. ( that’s another story) anyway…..It is a challenge to pick an outfit for an afternoon outdoor wedding that is cocktail attire and moves on into a beautiful night of dinner and dancing.

My sister is fortunate enough to have a beautiful architectural dress made by the iconic American designer Halston. This masterpiece of design is made out of one single length of fabric on the bias with only one seam no zipper. I can’t even get my head around that!
There is a wonderful fabric store in Dallas called Richard Brooks Fabrics. It has the most beautiful exotic fabrics you can imagine. They also have some of the most skilled seamstresses. I took the Halston dress in and they replicated it in the textured
aubergine fabric you see in the pictures.

City Slicker

City Slicker

There is nothing like a staycation to quickly regenerate the spirit.

Denim on Denim (The Texas Tuxedo ) was a trend I have always shied away from.  In this case I embraced it and loved the look!  Between the embroidered jeans and the vintage Levi’s jacket I could not have been more appropriately dressed to arrive at The Firebrand Hotel n Whitefish.  Thank you Lori and Dan Avrill for allowing us to shoot on location.

Mixing the feminine and masculine always has a surprising effect.  A camo or leather jacket over an evening gown for instance.  In this case the army jacket with the print skirt worked well with the ever so on trend corset belt.  And, high heels always work with a pencil skirt.

For cocktails and dinner a robe like dress with a short neutral slip makes for a comfortable dinner look. The print is a great backdrop for the YSL cross body  bag and a statement necklace and vintage cuff seal the deal.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

I love this silk top.  The elbow length bell sleeves are perfect, not too hot for summer, just enough coverage in the arms.  

Such a fresh vibrant color is set off perfectly by white jeans.  Raffia and camel accents add interest without overpowering. A touch of trend in the pompon on a staple summer bag and you are off.  Remember your go to gold tone jewelry.  Just a touch not too much.

DIY Kaftan

DIY Kaftan

It must have been a windy day….  I am holding on to my hat in every shot!  

Every time I see some pretty silk fabric I buy some yardage to make this pattern.  

It has been a staple in my closet since my twenties.  I wear them around the house as negligees, I wear them when I have a dinner party at home and as a coverup in the summer.  It just  depends on the fabric.  And of course how far you choose to go with your accessories.  

Whenever I see some silk I like, I buy yardage twice the distance from my shoulders to the floor. I keep it around until I get the urge to use it .
I found a lovely gal with a Kaftan pattern that is very similar to the one I use.
Check out her website Riva La Diva. Lots of DIY fun there!

Just a note ; on the side seams, depending on what look I’m after and the drape of the fabric, I place the side seam close to my body and make it shorter. This highlights your shape and when left a little below your hip, makes for a sexy open leg. It all depends on what you want to use it for. Have Fun!!!

These are a few of the fabrics I have used in the past.

Rose’ All Day

Rose’ All Day

The trapeze shirt dress didn’t look like much on the hanger.  Experience has taught me to try on items that I think won’t work. Who knows right?  I can always just take it off !  Or, I could take a second look and use my imagination.  

In this case I chose to belt the front of the dress by opening the sides just a bit and threading the belt though the front.  The result is a slimmer front look and a somewhat dramatic back.  I have also used this dress open over a pair of white jeans and a T.  Perfect